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mobilere more mobile
mobiles Ad-hoc Netz MANET : mobile ad hoc network
mobiles Einsatzkommando mobile task force
Mobilfunk {m} mobile radio
Mobilfunk-Satellit {m} mobile telephony satellite
Mobilfunksatellit {m} mobile telephony satellite
Mobilfunksender {m} mobile phone base station
Mobilfunkstrahlenbelastung {f} mobile phone radiation level
mobilisieren to mobilize
mobilisieren to mobilise (Br.)
mobilisierend mobilizing
mobilisiert mobilizes
mobilisierte mobilized
Mobilität {f} mobility
Mobilkommunikation {f} mobile communications
Mobilkommunikationsnetz {n} mobile communication network
Mobilkommunikationsnetze {pl} mobile communication networks
Mobilkran {m} self-propelled mobile crane
Mobilkran {m} truck crane (Am.)
Mobilkran {m} truck-mounted crane
Mobilkran {m} mobile crane (Br.)
Mobilmachung {f} mobilization
mobilste most mobile
Mobiltelefon {n} mobile
Mobiltelefon {n} mobile phone
Mobiltelefon {n} cellular
Mobiltelefon {n} cellular phone
Mobiltelefon {n} cellphone
Mobiltoilette {f} portaloo
mochte liked
mod. : modern mod. : modern
modal modally
Modal-Faser {f} modal fibre (Br.)/fiber (Am.)
Modalabverb {n} (ling.) adverb of manner
Modalabverbien {pl} (ling.) adverbs of manner
Modalanalyse {f} modal analysis
Modalität {f} modality
Modalitäten {pl} modalities
Modalverb {n} modal verb
Modalverben {pl} modal verbs
Mode werden to come into fashion
Mode {f} fashion
Mode-Tussi {f} (sl.) fashion horse
Mode-Tussi {f} (sl.) clothes horse
Modeartikel {m} fashionable article
Modeausdruck {m} vogue expression
Modeausdruck {m} (Wort) vogue word
Modeausdrücke {pl} the latest jargon
Modeausdrücke {pl} vogue words
Modedesign {n} fashion design
Modedesigner, Modedesignerin {m,f} fashion designer
Modeerscheinung {f} (passing) fashion
Modeerscheinung {f} vogue
Model {n} model
Modeljob {m} model job
Modell {n} model
Modell {n} mockup
Modell {n} (im Atelier) sitter
Modell {n} mit Rohrrumpf model with tubular fuselage
Modellauto {n} dinky car
Modellbildung {f} modelling
Modelle {pl} models
Modelle {pl} mockups
Modelleisenbahn {f} model railway
Modellform {f} die
Modellierarbeitsplatz {m} modelling work place
modellieren to model
modellieren (mit Ton etc.) to mold
modellieren (mit Ton etc.) to mould
Modellierer {m} modeler
Modellierton {m} modeling clay
Modellierung {f} modeling
modeln to (work as a) model
Modem {n} (Modulator/Demodulator) modem
Modems {pl} modems
Moden {pl} fashions
Moden {pl} vogues
Modenarr {m} fashionmonger
Modenschau {f} fashionshow
Modenschauen {pl} fashionshows
Modeparade {f} fashionparade
Moder {m} must
Moder {m} moldiness
Moder {m} mould (Br.)
Moder {m} mold (Am.)
Moder {m} fustiness
Moderation {f} moderation (Am.)
Moderation {f} presentation
Moderator {m} presenter
Moderator {m} facilitator
Moderator {m} host
Moderator {m} anchorman (Am.)
Modergeruch {m} fustiness
Modergeruch {m} mouldy smell
Moderhinke {f} (vet.) foot rot (of sheep)
moderieren to moderate
moderieren to present
moderieren to compere
moderieren to emcee
moderig frowstily
moderig frowsty
moderig frowzily
moderig frowzy
moderig fusty
moderig mouldy
Moderkäfer {m} minute brown scavenger beetle
modern up-to-date
modern fashionable
modern fashionably
modern modernistic
modern modernly
modern present-day
modern modern
Modern Dance {m} modern dance
moderne Legende urban legend
Moderne {f} modernity
Moderne {f} modern age
moderner more modern
modernisieren to modernize
modernisieren to streamline production
Modernisieren {n} modernising (Br.)
Modernisieren {n} modernizing (Am.)
modernisierend modernizing
modernisiert modernized
modernisiert modernizes
modernisiert updates
modernisiert upgraded
Modernisierung {f} modernization
Modernisierungsarbeiten {pl} modernizations
Modernismus {m} modernism
Modernität {f} modernness
modernst state-of-the-art
modernste modernest
modernste most modern
Moderzeichner {m} styler
Modeschöpfer {m} couturier
Modesklave {m} fashion victim
Modesklavin {f} fashion victim
Modetussi {f} fashion horse
Modetussi {f} clothes horse
Modewaren {pl} millinery
Modewarengeschäfte {pl} millineries
Modewort {n} buzzword
Modewort {n} vogue word
Modewort-Quotient (Anzahl von "In-Wörtern" in Text) BWQ : buzzword quotient
Modewörter {pl} vogue words
Modezeichner {m} styler
Modi {pl} modes
Modifikation {f} modification
modifizieren to alter
modifizieren to modify
modifizierend modifying
modifiziert modifies
modifizierte modified
modifizierte Stärke {f} modified starch
modisch fashionable
modisch modish
modisch sporty
modisch voguish
modische fashionably
modische modishly
modischere more fashionable
modischste most fashionable
Modistin {f} milliner
Modistin {f} modiste
Modistinnen {pl} milliners
modrig mouldy
modrig moldily
modrig moldy
modrig mouldily
Modul {n} modulus
Modul {n} module
modular unitized
modular modular
modular modularly
modularisieren to unitize
modularisiert unitized
Modularität {f} modularity
Modulation {f} modulation
Modulationsanalyse {f} modulation analysis
Modulationstransformator {m} (elektr.) modulation transformer
Modulator {m} modulator
Modulbibliothek {f} module library
Module {pl} modules
modulieren to modulate
modulierend modulating
moduliert modulates
modulierte modulated
Modulo-N-Prüfziffernfunktion {f} modulo n function
Modus {m} mode
Mofa {n} autocycle
Mogadischu {n} (Hauptstadt von Somalia) Mogadishu
Mogadischu {n} (Hauptstadt von Somalia) Mogadiscio (Am.)
Mogelei {f} cheating
mogeln to finagle
mogeln to cheat
mogelnd cheating
mogelnd finagling
Mogelpackung {f} deception package
mogelt cheats

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