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Messerfalte {f} knife pleat
Messerfalz {m} knife fold
Messerfalzmaschine {f} knife folding machine
Messerfalzmaschine {f} knife folder
Messerfeile {f} (engineers') knife file
Messerfeile {f} knife-edge file
Messerfräse {f} (Bodenfräse) rotary tiller with blade rotor
Messergebnis {n} measurement result
Messergebnisse {pl} measurement results
Messerhalter {m} knife block
Messerhalter {m} (Clip) knife clip
Messerhub {m} knife stroke
Messerkampf {m} knife fighting
Messerkampf {m} knife combat
Messerkampf {m} (einzelner Kampf) knife fight
Messerkampftechniken {pl} knife combat techniques
Messerklemme {f} knife connector
Messerklinge {f} knife blade
Messerkontakt {m} blade contact
Messerkontakt {m} knife-blade contact
Messerkopf {m} knife head
Messerkämpfer {m} knife fighter
Messermaschine {f} (Holztechnik) knife-veneer cutting machine
Messerrollenegge {f} Finnich rotary harrow
Messerrotorfräse {f} (Bodenfräse) rotary tiller with blade rotor
Messerrücken {m} knife back
Messerschalter {m} (Elektrotechnik) knife (blade) switch
messerscharf razor sharp
messerscharf (z. B. Falten) knife-edge
Messerschleifer {m} knife grinder
Messerschleifmaschine {f} knife grinder
Messerschleifmaschine {f} blade grinder
Messerschleifmaschine {f} blade sharpener
Messerschmied {m} cutler
Messerschneide {f} blade edge
Messerschneide {f} knife edge
Messerschnitt {m} knife cut
Messerschnitt {m} (Haarschnitt) razor cut
Messerschutz {m} knife guard
Messerschärfer {m} knife sharpener
Messersech {n} [-special_topic_agr.-] knife coulter [-special_topic_agr.-]
Messerspachtel {m} filling knife (Br.)
Messerspachtel {m} putty knife (Am.)
Messerspachtel {m} putty scraper (Am.)
Messerspitze {f} knife point
Messerstecher {m} (ugs.) knifer
Messerstecherei {f} knifing
Messerstecker {m} (Elektrotechnik) blade plug
Messerstecker {m} (Elektrotechnik) knife plug
Messerstich {m} stab with a knife
Messerstiche {pl} stabs with a knife
Messervorschub {m} (Bandmesser) knife advancer
Messerwalze {f} knife cylinder
Messerwalzenegreniermaschine {f} (Textiltechnik) knife roller gin
Messerwellenquerschneider {m} rotary-knife cutting machine
Messerwellenquerschneider {m} rotary-knife cutter
Messerwerfer {m} knife-thrower
Messerwerfer {m} knife thrower
Messerwerferin {f} (female) knife thrower
Messerwerferin {f} (female) knife-thrower
Messerzeiger {m} (Messtechnik) knife-edge pointer
Messerzylinder {m} blade cylinder
Messerzylinder {m} knife cylinder
Messestand {m} booth
Messestand {m} stand
Messeveranstalter {m} organizer of a fair
Messezentrum {n} exhibition centre
Messfehler {m} measurement error
Messfehler {pl} measurement errors
Messfelge {f} measuring rim
Messfühler {m} sensor
Messfühler {m} sensing element
Messgehilfe {f} acolyte
Messgerät {n} meter
Messgerät {n} (measurement) measurement device
Messgerät {n} gauge
Messgerät {n} (measurement) instrument
Messgitter {n} graticule
Messglas {n} burette
Messglas {n} measuring glass
Messglasträger {m} measuring-glass carrier
Messgläser {pl} burettes
Messgröße {f} measurand
messianisch messianic
Messias {m} the Messiah
Messing {n} brass
Messing... brazen
messingartig brassily
messingartig brassy
Messinghammer {m} brass hammer
Messinghammer {m} brass mallet
Messinghammer {m} brass-faced hammer
Messinglot {n} (Lötmaterial) [-special_topic_tech.-] brass solder [-special_topic_tech.-]
Messinglot {n} (Lötmaterial) [-special_topic_tech.-] brass brazing solder [-special_topic_tech.-]
Messinstrument {n} measuring instrument
Messinstrument {n} meter
Messkabine {f} measuring cabin
Messkabinen {pl} measuring booths
Messkette {f} measurement chain
Messkolben {m} (Labor) graduated flask
Messkännchen {n} cruet
Messkännchen {pl} cruets
Messlatte {f} yardstick
Messlehre {f} gage (Am.)
