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Ohrenschmalzdrüsen {pl} ceruminal glands
Ohrenschmerzen {pl} earaches
Ohrenschutz {m} ear muff (Am.)
Ohrenschützer {pl} earmuffs
Ohrenschützer {pl} ear-muffs
Ohrensignal {n} auraly
Ohrenspiegel {m} [-special_topic_med.-] ear speculum [-special_topic_med.-]
Ohrenstäbchen {n} [-special_topic_tm.-] Q-Tip [-special_topic_tm.-]
Ohrentaucher {m} (Vogel) Salvonian grebe (Podiceps auritus)
Ohrentaucher {m} (Vogel) horned grebe (Podiceps auritus)
Ohrentropfen {pl} (pharm.) eardrops
Ohrentropfen {pl} (pharm.) ear drops
ohrenzerreißend earsplitting
Ohrenzeuge {m} earwitness
Ohrenärzte {pl} ear specialists
Ohrfeige {f} slap in the face
ohrfeigen to box the ears
Ohrfeigen {pl} slaps in the face
Ohrgehänge {n} eardrops
Ohrgehänge {pl} drop earrings
Ohrgeräusch {n} ringing in the ears
Ohrhörer {m} earplug
Ohrhöreranschluss {m} earphone connection socket
Ohrhörerbuchse {f} ear plug socket
Ohrläppchen {n} lobe of the ear
Ohrmarke {f} [-special_topic_biol.-] earmark [-special_topic_biol.-]
Ohrmuschel {f} auricle
Ohrmuschel {f} (Kopfhörer, Telefonhörer) earpiece
Ohrmuschelknorpel {m} cartilage of the ear
Ohrmuschelknorpel {m} ear cartilage
Ohrmuscheln {pl} auricles
Ohrring {m} ear ring
Ohrring {m} earring
Ohrringe {pl} ear rings
Ohrschmerzen {pl} earache
Ohrschnecke {f} [-special_topic_zool.-] abalone [-special_topic_zool.-]
Ohrsignal {n} aural
Ohrspeicheldrüse {f} parotid gland
Ohrwurm {m} (Musik) catchy tune
Ohrwurm {m} (Tier) earwig
Ohrwürmer {pl} earwigs
ok okay
ok OK
ok O.K.
okay, in Ordnung OK
Okkispitze {f} knotted lace
Okkispitze {f} tatting (lace)
Okkultismus {m} occultism
Okkultist {m} occultist
OKL : Oberkommando der Luftwaffe {n} (Luftwaffe) High Command of the Luftwaffe
Okra {f} [-special_topic_bot.-] lady's finger [-special_topic_bot.-]
Oktaeder {n} octahedron
oktal octal
oktal (auf der Zahl 8 basierend) octal
Oktan {n} octane
Oktant {m} octant
Oktanzahl {f} octane number
Oktanzahl {f} [-special_topic_automot.-] octane rating [-special_topic_automot.-]
Oktavband {m} octavo
Oktavbände {pl} octavos
Oktave {f} octave
Oktober {m} October
Oktoberfest {n} (allg.) October beer festival
Oktoberfest {n} (allg.) Oktoberfest (esp. Am.)
Oktoberfestanschlag {m} (hist.) (1980) bomb attack on Munich Beer Festival
Oktoberfestzelt {n} Munich Beer Festival marquee
Oktogen {n} (Sprengstoff) octogen
Oktogen {n} (Sprengstoff) homocyclonite
Oktopus {m} [-special_topic_zool.-] octopus [-special_topic_zool.-]
Okular {n} eyepiece
Okular-Korrektur-Regler {m} diopter compensation
Okular-Korrektur-Regler {m} diopter control
Okularjustierung {f} diopter adjustment
Okuliermesser {n} budding knife
okuliert grafted
Okulist {m} oculist
Okulist {m} ophthalmologist
Ola {m} (österr., ugs.) (Kondom) rubber (coll.)
Ola {m} (österr., ugs.) (Kondom) johnny (Br.) (sl.)
