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Nasentropfen {pl} (pharm.) nasal drops
naseweis saucy
Nashorn {n} rhino
Nashorn {n} rhinoceros
Nashörner {pl} rhinos
nass wet
nass wetly
Nass- und Trocken-Sauger {m} wet and dry vacuum cleaner
Nass-Sauger {m} (Staubsauger) wet vacuum cleaner
Nass-Staubsauger {m} wet vacuum cleaner
Nassauer {m} (ugs.) scrounger (coll.)
Nassbagger {m} (floating) dredger
Nassdampf {m} saturated steam
nasser wetter
nassere wetter
nasseste wettest
Nasskühlturm {m} wet cooling tower
Nasskühlturm {m} evaporative cooling tower
Nassreismähdrescher {m} wet rice combine (harvester)
Nasssauger {m} (Staubsauger) wet vacuum cleaner
Nassstaubsauger {m} wet vacuum cleaner
Nasszelle {f} bathroom unit
Nasszelle {f} plumbing unit
Nasszelle {f} (in Bus, Wohnwagen) toilet compartment
Nation {f} nation
national national
national nationally
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (U.S.A.) NIOSH
Nationalarchiv {n} National Archives (Am.)
Nationalbibliothek {f} national library
nationale national
nationale Meeresstrände {pl} national seashores
Nationaleinkommen {n} national income
nationaler Notstand {m} national (state of) emergency
nationales Selbstverständnis national identity
Nationalfeiertag {m} national holiday
Nationalgefühle {pl} nationalisms
Nationalheld {m} national hero
Nationalhymne {f} national anthem
Nationalismus {m} nationalism
Nationalist {m} nationalist
Nationalisten {pl} nationalists
nationalistisch nationalistic
nationalistische nationalistically
Nationalität {f} nationality
nationalitätbezogene nationalized
Nationalitäten {pl} nationalities
Nationalkostüm {n} national dress
Nationalpark {m} national park
Nationalrat {m} [-special_topic_pol.-] National Council [-special_topic_pol.-]
Nationalrat {m} [-special_topic_pol.-] National Assembly [-special_topic_pol.-]
Nationalrat, Nationalrätin {m,f} member of the National Council
Nationalsozialismus {m} National Socialism
Nationalstraße {f} national road
Nationaltanz {m} national dance
Nationaltrainer {m} national coach (football)
Nationaltrikot {n} national jersey
Nationaltrikot {n} national strip
Nationen {pl} nations
Nationengemeinschaft {f} commonwealth
NATO : Nato {f} (Nordatlantikpakt) NATO : North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATO-Draht {m} razor barbed wire
NATO-Draht {m} razor barb (Br.) (coll.)
NATO-Draht {m} razor barb wire
NATO-Verantwortungsbereich Europa Allied Command Europe (NATO) (ACE)
Natrium {n} sodium
Natrium-Schwefel-Akkumulator {m} [-special_topic_electr.-] sodium-sulfur storage battery [-special_topic_electr.-]
Natriumalginat {n} [-special_topic_chem.-] sodium alginate [-special_topic_chem.-]
Natriumbikarbonat {n} sodium bicarbonate
Natriumcarbonat {n} soda (ash)
Natriumchlorid {n} (Kochsalz) sodium chloride
Natriumcyanid {n} sodium cyanide
Natriumkarbonat {n} sodium carbonate
Natriumnitrat {n} sodium nitrate
Natriumsilikat {n} sodium silicate
Natron {n} sodium bicarbonate
Natron {n} [-special_topic_chem.-] natron [-special_topic_chem.-]
Natronfeldspat {n} albite
Natronlauge {f} (caustic) soda lye
Natronlauge {f} sodium hydroxide solution
Natronwasserglas {n} sodium silicate
Natter {f} asp
Natter {f} viper
Nattern {pl} asps
Nattern {pl} vipers
Natternkopf (Echium vulgare) viper's bugloss
Natur {f} nature
Natur {m} nature
Natur-Joghurt {m} natural yoghurt
Naturalabgabe {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] render [-special_topic_hist.-]
Naturalabgabe {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] rent in kind [-special_topic_hist.-]
Naturalien {pl} natural produce
naturalisieren to naturalize
naturalisieren to naturalise (Br.)
naturalisierend naturalizing
naturalisierend naturalising (Br.)
naturalisiert naturalized
naturalisiert naturalizes
naturalisiert naturalised (Br.)
