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naiv unsophisticatedly
naiv, blauäugig dewy-eyed
naivere more naive
Naivität {f} greenness
Naivität {f} naivity
Naivling {m} simpleton
Naivling {m} (ugs., pej.) bimbo (sl.)
naivste most naive
naja, aber OTOOH : on the other other hand
Name {m} name
Namen in eine Liste eintragen to enter names on a list
Namen {m} title
Namen {m} reputations
Namen {pl} names
Namen {pl} titles
namenlos anonymous
namenlos nameless
namenlose namelessly
namens behalf
Namensaktien {pl} registered securities
Namensaufruf {m} roll call
Namensgeber {m} answer generator
Namensgeberanforderung {f} answer code request
Namensgeberzeichen {n} (Fernschreiber) answer code
Namensirrtum {m} misnomer
Namensparameter {m} label parameter
Namensschild {n} name plate
Namensschild {n} nameplate
Namensschild {n} name tag
Namensschilder {pl} name tags
Namenstafel {f} name board
Namensverzeichnis {n} nomenclature
Namensvetter {m} namesake
Namensvettern {pl} namesakes
namentlich by name
namentlich namely
namentlich nominal
namentlich nominally
namentlich especially
namentlich erwähnen to namecheck (coll.)
namentliche nominal
namhaft well-known
namhaftere more notable
namhafteste most notable
Namibia Namibia (na)
Namibier {m} Namibian
Namibierin {f} Namibian
namibisch Namibian
nannte titled
nannte named
nannte falsch miscalled
nannte vor prementioned
Nanokapsel {f} nanocapsule
Nanosekunde {f} nanosecond
Nanu! Oops!
Nanu, dass du hier bist! Fancy meeting you here!
Naomi {m} naomi
Napalmbombe {f} napalm bomb
Napf {m} bowl
Napf {m} small dish
Napf {m} porringer
Napfdichtung {f} cup gasket
Napfdichtung {f} plunger washer
Napfkolben {m} plunger cup
Napfkuchen {m} [-special_topic_gastr.-] ring-shaped cake [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Naphthalin {n} naphthalene
Nappahose {f} nappa trousers
Nappahose {f} nappa pants
Nappajacke {f} nappa jacket
Nappaleder {n} nappa (leather)
Nappaleder-BH {m} nappa leather bra
Nappalederhose {f} nappa leather pants
Nappalederhose {f} nappa leather trousers
Nappalederjacke {f} nappa leather jacket
Nappaledermantel {m} nappa leather coat
Nappalederrock {m} nappa leather skirt
Nappamantel {m} nappa coat
Napparock {m} nappa skirt
Narbe {f} scar
Narbe {f} seam
Narben {pl} scars
Narbenbildung {f} keloid
Narbengewebe {n} [-special_topic_med.-] scar tissue [-special_topic_med.-]
narbenlos unscarred
narbig scarred
narbig foveal
narbig scarredly
narbige foveate
narbige scarring
Narkose {f} narcosis
Narkose {f} anesthesia (Am.)
Narkose {f} anaesthesia (Br.)
Narkosearzt {m} anesthetist
Narkosearzt {m} anesthetist (Am.)
Narkosearzt {m} anaesthetist (Br.)
Narkosen {pl} narcoses
Narkosenfacharzt {m} anesthesiologist
Narkosenfacharzt {m} anaesthesiologist
Narkosenfachlehre {f} anesthesiology
Narkoseärzte {pl} anesthetists
Narkotika {pl} (pharm.) anaesthetics (Br.)
Narkotika {pl} (pharm.) anaesthetic agents (Br.)
Narkotika {pl} (pharm.) anesthetic agents (Am.)
Narkotika {pl} (pharm.) anaesthetic drugs (Br.)
Narkotika {pl} (pharm.) anesthetic drugs (Am.)
Narkotika {pl} (pharm.) (bes. Rauschgift) narcotics
Narkotika {pl} (pharm.) (bes. Rauschgift) narcotic agents
Narkotika {pl} (pharm.) (bes. Rauschgift) narcotic drugs
Narkotikum {n} goofball
Narkotikum {n} (pharm.) anaesthetic (Br.)
