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Ostdeutschland Eastern Germany
Osten {m} East
Osten {m} orient
Osten, Westen - daheim am besten (Goethe) east, west - home's best
ostentativ ostentatious
Osteopathie osteopathy
Osteoporose {f} [-special_topic_med.-] osteoporosis [-special_topic_med.-]
Osteraufstand {m} (in Irland [1916]) Easter Rising
Osterausgabe {f} (einer Zeitung, Zeitschrift) Easter issue
Osterbankett {n} Easter banquet
Osterblume {f} daffodil
Osterblume {f} early spring flower
Osterblume {f} (Buschwindröschen) wood anemone
Osterblume {f} (Osterglocke) daffodil
Osterblumen {pl} daffodils
Osterbraten {m} Easter roast
Osterbrauch {m} Easter custom
Osterei {n} (auch versteckte Überraschung in einer Software) Easter egg
Ostereier suchend Easter egg-hunting
Ostereier {pl} Easter eggs
Ostereiersuche {f} Easter egg hunt
Ostereiersuchen {n} Easter egg hunting
Ostereiersucher {m} Easter egg hunter
Ostereiersucher {pl} Easter egg hunters
Ostereiersucherin {f} Easter egg hunter
Osterfeiertag {m} Easter holiday
Osterfeiertage {pl} Easter holidays
Osterfeiertage {pl} Easter weekend
Osterferien {pl} Easter holidays
Osterferien {pl} Easter vacation (esp. Am.)
Osterfest {n} Easter
Osterfest {n} Easter holiday
Osterfest {n} Easter (holiday)
Osterfeuer {n} Easter eve bonfire
Osterfriedensmarsch {m} (pol.) Easter peace march
Osterfrühstück {n} Easter breakfast
Ostergericht {n} (Mahlzeit) Easter meal
Osterglocke {f} (bot.) daffodil
Osterglocke {f} (relig.) Easter (church) bell
Ostergottesdienst {m} Easter service
Osterhase {m} Easter bunny (esp. Am.)
Osterhase {m} Easter hare
Osterhase {m} Easter rabbit
Osterkerze {f} Easter candle
Osterkerze {f} (kath.) paschal candle
Osterlamm {n} paschal lamb
Osterluzei {f} (bot.) aristolochia
Ostermahl {n} Easter meal
Ostermarsch {m} (pol.) Easter march
Ostermarschierer {m} Easter marcher
Ostermarschierer {pl} Easter marchers
Ostermarschiererin {f} (female) Easter marcher
Ostermarschiererinnen {pl} (female) Easter marchers
Ostermenü {n} Easter menu
Ostermesse {f} (kath.) Easter mass
Ostermonat {m} Easter month
Ostermontag {m} Easter Monday
Ostermorgen {m} Easter (Sunday) morning
Ostern {n} Easter
Osternacht {f} Easter eve
Osternacht {f} (kirchliche Feier) Easter eve service
Osternachtgottesdienst {m} Easter eve service
Osternachtmesse {f} (kath.) Easter eve mass
Osternachtsgottesdienst {m} Easter eve service
Osternachtsmesse {f} (kath.) Easter eve mass
Osternest {n} Easter nest
Osternester {pl} Easter nests
Osterreiseverkehr {m} Easter holiday traffic
Osterreisewelle {f} surge of Easter (holiday) traffic
Ostersamstag {m} Easter Saturday
Osterschmaus {m} Easter feast
Ostersegen {m} (kirchl.) Easter blessing
Ostersegen {m} (kirchl.) (Segnung) Easter benediction
Ostersegnung {f} (kirchl.) Easter benediction
Ostersonntag {m} Easter Sunday
Osterspiel {n} (lit.) Easter play
Osterstau {m} (ugs.) (Verkehrsstau) Easter traffic jam
Osterstrauß {m} Easter bouquet
Ostertafel {f} (Abend-, Mittagessen) Easter dinner
Ostertafel {f} (Mittagessen) Easter luncheon
Ostertafel {f} (Tisch) (festive) Easter table
Ostertag {m} Easter day
Ostertisch {m} Easter table
Osterurlaub {m} Easter holidays
Osterurlaub {m} Easter vacation (esp. Am.)