Naturalisierung {f} naturalization
Naturalismus {m} naturalism
Naturalist {m} naturalist
Naturalisten {pl} naturalists
naturalistisch naturalistic
Naturanlagen {pl} mettles
naturbelassen natural
Naturdenkmal {n} natural monument
Naturell {n} disposition
Naturell {n} temper
Naturereignis {n} natural phenomenon
Naturereignis {n} phenomenon of nature
Naturerscheinung {f} natural phenomenon
naturfarben ecru
Naturfotografie {f} nature photography
Naturfreund {m} nature lover
naturgemäß natural
naturgemäßere more natural
naturgemäßeste most natural
Naturgeschichte {f} natural history
Naturgesetz {n} law of nature
naturgetreu lifelike
Naturgewalt {f} force of nature
naturharter Stahl {m} self-hardening steel
Naturheilkunde {f} naturopathy
Naturholz {n} natural wood
Naturismus {m} naturism
Naturist {m} naturist
Naturistin {f} (female) naturist
Naturjoghurt {m} natural yoghurt
Naturkatastrophe {f} natural disaster
Naturkatastrophen {pl} natural disasters
Naturkautschuk {m} natural rubber
Naturkonvektion {f} natural convection
Naturkosmetik {f} natural cosmetics
Naturkunde {f} natural history
Naturkunde {f} nature study
Naturkundebuch {n} natural history book
Naturkundebuch {n} book about/on natural history
Naturkundebuch {n} (Schulbuch) book on nature study
Naturkundebuch {n} (Schulbuch) nature study book
Naturkundelehrer {m} nature teacher
Naturkundelehrerin {f} (female) nature teacher
Naturkundemuseum {n} museum of natural history
Naturlehre {f} (veraltet, Schulfach) (physical) science
Naturlehrebuch {n} physical science book
Naturlehrebuch {n} book about/on physical science
Naturlehrebuch {n} (veraltet) (physical) science book
Naturlehrelehrer {m} (veraltet) (physical) science teacher
Naturlehrpfad {m} natural trail
naturnah leben to live in close touch with nature
Naturpark {m} wildlife park
Naturprodukt {n} natural product
Naturreich {n} kingdom of nature
Natursauerteig {m} naturally fermented sourdough
Natursauerteig {m} naturally leavened sourdough
Naturschutz {m} conservation
Naturschutzgebiet {n} nature reserve
Naturschützer {m} conservationist
Naturseide {f} natural silk
Natursekt {m} golden shower
Naturstein {m} natural stone
Natursteinplatte {f} quarry tile
Naturtalent {n} natural talent
naturverbunden sein to live in close touch with nature
Naturwissenschaft {f} (natural) science
Naturwissenschaft {f} science
Naturwissenschaften {pl} sciences
Naturwissenschaftler {m} scientist
naturwissenschaftlich scientific
Naturwunder {n} natural wonder
Naturwunder {n} miracle of nature
Naturzugkühlturm {m} natural draft cooling tower (Am.)
Naturzugkühlturm {m} atmospheric cooling tower
Naturzugkühlturm {m} natural draught cooling tower (Br.)
natürlich of course
natürlich artless
natürlich natural
natürlich naturally
natürlich unstudied
natürlich unstudiedly
natürlich elemental
natürlich belüfteter Kühlturm {m} natural draft cooling tower (Am.)
natürlich belüfteter Kühlturm {m} natural draught cooling tower (Br.)
natürlich gewachsene Baumwolle {f} raingrown cotton
Natürlich! Yes, squire! (Br.)
natürliche artlessly
natürliche Gabe dower
natürliche Größe (Maßstab 1:1) full size
natürliche Zahl nonnegative integer
natürliche Zahl {f} [-special_topic_math.-] natural [-special_topic_math.-]
natürliche Zahl {f} [-special_topic_math.-] natural number [-special_topic_math.-]
natürliche Zahl {f} [-special_topic_math.-] whole number [-special_topic_math.-]
natürlicher naturallier
natürlicher Logarithmus natural logarithm
Natürlichkeit {f} instinctiveness
Natürlichkeit {f} naturalness
natürlichste naturalliest
Nauru Nauru (nr)
Nauruer {m} Nauruan
Nauruerin {f} Nauruan

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