Oldtimer {m} vintage car
Oleander (Nerium oleander) oleander
Oleander {m} oleanders
Oleanderschwärmer {m} oleander hawk moth (Daphnis nerii)
Oleanderschwärmer {m} oleander hawk-moth (Daphnis nerii)
Oleanderschwärmer {m} oleander hawkmoth (Daphnis nerii)
olfaktorische Überempfindlichkeit {f} olfactory hypersensitivity
olfaktorische Überempfindlichkeit {f} hypersensitivity to olfactory perception
olfaktorische Überempfindlichkeit {f} hypersensitivity to smells
Oligarchien {pl} oligarchs
Oligozän {n} [-special_topic_geol.-] Oligocene [-special_topic_geol.-]
oliv olive
oliv olive-green
Olivbrauner Milchling {m} (Pilz) ugly milkcap (Lactarius turpis)
Olive {f} olive
Oliven {pl} olives
Olivenmotte {f} [-special_topic_zool.-] olive moth (Prays oleae) [-special_topic_zool.-]
Olivenscharbe {f} neotropic cormorant
Olivenspötter {m} (Vogel) olive-tree warbler (Hippolais olivetorum)
Olivenöl {n} olive oil
olivgrün olive
olivgrün olive-green
Olympiastadion {n} Olympic stadium
olympische Schnellfeuerpistole {f} Olympic rapid fire pistol
Oma und Opa grandma and grandpa
Oma {f} granny
Oma {f} grandma
Oman Oman (om)
Omaner {m} Omani
Omanerin {f} Omani
omanisch Omani
Omas {pl} grannies
Omelette {n} omelet
Omelette {n} (Rsv.) [-special_topic_gastr.-] omelette (spv.) [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Omeletten {pl} omelets
Omen {n} portent
Omikron {n} omicron
ominöse ominously
Omnibus {m} motor coach (bus)
on the rocks (Getränk) on the rocks
Onanie {f} masturbation, onanism
Onanie {f} [-special_topic_slang-] sherman (Br.) (Cockney rhyming slang: Sherman tank = wank) [-special_topic_slang-]
onanieren to masturbate
onanieren to have a Barclays (Br.) (sl.)
Ondulation {f} marcel
Onkel {m} uncle
onkelhaft avuncular
Onkels {pl} uncles
Onkologe {m} (Tumor-, Krebsspezialist) oncologist
Onkologie {f} oncology
Onkologin {f} (Tumor-, Krebsspezialistin) (female) oncologist
onkologisch oncological
Onkomaus {f} (bio.) oncomouse
Online-Recherche {f} online search
Online-Rechercheur {m} search analyst
Online-Spinner {m} geek
Online-Zugang {m} online computer access
Onlinehandel {m} on-line trading
Onlinehandel {m} online trading
Onomatopoese {f} onomatopoeia
onomatopoetisch onomatopoetic
Onomatopöie {f} onomatopoeia
Ontogenie {f} ontogeny
Ontogenie {f} ontogenesis
Ontologie {f} ontology
ontologisch ontological
ontologische ontologically
ontologisieren ontologize
Ontologist {m} ontologist
Onyx {m} onyx (min.)
OP {f} (med.) (Operation) operation
OP {m} (med.) (Operationssaal) (operating) theatre (Br.)
OP {m} (med.) (Operationssaal) O.R. (operating room) (Am.)
OP {m} (med.) (Operationssaal) surgery (Am.)
OP-Pfleger {m} (male) theatre nurse (Br.)
OP-Schwester {f} theatre sister (Br.)
OP-Schwester {f} operating-room nurse (Am.)
OP-Schwester {f} surgery nurse
OP-Schwester {f} theatre nurse (Br.)
OP-Uhr {f} operating theatre clock (Br.)
OP-Uhr {f} clock of an operating room (Am.)
OP-Uhr {f} clock of an operating theatre (Br.)
OP-Verstärker {m} operational amplifier
OP-Verstärker {m} op-amp
Opa {m} granddad
Opa {m} grandfather
Opa {m} gaffer
Opa {m} grandpa
opalisierend opalescently
Opazität {f} opacity
OPEC : Organisation erdölexportierender Länder OPEC : Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Open Source Software, freie Software {f} open source software (OSS)
Oper {f} opera
Operand {m} operand
Operanden {pl} operands
Operandenteil {m} operand part
Operation gelungen, Patient tot! It was a perfectly organized disaster (cock-up)!
Operation {f} operation
Operation {f} surgery
Operation {f}, Eingriff {m} [-special_topic_med.-] procedure [-special_topic_med.-]
Operationen {pl} außer Krieg operations other than war (OOTW) [Peace Keeping, Peace Enforcement, Peace Making]
Operationsbasis {f} base of operations
Operationsbesteck {n} surgical instruments
Operationshandschuh {m} surgical glove
Operationshandschuhe {pl} surgical gloves
Operationskittel {m} [-special_topic_med.-] surgical gown [-special_topic_med.-]
Operationslampe {f} surgical light
Operationslampe {f} operating light (Am.)
Operationsleuchte {f} surgical light
Operationsleuchte {f} operating light (Am.)
Operationslinie {f} baseline
Operationslinien {pl} baselines
Operationsnarbe {f} postoperative scar
Operationspfleger {m} (male) theatre nurse (Br.)
Operationspfleger {m} (male) operating room nurse (Am.)
Operationsradius {m} operation radius
Operationsradius {m} range
Operationsraum {m} operating room
Operationssaal {m} (med.) operating theatre (Br.)
Operationssaal {m} (med.) operating room (Am.)

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