Osterverkehr {m} Easter traffic
Osterweiterung {f} [-special_topic_pol.-] eastward enlargement [-special_topic_pol.-]
Osterwoche {f} Easter week
Osterwochenende {n} Easter weekend
Osterzeit {f} Eastertide
Osteuropa Eastern Europe
osteuropäisch East(ern) European
Ostfriesland Eastern Friesland (region in Northern Germany)
Ostküste {f} east coast
Ostländer {m} easterner
Ostpolitik {f} Ostpolitik
Ostpolitik {f} politics toward the East
Ostsee {f} Baltic Sea
Ostseehering {m} Baltic herring
Ostspion {m} (hist.) Eastern bloc spy
Osttimorer {m} East Timorese
Osttimorerin {f} East Timorese
osttimorisch East Timorese
Ostwald'sches Verdünnungsgesetz {n} Ostwald dilution law
ostwaldsches Verdünnungsgesetz {n} Ostwald dilution law
Ostwind {m} easterly wind
Ostwind {m} east wind
Ostwinde {pl} easterlies
ostwärts eastward
ostwärts eastwards
Oszillator {m} oscillator
Oszillatorstärke {f} oscillator strength
oszillieren to oscillate
oszillierende Gipssäge {f} (zum Aufschneiden von Gipsverbänden) [-special_topic_med.-] oscillating plaster cast saw [-special_topic_med.-]
oszillierende Säge {f} oscillating saw
oszilliert oscillates
oszillierte oscillated
Oszillograph {m} oscilloscope
Oszillograph {m} oscillograph
Oszilloskop {n} scope
Oszilloskop {n} oscilloscope
Otoskopie {f} otoskopy
Otter {f} (Schlange) viper
Otter {m} otter
Ottern {pl} otters
Otto Normalverbraucher John Doe
Otto Normalverbraucher John Q. Public
Otto Normalverbraucher average consumer
Otto Normalverbraucher the average punter
Otto {m} (ugs., großes Exemplar) whopper (coll.)
Ottomotor {m} petrol engine
Ottomotor {m} spark ignition engine
Output {m} output
Ouvertüre {f} overture
oval oval
oval ovally
oval egg-shaped
Oval {n} oval
ovale oval
ovaler Querschnitt {m} egg-shaped section
ovaler Rumpf {m} fuselage of oval section
Ovation {f} ovation
over! (Sprechfunk, bes. Luft- und Raumfahrt) over!
Overall {m} overall
Overall {m} jumpsuit
Overall {m} boiler suit (esp. Br.)
Overall {m} jump suit
Overhead-Projektor {m} overhead projector
Overhead-Projektor {m} over head projector
Overhead-Projektor {m} over-head projector
Overhead-Projektor-Folie {f} overhead transparency
Overheadfolie {f} overhead transparency
Overheadprojektor {m} over-head projector
Overheadprojektor {m} overhead projector
Overheadprojektor {m} over head projector
Overknee-Stiefel {m} overknee boot
Overknee-Stiefel {m} thigh boot
Overknee-Stiefel {pl} overknees
Overknee-Stiefel {pl} thigh boots
Overknee-Strumpf {m} thigh stocking
Overknee-Strümpfe {pl} thigh stockings
Overlay {n} overlay
ovipar oviparous
ovipare oviparously
Ovulationen {pl} ovulations
Ovulationshemmer {m} (pharm.) ovulation inhibitor
Ovulationshemmer {m} (pharm.) anovulant
Ovulationshemmer {m} (pharm.) anovulant agent
Ovulationshemmer {m} (pharm.) anovulant drug
Ovum {n} ovum
Oxalsäure {f} oxalic acid
Oxid {n} oxide
Oxid... oxide
Oxidation {f} oxidation
Oxidationsmittel {n} oxidizing agent
oxidieren oxidate
Oxigen-Verfahren {n} basic oxygen steel process
Oxigenstahl {m} basic oxygen (furnace) steel
Oxydation {f} oxidation
Oxydationsmittel {n} oxidant
Oxydationsmittel {n} oxidizer
oxydieren to oxidize
oxydieren oxygenate
oxydierend oxidizing
oxydierend oxygenating
oxydiert oxidized
oxydiert oxidizes
oxydiert oxygenated
oxydiertes oxygenates
Oxymoron {n} oxymoron
Ozean {m} ocean
Ozeanien {n} Oceania
Ozeanien {n} Oceanica
ozeanisch oceanic
Ozeanograph {m} oceanographer
Ozeanographie {f} oceanography
ozeanographisch oceanographic
ozeanographische oceanographical
ozeanographisches oceanographically
Ozelot {m} ocelot

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