Messlehre {f} gauge (Br.)
Messleiste {f} measuring block
Messlöffel {m} measuring spoon
Messmaschine {f} measuring machine
Messmaschinen {pl} measuring machines
Messmikroskop {n} measuring microscope
Messnadel {f} surveyors' arrow
Messpipette {f} graduated pipette
Messplatz {m} measuring station
Messplätze {pl} measuring stations
Messprozess {m} process of measuring
Messpumpe {f} controlled-volume pump
Messpumpe {f} metering pump
Messrad {n} perambulator
Messring {m} ring gauge
Messschieber {m} vernier caliper
Messschieber {m} vernier calliper (Br.)
Messschieber {m} caliber
Messschraube {f} micrometer
Messspitze {f} [-special_topic_electr.-] test prod [-special_topic_electr.-]
Messstab {m} dipstick
Messstelle {f} test point
Messsteuerung {f} measurement control
Messstrecke {f} section of measurements
Messsucher {m} range-finder (RF)
Messsucher {m} range finder (RF)
Messsucher {m} rangefinder
Messsucherkamera {f} rangefinder camera
Messsucherkamera {f} range-finder camera
Messsucherkamera {f} range finder camera
Messsäule {f} gauging cylinder
Messtechnik {f} measurement engineering
Messtechnik {f} measurement
Messtechnik {f} metrology
Messtechnik {f} (Satz von Instumenten) instrumentation
Messtisch {m} plane-table
Messtischblatt {n} Ordnance Survey
Messtischblatt {n} Ordnance survey map
Messuhr {f} dial gauge
Messuhr {f} dial indicator
Messuhr {f} dial gage (Am.)
Messuhr {f} (z. B. zur Durchflussmessung) meter
Messuhrhalter {m} dial gauge holder
Messuhrtaster {m} dial gauge anvil
Messumformer {m} measuring transducer
Messung {f} measurement
Messung {f} mensuration
Messungen {pl} measurements
Messungen {pl} mensurations
Messunsicherheit {f} measurement inaccuracy
Messverfahren {n} measuring system
Messverfahren {n} measurement process
Messverstärker {m} measurement amplifier
Messwandler {m} instrument transformer
Messweg {m} measured displacement
Messwerkzeuge {pl} measuring instruments
Messwert {m} metered value
Messwert {m} measurement reading
Messwert {m} measured value
Messwert {m} measurement
Messwert {m} reading
Messwertaufnehmer {m} readings recorder
Messwerte {pl} measured data
Messwerte {pl} measured values
Messwerterfassung {f} (automatisch) data logging
Messwerterfassung {f} (automatisch) measurement value logging
Messzylinder {m} (Labor) measuring cylinder
Met {m} mead
Meta-Modell {n} meta-model
metabolisch metabolic
metabolische metabolically
metabolische Störung {f} metabolic disorder
Metabolismus {m} metabolism
Metadaten {pl} meta data
metall metal
Metall {n} metal
Metallarbeit {f} metalwork
Metallarbeiter {m} metal worker
Metallarbeiter {m} metalworker
metallartig metalloid
Metallbearbeitung {f} metalworking
Metallbecken {n} tank
Metallbeize {f} pickling solution
Metallbeize {f} pickle
metallbeschichten metallize
Metallbeschichtung {f} metallization
Metallbügelsäge {f} hacksaw
Metalle {pl} metals
Metallegierung {f} [alt] (metal) alloy
Metallegierungen {pl} [alt] alloys
metallene metallically
Metallfaden {m} metal thread
Metallfolie {f} foil
Metallfolien {pl} foils
Metallfuß {m} metal base
Metallfußventil {n} metal base valve

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