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monochrom monochrome
monochromatische monochromatically
monogam monogamous
monogame monogamously
Monogamie {f} monogamy
Monogamien {pl} monogamies
Monogamist {m} monogamist
Monogramm {n} monogram
Monographie {f} monograph
monographisch monographic
Monokel {n} monocle
Monokini {m} monokini
monoklin monoclinic
Monokristall {m} single crystal
monokulares Mikroskop {n} monocular microscope
Monokularmikroskop {n} monocular microscope
Monolith {m} monolith
monolithisch monolithic
Monolog {m} monologue
Monolog {m} monolog (Am.)
monolytisch monolythic
Monom {n} [-special_topic_math.-] monom [-special_topic_math.-]
Monomane, Monomanin {m,f} monomaniac
Monomanie {f} monomania
monomolekular unimolecular
Mononukleose {f} mononucleosis
monophon monophonic
monophone monophonically
Monopol {n} monopoly
monopolfeindlich antitrust
monopolisieren monopolize
monopolisierend monopolizing
monopolisiert monopolizes
monopolisierte monopolized
Monopolismus {m} monopolism
Monopolist {m} monopolist
Monopolisten {pl} monopolists
monopolistisch monopolistic
Monopolstellung {f} monopoly
monostabil monostable
monostabil oneshot
monoton monotonous
monoton {adj} [-special_topic_math.-] monotonic [-special_topic_math.-]
monotone monotonously
monotone Konvergenz {f} [-special_topic_math.-] monotone convergence [-special_topic_math.-]
monotones Geräusch monotone
Monotonie {f} monotony
Monotonien {pl} monotonies
Monoxyd {n} monoxide
Monster {n} monster
Monster {n} ogre
Monsterfilm {m} (Großproduktion) mammoth screen epic
Monsterfilm {m} (über Monster) monster film
Monsterfilm {m} (über Monster) monster movie
Monsterfilm {m} (über Monster) monster flick (coll.)
Monstertruck {m} (Motorsport) monster truck
Monstertruck {m} (riesiger Lkw) giant truck
Monstertruck {m} (sl.: riesiger Lkw) juggernaut (Br.) (coll.)
Monstranz {f} (kath.) monstrance
Monstrosität {f} freak
Monsun {m} monsoon
Montag {m} Monday
Montage {f} assembly
Montage {f} mounting
Montageabteilung {f} assembly department
Montageanleitung {f} assembly instruction
Montageband {n} assembly line
Montageband {n} (Wulstspreizung) mounting (fitting) band, mounting (fitting) band
Montagebock {m} mounting rack
Montagedefekt {m} fitting damage
Montagedorn {m} assembly plug
Montagedurchschlag {m} (Werkzeug) assembly taper punch
Montagefehler {m} defective mounting
Montagefirma {f} assembler
Montagegestell {n} jig
Montagegestell {n} pedestal
Montagehalle {f} assembly hangar
Montagehammer {m} assembly hammer
Montagehilfe {f} (Paste) tyre bead lubricant
Montagehilfsmittel {n} fitting lubricant
Montagekennlinie {f} rim centering rib
Montagekennlinie {f} (am Reifen) fitting line (on tyre)
Montagekran {m} derrick
Montageleim {m} assembly glue
Montageliste {f} assembly list
Montagen {pl} fittings
Montagepaste {f} fitting lubricant
Montagepaste {f} tyre bead lubricant
Montagepinzette {f} assembly tweezer
Montagepinzette {f} assembly tweezers
Montageplan {m} assembly schedule
Montagerichtung {f} mounting direction
Montageroboter {m} assembly robot
Montageschaum {m} PU-foam
Montageschlüssel {m} construction wrench
Montageschlüssel {m} installation wrench
Montageschlüssel {m} construction spanner (Br.)
