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p-leitend p-type
p-leitendes Material (Halbleiter) p-material
p-n-Übergang (Halbleiter) p-n-junction
p.A(dr). : per Adresse c/o : care of
Paar {n} pair
Paar {n} twosome
Paar, Pärchen {n} couple
Paarbildung {f} pair production
Paare {pl} couples
Paare {pl} pairs
Paare {pl} twosomes
paarend yoking
Paarfunktion {f} pairing function
paarhufig cloven hoofed
paarig geminate
paarig matched
paarig anordnen geminate
Paarreim {m} rhyming couplet
paart yokes
paarte yoked
paarte sich paired
Paarung {f} mating
Paarungen {pl} pairings
Paarungszeit {f} mating season
paarweise by pairs
paarweise in pairs
paarweise pairwise
Pabstkrone {f} tiara
Pacht {f} rent
Pacht {f} lease
Pacht {f} leasehold
Pachtdauer {f} term of lease
pachtend renting
Pachtzins {m} rent
Pack schlägt sich, Pack verträgt sich. Cads' fighting when ended is soon mended.
Pack {n} pack
Pack {n} bale
Packband {n} mailing tape
Packband {n} packing tape
packen to grip
packen to grapple
packen to pack
packen to seize
packen (jdn./etw. grob [er]greifen, fassen) to grab (hold of)
packen (Paket) to wrap up
packen (Paket) to make up
packen (verstauen) to stow
packen (verstauen) to pack (away)
packend packing
packend clutching
packend grappling
packend grasping
packend gripping
packend absorbing
Packer {m} packer
Packerei {f} (Stelle) packing department
Packerei {f} (Stelle) packing office
Packerei {f} (ugs.) packing
Packesel {m} pack mule
Packesel {m} packhorse
Packesel {m} burro
Packliste {f} packing list
Packmaterial {n} packing materials
Packmaß {n} pack size
Packpapier {n} packing paper
Packpapier {n} wrapping paper
Packpresse {f} baler
Packsattel {m} packsaddle
Packstoffbahn {f} (aufgerollte Verpackungsfolie) film reel
Packstück {n} package
packt packs
packt grapples
packt grasps
packt aus unwraps
packt aus unpacks
packt um repacks
packt vor prepackages
packt vor prepacks
packt zu grasps
Packtasche {f} saddle-bag
packte clutched
packte grasped
packte an grappled
packte um repacked
packte vor prepackaged
packte zu grasped
Packung {f} package
Packung {f} (Dichtungen) packing
Packungsgröße {f} packaging size
Packungsgrößen {pl} packaging sizes
Packzwirn {m} packthread
Paddel {n} paddle
Paddelboot {n} canoe
Paddelboote {pl} canoes
paddeln to paddle
paddeln to canoe
paddelnd paddling
paddelt paddles
paddelte paddled
paffen to puff away
paffen to whiff
paffend puffing away
paffend whiffing
Paffer {m} puffer
pafft puffs
pafft puffs away
pafft whiffs
paffte puffed away
Pagenfrisur {f} pageboy (hairstyle)
Pagenkopf {m} pageboy (hairstyle)
Pagenschnitt {m} pageboy haircut
Pagenschnitt {m} page-boy haircut
Pager (Funkrufempfänger) {m} pager
paginieren to paginate
paginierend paginating
paginiert paginates
paginierte paginated
Paginierung {f} pagination
Pagode {f} pagoda
Pagodenärmel {m} pagoda sleeve
Pagodenärmel {pl} pagoda sleeves
pah! tush!
Paillette {f} sequin
Pailletten-BH {m} sequin bra
Pailletten-Kleid {n} sequin dress
paillettenbesetzt sequined
paillettenbesetzter BH {m} sequined bra
paillettenbesetztes Kleid {n} sequined dress
Paillettenkleid {n} (Abend-, Ballkleid) sequin gown
Paillettenrobe {f} sequin robe
Paket {n} parcel
Paket {n} packet
Paket {n} package
Paket {n} bundle
Paket-Endstation {f} packet terminal
Paketannahme {f} parcel counter
Paketband {n} mailing tape
Paketband {n} parcel tape
Paketbombe {f} parcel bomb
Paketboot {n} packet vessel
Paketdienst UPS : United Parcel Service
Paketdienst {m} parcel service
Pakete {pl} packets
Pakete {pl} parcels
paketieren to packetize
paketieren to packet
paketieren to bale
Paketkarte {f} parcel registration card
Paketpost {f} parcel post
Paketschalter {m} parcel counter
Paketvermittlungsnetz {n} packet switching network
Paketzustellung {f} parcel delivery
Pakistan Pakistan (pk)
Pakistaner {m} Pakistani
Pakistanerin {f} Pakistani
Pakistani {m} Paki (often offensive)
pakistanisch Pakistani
Pakka Sahib {m} (Herr) pukka sahib (gentleman)
Pakt {m} pact
Pakt {m} covenant
Paladine paladins
Palais Carlton Carlton House (London)
Palais Clarence (Londoner Amtssitz des Fürsten von Wales) Clarence House (official London residence of the Prince of Wales)
Palast {m} palace
palastartig palatial
palastartige palatially
Palastdame {f} Lady of the Bedchamber (Br.)
Palatschinke {f} (österr.) pancake
Palatschinken {m} pancake
Palau Palau (pw)
Palauer {m} Palauan
Palauerin {f} Palauan
palauisch Palauan
Palaver {n} palaver
Palette {f} pallet
Palette {f} panoply
Palette {f} (Farb-) palette
Paletten {pl} palettes
palettieren to palletize
Palindrom {n} palindrome
Palisade {f} stockade
Palisade {f} palisade
Palisade {f} picket fence
Palisadenabsperrung {f} palisaded
Palisadenzaun {m} palisade trench
Palisadenzaun {m} picket fence
palisadieren palisading
Palisander {m} palisander (Br.)
Pall Mall (London) Pall Mall (twice rhyming with 'shall')
Palla {f} (relig.) pallidum
Palladium {n} palladium
Pallidum {n} (anat.) pallidum
Pallidum {n} (kath.) pallidum
palmar (anat.) palmar
Palmbutter {f} palm butter
Palme {f} palm
Palme {f} palm tree
Palmen {pl} palms
Palmen... palmy
palmenartig palmy

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