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Musik {f} (musikalische Begleitung) accompaniment
Musik {f} [fig.] (begleitende Geräusche, Beiwerk) accompaniment
Musik {f} [ugs.] (Kapelle) band
Musik {f} [ugs.] (Kapelle, Orchester) music
Musik {f} [ugs.] (Orchester) orchestra
musikalisch musical
musikalisch musically
musikalisch ausgestalten to arrange
musikalische Untermalung background music
musikalischere more musical
musikalischste most musical
Musikalität {f} musicality
Musikanlage {f} (bes. im Auto) sound system
Musikanlage {f} (Hi-Fi-Anlage) hi-fi equipment
Musikanlage {f} (Hi-Fi-Anlage) hi-fi system
Musikanlage {f} (Stereoanlage) stereo equipment
Musikanlage {f} (Stereoanlage) stereo system
Musikant {m} musician
Musikant {m} minstrel
Musikantenknochen {m} funny bone
Musikantenknochen {m} crazy bone (Am.)
Musikantentum {n} minstrelsy
Musikautomat {m} nickelodeon
Musikbegleitung {f} musical accompaniment
Musikbox {f} jukebox
Musikbuch {n} music book
Musikdatei {f} soundfile
Musiker {m} musician
Musikfestspiele {f} music festival
Musikhochschule {f} conservatory
Musikhochschule {f} academy of music
Musikinstrument {n} musical instrument
Musikkapelle {f} band
Musiklehrer {m} music teacher
Musiklehrerin {f} (female) music teacher
Musiklehrerin {f} music mistress (Br.)
Musiklexikon {n} (mit längeren Einträgen) encyclopaedia of music
Musikologie {f} musicology
Musikpavillon {m} bandstand
Musikpavillons {pl} bandstands
Musikrichtung {f} style of music
Musikuntermalung {f} background music
Musikwissenschaftler {m} musicologist
Musikwörterbuch {n} (kurzgefasst) dictionary of music
musisch artistic
musisch in the fine arts
musisch begabt/interessiert gifted/interested in the (fine) arts
musisch veranlagt artistically inclined
musizieren to make music
musizierend making music
musiziert makes music
musizierte made music
Muskat {m} nutmeg
Muskatblüte {f} mace
Muskatblüten {pl} maces
Muskateller {m} (Wein) muscatel
Muskatellerwein {m} muscatel (wine)
Muskatmühle {f} nutmeg grinder
Muskatnuss {f} nutmeg
Muskatnussraffel {f} nutmeg grater
Muskatnussreibe {f} nutmeg grater
Muskatnussvergiftung {f} nutmeg intoxication
Muskatnussvergiftung {f} nutmeg poisoning
Muskatnüsse {pl} nutmegs
Muskatraffel {f} nutmeg grater
Muskatreibe {f} nutmeg grater
Muskatvergiftung {f} nutmeg intoxication
Muskatvergiftung {f} nutmeg poisoning
Muskel {m} muscle
Muskel {m} myo
Muskelaufbau {m} muscle building
Muskelentzündung {f} inflammation of a muscle, myositis
Muskelfaser {f} muscle fibre (or Am.: fiber)
Muskelfaserriss {m} torn muscle fibre
Muskelkater haben to feel stiff and aching
Muskelkater {m} stiffness
Muskelkater {m} muscle ache, aching muscles
Muskelkater {m} sore muscles
Muskelkraft {f} muscular strength
Muskelkraft {f} muscularity
Muskelkrampf {m} muscle cramp (charley horse)
Muskelmagen {m} gizzard
Muskelmann {m} muscleman
Muskeln {pl} brawn
Muskeln {pl} muscles
Muskeln {pl} thews
Muskelpaket {n} muscleman
Muskelprotz {m} muscleman
Muskelrelaxans {n} (pharm.) muscle relaxant
Muskelrelaxans {n} (pharm.) muscle relaxant agent
Muskelrelaxans {n} (pharm.) muscle relaxant drug
Muskelrelaxantien {pl} (pharm.) muscle relaxants
Muskelrelaxantien {pl} (pharm.) muscle relaxant agents
Muskelrelaxantien {pl} (pharm.) muscle relaxant drugs
Muskelrelaxanzien {pl} (pharm.) muscle relaxants
Muskelrelaxanzien {pl} (pharm.) muscle relaxant agents
Muskelrelaxanzien {pl} (pharm.) muscle relaxant drugs
Muskelriss {m} torn muscle
Muskelschwund {m} muscular wasting (or atrophy)
Muskelschwäche {f} myasthenia (muscle weakness)
Muskelshirt {n} muscle-shirt
Muskeltonus {m} myotonus
Muskelzerrung {f} pulled muscle
Musketen {pl} musketries
Musketier {m} musketeer
Musketier-Stiefel {m} cavalier boot
Muskulatur {f} musculature
Muskulatur {f} muscular system
muskulös brawny
muskulös muscular
muskulöse muscularly
Muss er es tun? Need he do it?
Muss {n} must
Mussbestimmung {f} mandatory provision
Mussehe {f} shotgun wedding
Mussheirat {f} shotgun wedding
Musspritze {f} (hum.) bumbershoot (Am.) (coll.)
musst must
Mussvorschriften {pl} mandatories
Muster {n} prototype
Muster {n} sample
Muster {n} model
Muster {n} pattern
Muster {n} specimen
Muster {pl} patterns
Muster... examplary
Musterabschnitt {m} swatch
Musterangebot {n} sample quotation
Musterbeispiel {n} paradigm
Musterbetrieb {m} model plant
Musterbrief {m} specimen letter
Musterbuch {n} sample book
Musterbuch {n} (mit Proben) samples folder
Musterdecker {m} (Textiltechnik) stitch transfer point for knitting lace stitch patterns
Mustererkennung {f} pattern recognition
Mustererkennung {f} recognition of pattern
mustergemäß according to sample
mustergültig standard
mustergültig immaculate
Musterkind {n} goody-goody
Musterknabe {m} paragon
Musterknabe {m} model boy
Musterknaben {pl} prigs
Musterkollektion {f} assortment of samples
Musterkollektion {f} sample collection
Mustermesse {f} sample fair
mustern to pattern
mustern to examine
musternd mustering
Musterprofi {m} [-special_topic_sport-] model professional [-special_topic_sport-]
Musterprozess {m} [-special_topic_jur.-] test case [-special_topic_jur.-]
Musterung {f} muster
Musterung {f} [-special_topic_med.-] physical examination (also mil.) [-special_topic_med.-]
Mut fassen to pluck up courage
Mut fassen to bear up
Mut machen bolster
Mut {m} mettle
Mut {m} valor (Am.)
Mut {m} valour (Br.)
Mut {m} audacity
Mut {m} courage
Mut {m} gameness
Mut {m} gaminess
Mut {m} pluckiness
Mut {m} spunkiness
Mut {m} boldness
Mutation {f} mutation
Mutationen {pl} mutations
Mutationsprodukt {n} mutation
mutierend mutant
mutig gamely
mutig brave
mutig mettlesome
mutig audacious
mutig clenched
mutig clenching
mutig courageous
mutig courageously
mutig gritty
mutig pluckily
mutig gamily
mutig gamy
mutig entgegentreten to beard
mutig sein to be clench
mutig sein to have a nerve
mutig, draufgängerisch spunky
mutig, potent ballsy (sl.)
mutige courageously
mutige plucky
mutiger gamier
mutiger grittier
mutiger gutsier
mutiger pluckier
mutigere more courageous
mutigste gamiest
mutigste grittiest
mutigste gutsiest
mutigste most courageous
mutigste pluckiest
mutlos discouraged

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