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Managementassistentin {f} management assistant
Managementmethoden {pl} management methods
Manager {m} manager
Manager {m} tycoon
Manager {pl} managers
Manager {pl} tycoons
manch ein many a
manche many a
manche some
mancherlei a number of
mancherlei quite a few
mancherlei several
manches many a
Manchesterhose {f} hardwearing corduroy trousers
Manchesterhose {f} hardwearing corduroy slacks (Am.)
manchmal sometime
manchmal sometimes
Mandant {m} client
mandantenfähig multi-client capable
Mandantenfähigkeit {f} multi-client capability
Mandarine {f} tangerine
Mandarinen {pl} tangerines
Mandarinschnauz-Dornhai {m} mandarine dogfish
Mandat {n} mandate
Mandate {pl} mandates
Mandatshäufung {f} [-special_topic_pol.-] plurality of offices [-special_topic_pol.-]
Mandel {f} almond
Mandel {f} (anatomisch) tonsil
Mandelaugen {pl} almond eyes
Mandelbaum {m} almond (tree)
Mandelbäume {pl} almonds
Mandelentfernung {f} tonsillectomy
Mandelentfernungen {pl} tonsillectomies
Mandelentzündung {f} quinsy
Mandelentzündung {f} tonsillitis
Mandelentzündungen {pl} quinsies
Mandelfarbe {f} almond (color) (Am.)
Mandelfarbe {f} almond (colour) (Br.)
mandelfarben almond (colored) (Am.)
mandelfarben almond (coloured) (Br.)
mandelfarben almond-coloured (Br.)
mandelfarben almond-colored (Am.)
mandelförmig almond shaped
mandelförmiger Gegenstand {m} almond
Mandeln {pl} tonsils
Mandeln {pl} almonds
Mandelschokolade {f} almond chocolate
Mandioka {f} cassava (starch)
Mandoline {f} mandolin
Mandrill {m} mandril
Manege {f} manege
Mangan {n} manganese
Manganhartstahl {m} austenitic manganese steel
Manganoxid {n} manganese oxide
Manganstahl {m} manganese steel
Mangel an Stärke oder Macht impuissance
Mangel {m} dearth
Mangel {m} deficiency
Mangel {m} desideratum
Mangel {m} fault
Mangel {m} privation
Mangel {m} scarceness
Mangel {m} scarcities
Mangel {m} scarcity
Mangel {m} shortcoming
Mangel {m} want
Mangel {m} shortage
Mangel {m} absence (of)
Mangel {m} (an), Fehlen {n} (von) lack (of)
Mangel {m} an Arbeitskräften manpower shortage
mangelhaft defectively
mangelhaft deficient
mangelhaft faultily
mangelhaft (Zensur 5) fail
mangelhaft (Zensur 5) inadequate
mangelhafte defective
mangelhafte deficiently
mangelhafte inadequately
Mangelhaftigkeit {f} defectiveness
Mangelhaftigkeiten {pl} imperfections
mangelnd lacking
mangelnde Bereitschaft unreadiness
mangelnde Geradeauslaufstabilität {f} lack of steadiness
mangelnde Haftung {f} poor adhesion
mangelnde Übereinstimmung nonconformity
mangelnde Übereinstimmungen nonconformities
mangels for want of
mangels (+ Gen.) for lack of
mangelt there is a lack of
mangelte there was a lack of
Mangelware sein to be in short supply
Mangelware sein to be scarce
Mangelware sein to be rare
Mangelware sein (ugs.) to be few and far between
Mangelware {f} scarce commodity
Mangelware {f} scarce goods
Mango (Mangifera indica L.) mango
Mangobaum {m} mango tree
Mangold {m} Swiss chard
Mangold {m} (bot.) (Swiss) chard
Mangosaft {m} mango juice
Mangrovenbaum {m} mangrove
Mangrovensumpf {m} mangrove swamp
Mangrovenviper {f} mangrove pit viper (Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus)
Mangrovereiher {m} green-backed heron (Butorides striatus)
Manie {f} manner
Manie {f} way (of doing something)
Manie {f} mania
Manieren {pl} bearing
Manieren {pl} manners
manieriert mannered
manierlich mannerly
Manierlichkeit {f} mannerliness
manifest {adj} manifest
Manifest {n} manifesto
manifestieren to manifest
Maniküre {f} manicure
Maniküre {f} manicurist
maniküren to manicure
manikürend manicuring
manikürt manicures
manikürte manicured
Maniok {m} (bot.) manioc
Maniok {m} (bot.) cassava
Maniokstrauch {m} cassava
Manioksträucher {pl} cassavas
Manipulation {f} spoofing
Manipulation {f} manipulation
Manipulationen {pl} manipulations
manipulationssicher tamper-proof
manipulierbar manipulable
manipuliere manipulate
manipulieren to gerrymander
manipulieren manipulate
manipulierend gerrymandering
manipulierend manipulating
manipulierend manipulative
manipulierende manipulatively
manipuliert gerrymanders
manipuliert manipulated
manipuliert manipulates
manipulierte gerrymandered
maniriert mannered
manisch manic
Manko {n} deficiency
Manko {n} deficit
Manko {n} shortcoming
Mann in Frauenkleidern drag queen
Mann {m} man
Mann {m} husband
Mann {m} fellow
Manna {n} (auch relig.) [-special_topic_bot.-] manna [-special_topic_bot.-]
mannbar nubile
Mannbarkeit {f} pubescence
Mannen {pl} men
Mannequin {n} mannequin
Mannequin {n} model
Manneskraft {f} virility
mannhaft manful
mannhaft manfully
mannhafte manfully
Mannhaftigkeit {f} manfulness
mannigfaltig multifarious
mannigfaltig diverse
mannigfaltig multifariously
mannigfaltig various
mannigfaltige multifariously
Mannigfaltigkeit {f} variety
Mannigfaltigkeit {f} diversity
Mannigfaltigkeit {f} manifoldness
Mannigfaltigkeit {f} multifariousness
Mannigfaltigkeit {f} multiplicity
Mannigfaltigkeit {f} numerousness
Mannigfaltigkeit {f} diverseness
Mannigfaltigkeit {f} variation
Mannjahr {n} man-year
Mannloch {n} (Fass) manhole
Mannmonat {m} man-month
Mannsbild {n} man
Mannsbild {n} fellow
Mannschaft {f} team
Mannschaft {f} crew
Mannschaft {f} workmanship
Mannschaft {f}, Team {n} side
Mannschaften {pl} teams
Mannschaftsaufstellung {f} team selection
Mannschaftsaufstellung {f} line-up
Mannschaftsbus {m} team bus
Mannschaftsführer {m} teamster
Mannschaftsführer {m} captain
Mannschaftsführer {pl} teamsters
Mannschaftskapitän {m} teamster
Mannschaftskapitän {m} captain
Mannschaftskapitän {m}, Kapitän {m} [-special_topic_sport-] skipper (football) [-special_topic_sport-]
Mannschaftskollege {m}, Mannschaftskamerad {m} [-special_topic_sport-] team-mate [-special_topic_sport-]
Mannschaftssport {m} team sport
Mannschaftstraining {n} [-special_topic_sport-] squad training, squad session [-special_topic_sport-]
Mannschaftstransportwagen (MTW) {m} (Feuerwehr) (fire dept) crew car
Mannschaftswagen {m} personnel carrier
Mannschaftswagen {m} police van

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