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moralisch verpflichtet bound in honour
moralische Grundsätze moralities
moralische Überlegenheit {f} moral high ground
moralischer Sieg {m} moral victory
moralisiere moralize
moralisieren to moralize
moralisierend moralizing
moralisiert moralizes
moralisiert moralized
Moralismus {m} moralization
Moralisten {pl} moralists
moralistisch moralistic
moralistische moralistically
Morast {m} morass
Morast {m} bog
Moraste {pl} morasses
Moratorium {n} moratorium
morbid morbid
morbid morbidly
Morbus Crohn (Crohn Krankheit) {f} Crohn's disease
Morchel {f} morel
Morcheln in Sahnesauce morel with cream sauce
Morcheln {pl} morels
Mord {m} homicide
Mord {m} murder
Mordanklage erheben to bring a charge of murder
Mordanklage {f} (jur.) charge of (first-degree) murder
Mordanklage {f} (jur.) murder charge
Mordanschlag {m} attempted murder
Mordbefehl {m} order to carry out a murder
Mordbrenner {m} (veraltend) arsonist with murderous intent
Mordbube {m} (veraltend) murdering thug
Morddezernat {n} murder squad
Morddezernat {n} homicide squad
Morddezernat {n} homicide department (esp. Am.)
Morddezernat {n} homicide (Am.) (coll.)
Morddrohung {f} murder threat
Morddrohung {f} threat on one's life
Morddrohung {f} death threat
Morde {pl} homicides
morden to murder
mordend murdering
mordet murders
Mordfall {m} murder case
Mordfall {m} case of murder
Mordfliege {f} robberfly
Mordfliege {f} assassin fly
Mordgesellen {pl} murderous fellows
Mordgier {f} lust for murder
Mordgier {f} lust to kill
mordgierig out to kill
mordgierig (blutgierig) bloodthirsty
Mordinstrument {n} murder weapon
Mordinstrument {n} (ugs., fig.) murderous-looking device
Mordkommando {n} death squad
Mordkommission {f} murder squad
Mordkommission {f} homicide squad
Mordkommission {f} homicide department (esp. Am.)
Mordkommission {f} homicide (Am.) (coll.)
Mordlust {f} desire to kill
Mordlust {f} lust for murder
Mordlust {f} lust to kill
mordlustig out to kill
mordlustig (blutgierig) bloodthirsty
Mordmesser {n} murder knife
Mordnacht {f} night of the murder
Mordprozess {m} murder trial
Mords... (ugs.) whopping ...
Mordsding {n} smasher
Mordsding {n} snorter
Mordsding {n} stunner
Mordsding {n} thumper
Mordsding {n} whacker
Mordsding {n} whopper (coll.)
Mordsdinge {pl} smashers
Mordsdinger {pl} (auch große Brüste) whoppers
Mordskerl {m} humdinger
Mordskerle {pl} humdingers
Mordtat {f} (act of) murder
Mordverdacht {m} suspicion of murder
Mordversuch {m} attempted murder
Mordwaffe {f} murder weapon
Mordwanze {f} (zool.) assassin bug
Mordwerkzeug {n} murder tool
Mordwerkzeug {n} (ugs., fig.) murderous-looking device
Mordwinien Mordovia
morganatische Ehe {f}; Ehe zur linken Hand morganatic marriage
morgen tomorrow
morgen Abend tomorrow evening
morgen Abend tomorrow night
morgen ist Schulanfang school starts tomorrow
Morgen {m} morning
Morgen {m} acre
Morgenausgabe {f} morning edition
morgendlich matutinal
Morgendämmerung {f} dawn
Morgendämmerung {f} daybreak
Morgenempfang {m} levee
Morgenempfänge {pl} levees
Morgengabe {f} gift from husband to wife after the wedding night
Morgengabe {f} morning gift
Morgenhaube {f} mobcap
Morgenlatte {f} (vulg.: morgendliche Erektion) morning hard-on (sl.)