Narkotikum {n} (pharm.) anesthetic (Am.)
Narkotikum {n} (pharm.) anaesthetic agent (Br.)
Narkotikum {n} (pharm.) anaesthetic drug (Br.)
Narkotikum {n} (pharm.) anesthetic agent (Am.)
Narkotikum {n} (pharm.) anesthetic drug (Am.)
Narkotikum {n} (pharm.) (bes. Rauschgift) narcotic
Narkotikum {n} (pharm.) (bes. Rauschgift) narcotic agent
Narkotikum {n} (pharm.) (bes. Rauschgift) narcotic drug
narkotisch narcotic
narkotische narcotically
narkotisieren to narcotize
narkotisieren to dope
narkotisieren to drug
narkotisierend narcotic
narkotisierend narcotically
narkotisierend narcotizing
narkotisiert narcotizes
narkotisiert narcotized
Narkotismus {m} narcotism
Narr {m} fool
Narr, Knilch {m} jerk
narren to hoax
Narren {pl} jesters
narrend hoaxing
Narrenmütze {f} foolscap
Narrenmützen {pl} foolscaps
Narrenwoche {f} (Höhepunkt der Schul- und Studentenstreiche) rag week (Br.) (public school and university sl.)
narrt hoaxes
narrte hoaxed
Narziss {m} narcissist
Narziss {m} narziss
Narzisse {f} narcissists
Narzisse {f} daffodil
Narzisse {f} narcissus
Narzissen {pl} daffodils
Narzissmus {m} narcissism
Narzisst, Narzisstin {m,f} narcissist
narzisstisch narcissistic
narzisstische narcissistically
narzisstische Persönlichkeitsstörung {f} narcissistic personality disorder
NASA : Nationale Luft- und Raumfahrtbehörde NASA : National Aeronautics and Space Administration
nasal nasal
nasal nasally
nasal nasaly
Nascherei {f} nibbling
Nascherei {f} eating on the sly
Naschereien {pl} sweets
Naschereien {pl} sweets and chocolates
Naschereien {pl} candy (Am.)
Naschereien {pl} sweets and biscuits
Naschkatze {f} person/child with a sweet tooth
Nasciturus {m} [-special_topic_jur.-] unborn child [-special_topic_jur.-]
Nase {f} nose
Nase {f} lug
Nase {f} gib head
Nase {f} bugle (Aus.) (sl.)
Nase {f} (Hobelgriff) nose
Nase {f} (tech.) beak
Nase {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] nib [-special_topic_tech.-]
Nasen {pl} noses
Nasenaffe {m} proboscis monkey
Nasenbein {n} nasal bone
Nasenbein {n} nose bone
Nasenbeinbruch {m} nasal bone fracture
Nasenbeinbruch {m} fracture of the nasal bone
Nasenbeinbruch {m} fracture of the nose bone
Nasenbeinfraktur {f} nasal bone fracture
Nasenbeinfraktur {f} fracture of the nasal bone
Nasenbeinfraktur {f} fracture of the nose bone
Nasenbluten {n} nosebleed
Nasenbremse {f} (Insekt) [-special_topic_zool.-] nasal bot fly [-special_topic_zool.-]
Nasenbär {m} coati
Nasendasselfliege {f} sheep nostril fly
Nasendasselfliege {f} sheep nose fly
Nasenkeil {m} gib-head key
Nasenlappen-Glatthai {m} flapnose houndshark
Nasenloch {n} nostril
Nasenlöcher {pl} nostrils
Nasenmuschel {f} nasal concha (bone)
Nasenmuschel {f} nasal turbinate (bone)
Nasenoperation {f} nose-job
Nasenpiercing {n} nasal piercing
Nasenscheidewand {f} nasal septum
Nasenscheidewandknorpel {m} cartilage of the nasal septum
Nasenschleim {m} nasal mucus
Nasenspray {n} (pharm.) nasal spray
Nasenspray {n} (pharm.) nose spray
Nasenstüber {m} fillip
Nasenstüber {pl} fillips
Nasentropfen {pl} (pharm.) nose drops

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