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German English
Obstbäume {pl} fruit trees
Obstgarten {m} orchard
Obsthändler {m} fruiterer
Obsthändler {pl} fruiterers
Obstkern {m} stone
Obstkuchen {m} fruitcake
Obstmesser {n} fruit knife
Obstmus {n} fruit puree
Obstruktionen {pl} filibusters
Obstruktionspolitiker {m} filibuster
obstruktiv obstructive
obstruktive obstructively
Obstsaft {m} fruit juice
Obstsalat {m} fruit salad
Obsttorte mit Baiserhaube fruit meringue pie
Obsttorte {f} flan
Obsttorten {pl} flans
Obstzucht {f} fruit farm
obszön obscene
obszön obscenely
Obszönität {f} salacity
Obszönität {f} profanity
Obus {m} trolley-bus
Obus {m} trolleybus
obwohl even though
obwohl tho
obwohl although
Obwohl dies uns sehr widerstrebt... Although we are very reluctant to do so...
Ochse {m} bullock
Ochse {m} ox
Ochsen {pl} bullocks
Ochsen {pl} oxen
Ochsenfrosch {m} bullfrog
Ochsenfrösche {pl} bullfrogs
Ochsenschwanz {m} oxtail
Ochsenschwanzsuppe {f} [-special_topic_gastr.-] oxtail soup [-special_topic_gastr.-]
ocker ochre
ocker ocher (Am.)
ocker dark yellow
Ocker {n} ocher
od. : oder or
Odenwald {m} Forest of Odes
oder or
ODER-Gatter {n} (einer Logikschaltung) [-special_topic_electr.-] OR gate [-special_topic_electr.-]
ODER-Glied {n} (Logikschaltung) OR gate
Odinshühnchen {n} red-necked phalarope (Phalaropus lobatus)
Odium {n} odium
OECD : Organisation für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit OECD : Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Ofen {m} oven
Ofen {m} stove
Ofen {m} cockle
Ofenausmauerung {f} kiln lining
Ofenfischchen {n} (Insekt) firebrat
Ofenheizung {f} heating by stove
Ofenkachel {f} stove tile
Ofenkartoffel {f} jacket potato
Ofenklappe {f} damper
Ofenpass {m} [-special_topic_geogr.-] Fuorn Pass (Swiss alpine pass) [-special_topic_geogr.-]
Ofenrohr {n} stovepipe
Ofenröhre {f} stovepipes
Ofenschirm {m} firescreen
Ofenschirme {pl} firescreens
Ofentür anlüften to crack open the kiln door
Ofentür {f} oven door
Ofentür, die zugemauert wird wicket (kiln) door
Ofenwäscher {m} scovel
Off-Beat [-special_topic_mus.-] offbeat [-special_topic_mus.-]
offen apertured
offen candid
offen candidly
offen forthright
offen frank
offen frankly
offen free spoken
offen ingenuous
offen open
offen open-ended
offen opened
offen openly
offen overt
offen overtly
offen unclenched
offen unconcealed
offen unharbored
offen unhidden
offen downright
offen point-blank
offen exposed
offen blunt
offen gesagt, ... frankly, ...
offen reden to talk turkey (with)
offen und ehrlich open and above board
offen zeigen to flaunt
offenbar manifest
offenbar confessedly
offenbar apparent
offenbar manifestly
offenbar obviously
offenbar evidently
offenbaren to reveal
offenbaren to unbosom
offenbaren to manifest
offenbarend manifesting
offenbarend unbosoming
Offenbarer {m} revelator
offenbart disclosed
offenbart manifests
offenbart reveals
offenbart unbosoms
offenbarte manifested
offenbarte revealed
offenbarte unbosomed
Offenbarung {f} revelation
Offenbarung {f} apparentness
Offenbarung {f} avatar
Offenbarung {f} disclosure
Offenbarung {f} manifestation
Offenbarungen {pl} avatars
Offenbarungen {pl} revelations
offene forthrightly
offene ingenuously
offene outspokenly
offene Bauweise {f} open coverage type
offene Bestellmenge open purchase order quantity
offene Feldschlacht {f} pitched battle
offene Lehrstellen apprenticeship openings
offene Magazine open stacks
offene Quelle {f} open source
offene Schleife open loop
offene Schlitz- und Zapfenverbindung {f} bridle joint
offene See offing
offene Stelle {f} opening
offene Strumpfhose {f} suspender tights
offene Türen einrennen to flog a dead horse
offene Türen einrennen charge an open door
offene Überdeckung {f} [-special_topic_math.-] open cover [-special_topic_math.-]
offener Auftragswert {m} outstanding order value
offener BH {m} open front bra
offener BH {m} open (cup) bra
offener BH {m} open bust bra
offener BH {m} topless bra
offener Brief {m} open letter
offener Güterwagen gondola
offener Kreislauf open circuit
offener Kühlturm {m} atmospheric cooling tower
offener Rechenzentrumsbetrieb open shop
offener Ringschlüssel {m} flare nut wrench
offener Ringschlüssel {m} line wrench
offenere more open
offenes Casting {n} open audition
offenes Haus open house
offenes Hemd open-necked shirt
offenes Oberteil {n} (Top) topless top
offenes Profil open tread
offenes System {n} open system
offenes Top {n} topless top
offengelegt unfolded
offengestanden stood open
Offenheit {f} candor (Am.)
Offenheit {f} candidness
Offenheit {f} frankness
Offenheit {f} ingenuousness
Offenheit {f} openness
Offenheit {f} outspokenness
Offenheit {f} candour (Br.)
offenherzig downright
offenherzig free
offenherzig upfront (Am.)
offenkundig overt
offenkundig overtly
offenkundig patently
offenkundig striking
offenkundigere more evident
Offenkundigkeit {f} notoriousness
Offenkundigkeit {f} patency
offenkundigst most evident
offenlegen to unfold
offenlegend unfolding
Offenlegung {f} disclosure
offenozeanisch [-special_topic_geol.-] pelagic [-special_topic_geol.-]
offensichtlich transparently
offensichtlich {adv} obviously
offensichtlicher Mangel apparent effect
offensichtlicher Schaden apparent damage
Offensichtlichkeit {f} obviousness
Offensivdruck {m} [-special_topic_sport-] urgency [-special_topic_sport-]
offensive Kriegsführung {f} offensive warfare
Offensivfußball {m} [-special_topic_sport-] attacking football [-special_topic_sport-]
Offensivspiel {n}, Angriffsspiel {n} attacking game (football)
offenste most open
offenstehen to stand open
offenstehend standing open
offerieren to offer
Offerte {f} offer
Officemesser {n} office knife
offiz. : offiziell off. : official
Offiziant {m} officiant
offiziell offical
offiziell official
offiziell officially

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