Morgenlatte {f} (vulg.: morgendliche Erektion) morning wood
Morgenmantel {m} dressing gown
Morgenmusik {f} morning music
Morgenrock {m} robe
Morgenrock {m} dressing gown
Morgenrock {m} aus (reiner) Seide (pure) silk dressing gown
Morgenrot {n} red sky
Morgenrot {n} (red) dawn
Morgenrot, Schlechtwetterbot (Sprichwort) red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning
Morgenrot, Schlechtwetterbot (Sprichwort) red sky in the morning, sailors take warning
Morgenröte {f} red sky
Morgenröte {f} (red) dawn
Morgenröte {f} aurora (esp. poet.)
Morgenröte {f} (fig.) dawn
Morgenröte {f} (fig.) dawning
morgens, vormittag a.m., am, AM : ante meridiem (before noon)
Morgensonne {f} morning sun
Morgenstern {m} morning star
Morgenstern {m} (eine Heilpflanze) star of Bethlehem (Ornithogallum umbellatum)
Morgenstern {m} (hist. Waffe) [-special_topic_hist.-] spiked mace [-special_topic_hist.-]
Morgenstunde {f} morning hour
Morgentau {m} morning dew
Morgentoilette {f} morning toilet
Morgenzeitung {f} morning paper
morgig tomorrow's
Morio-Muskat {m} (Rebsorte und Wein) Morio Muscat (cross between white Burgundy and Silvaner)
Moriskentanz {m} morris dance
Moritz Maurice
Mormone {m} Mormon
Mornellregenpfeifer {m} Eurasian dotterel (Charadrius morinellus)
Morphem {n} morpheme
morphen to morph
Morphinbase {f} eighty-one (81) (sl.)
Morphium {n} morphia
Morphium {n} morphine
morphologisch morphologic
morphologische morphologically
morphologischer morphological
Morphometrie {f} [-special_topic_biol.-] morphometrics [-special_topic_biol.-]
morsch rotten
Morsealphabet {n} Morse (code)
Morsekegel {m} Morse taper
Morsekonus {m} Morse taper
Morsetaste {f} Morse key
Moräne {f} moraine
MOS-Logikfamilie mit komplementären Ausgängen complementary MOS (CMOS)
Mosaik {n} mosaic
Mosaik {n} tessellation
Mosaikarbeit {f} tesselation
Mosaikdrucker {m} mosaic printer
Mosaiken {pl} mosaics
Mosaikfußboden {m} tessellated floor
Mosambik Mozambique (mz)
Mosambikaner {m} Mozambican
Mosambikanerin {f} Mozambican
mosambikanisch Mozambican
Moschee {f} mosque
Moscheen {pl} mosques
Moschus {m} musk
moschusartig musky
Moselwein {m} Moselle
Moskau [-special_topic_geogr.-] Moscow [-special_topic_geogr.-]
Moskito {m} (tropical) mosquito
Moskitonetz {n} mosquito net
Moskitos {pl} mosquitos
Moskowiter {pl} muscovites
Moslem {m} Moslem
Moslem {m} Muslim
Most {m} fruit juice
Most {m} (für Wein) must
Most {m} (vergoren) fruit wine
Mostfass {n} cider jar
Mostrich {m} mustard
Motel {n} motel
Motette {f} motet
Motilität {f} (Beweglichkeit bei Mikroorganismen) motility
Motiv {n} motif
Motiv {n} motive
Motiv {n} reason
Motiv {n} (Film, Oper, Theaterstück) theme
Motiv {n} (Gegenstand einer Fotografie) scene
Motiv {n} (Gegenstand einer Fotografie, eines Gemäldes oder lit. Werkes) subject
Motivation {f} motivation
Motivationsschreiben {n} letter of motivation
Motive {pl} motifs
motivieren to motivate
motivierend motivating
motiviert motived
motiviert motivates
motivierte motivated
Motivierungen {pl} motivations
Motivirrtum {m} [-special_topic_jur.-] error in motivation [-special_topic_jur.-]
Motivsucher {m} (Filmbranche) location scout
Motivwagen {m} float (in a parade)
Motor mit vier Ventilen pro Zylinder engine with four valves per cylinder
Motor {m} engine
Motor {m} motor

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