Montagesystem {n} assembly robotics
Montagetisch {m} (Drucktechnik) stripping desk
Montageverletzung {f} lever damage
Montagevorrichtung {f} assembly jig
Montagewagen {m} assembly dolly
Montagewerk {n} assembly facility
Montagewerk {n} assembly plant
Montagewerkstatt {f} assembly shop
Montagewerkzeug {n} assembly tool
Montagezeichnung {f} assembly drawing
Montenegriner {m} Montenegrin
Montenegrinerin {f} Montenegrin
Montenegrinerin {f} Montenegrin lady
Montenegrinerin {f} (betont: Frau) Montenegrin woman
Montenegrinerin {f} (betont: Mädchen) Montenegrin girl
montenegrinisch Montenegrin
Monteur {m} assemblyman
Monteur {m} assembly operator
Monteur {m} fitter
Monteur {m} assembler
Monteure {pl} assemblers
Monteure {pl} fitters
montierbar mountable
Montiereisen {n} tyre lever
Montiereisen {n} (Reifen) lever (tyre)
montieren to mount
montieren to assemble
montieren to fit
montieren to install
Montierhebel {m} iron (Am.)
Montierhebel {m} (für die Reifenmontage) tire lever
Montierhebel {m} (für die Reifenmontage) tire iron (Am.)
montiert mounts
montierte mounted
montierte assembled
montierter Mikrobaustein micro assembly
Montierwerkzeug {n} assembling tool
Montserrat Montserrat (ms)
Montur {f} (Arbeitsanzug) overall
Montur {f} (Kleidung) gear
monumental monumentally
Moor {n} fen
Moor {n} moor
Moor {n} swamp
Moor {n} bog
Moor-Scheibenegge {f} marsh disc harrow (Br.)
Moor-Scheibenegge {f} marsh disk harrow (Am.)
Moorbad {n} [-special_topic_med.-] peat bath [-special_topic_med.-]
Moore {f} fens
Moorente {f} ferruginous duck (Aythya nyroca)
Moorente {f} white-eyed pochard (Aythya nyroca)
Moorente {f} ferruginous pochard (Aythya nyroca)
Moorente {f} ferruginous white-eye (Aythya nyroca)
Moorente {f} common white-eye (Aythya nyroca)
Moorfrosch {m} moor frog
Moorfräse {f} (Bodenfräse) marsh rotary tiller
Moorhuhn {n} moorhen
Moorhuhn {n} willow grouse
Moorhuhnjagd {f} (auch Computerspiel) grouse shooting
moorig boggy
moorig swampy
Moorkultur {f} peatland management
Moorland {n} wetland
Moorleiche {f} body preserved in in marshland
Moorwalze {f} (landwirtschaftliches Gerät) marsh roller
Moos {n} moss
Moos {n} (Geld) dosh (coll.)
Moos {n} (sl.) (Geld) dough (esp. Am.)
Moos {n} (sl.) (Geld) bread
Moos {n} (sl.: Geld) dosh (Br.)
moosartig muscoid
Moosbeere {f} cranberry
moosgrün moss-green
Moosgummi {m} cellular rubber
Moosgummi {m} expanded rubber
Moosgummi {m} foam rubber
Moosgummi {m} foamed rubber
Moosgummi {m} sponge rubber
moosig mossy
moosiger mossier
moosigste mossiest
Moosrose {f} moss rose
Moped {n} autocycle
Moped {n} moped
Mopedreifen {m} moped tyre
Mophalter {m} mop holder
Mopp {m} mop
Moppel {m} (herziger kleiner Hund) zoggy (sweet little dog)
Moppel {m} (ugs.) (little) podge
Moppel {m} (ugs.) (little) pudge (Am.)
Mops {m} (Hund) pug
Mops {m} (ugs.: dicke Person) podge
Mops {m} (ugs.: dicke Person) pudge (Am.)
Mops {m} (ugs.: dicke Person) roly-poly (coll.)
Mops {m} (ugs.: dicke Person) dumpling (coll.)
mopsen (sl.) (= stehlen) (veraltend) to cly (sl.) (obsolescent)
Mopsgesicht {n} pug face
Moral {f} morals
Moral {f} morale
Moral {f} morality
Moralapostel {m} moralizer
moralisch moral
moralisch morally

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