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Mannschaftswertung {f} team classification
mannshoch head-high
mannstoll man-crazy
Manntag {m} man-day
Mannweib {n} virago
Mannweib {n} butch
Mannweib {n} mannish woman
Mannweiber {pl} viragoes
Manometer {n} manometer
Manometer {n} pressure gage (Am.)
Manometer {n} pressure gauge
manometrische Bombe {f} (Druckmessbehälter) closed chamber
manometrische Bombe {f} (Druckmessbehälter) closed bomb
Mansarde {f} garret
Mansarde {f} attic (room)
Mansarde {f} mansard
Mansarden {pl} garrets
Mansardendach {n} French roof
Manschette {f} cuff
Manschette {f} sleeve
Manschette {f} wristband
Manschette {f} (Reparatur) blow-out patch
Manschetten {pl} cuffs
Manschetten {pl} wristbands
Manschettenknopf {m} stud
Manschettenknopf {m} cuff link
Manschettenknopf {m} cufflink
Manschettenknöpfe {pl} cuff links
Mantarochen {m} [-special_topic_biol.-] manta ray [-special_topic_biol.-]
Mantel eines optischen Leiters cladding
Mantel {m} jacket
Mantel {m} cloak
Mantel {m} coat
Mantel {m} mantle
Mantel {m} liner
Mantel {m} shell
Mantel {m} cover
Mantel {m} (anat., zool.) pallidum
Mantel {m} aus Hamsterpelz hamster fur coat
Mantel- und Degenfilm {m} sword-fighting movie
Mantel- und Degenfilm {m} sword-fighting film
Mantel-und-Degen-Aktion {f} cloak-and-dagger operation
Mantel-und-Degen-Film {m} cloak-and-dagger film
Mantel-und-Degen-Film {m} cloak-and-dagger movie
Mantel-und-Degen-Stück {n} cloak-and-dagger play
Mantel.. (Munition) jacketed..
Mantelgehäusepumpe {f} barrel casing pump
Mantelgehäusepumpe {f} barrel-type pump
Mantelgeschoss {n} jacketed projectile
Mantelheizung {f} jacket heating
Mantelkerntransformator {m} (E-Technik) shell transformer
Mantelkleid {n} coat dress
Mantelkühler {m} jacket cooler
Mantelkühlung {f} jacket cooling
Mantelmöwe {f} great black-backed gull (Larus marinus)
Mantelofen {m} jacket furnace
Mantelrohr {n} jacketed pipe
Mantelrohr {n} jacket pipe
Mantelrohr {n} (Heizungstechnik; Umhüllung einer Lenksäule) jacket tube
Mantelrohraggregat {n} jacket tube assembly
Mantelsonntag {m} (regional) traditional Sunday in October on which the shops are open
Mantelsonntag {m} (regional) traditional Sunday in October on which the stores are open (Am.)
Manteltasche {f} coat jacket
Manteltransformator {m} (E-Technik) shell transformer
Manteltransformator {m} (E-Technik) shell-type transformer
Mantisse {f} mantissa
Mantissen {pl} mantissas
Manual {n} manual
Manual {n} (einer Orgel) manual
Manuale {pl} manuals
manuell manually
manuell manual
manuelle Beschickung manual loading
manuelle Programmeingabe keyboard program input
manuelle Zufuhr {f} manual feed
Manuskript {n} script
Manuskript {n} copy
Manuskript {n} manuscript
Manuskript {n} scripture
Manöver {n} maneuver (Am.)
Manöver {n} manoeuvre (Br.)
Manöver {n} (militärisch) exercises
manövrieren to manoeuvre
manövrierend maneuvering
Manövrierfähigkeit {f} maneuverability
manövriert maneuvers
manövrierte maneuvered
Mappe {f} folder
Mappe {f} portfolio
Mappe {f} briefcase
Mappe {f} file
Mappen {pl} briefcases
Maracujasaft {m} passion fruit juice
Marathonlauf {m} marathon (race)
Marathonsitzung {f} talkathon (Am.)
Marathontanz {m} marathon dance
Marathontanz {m} (Veranstaltung) dance marathon
Marburg-Virus-Krankheit {f} [-special_topic_med.-] Marburg (virus) disease [-special_topic_med.-]
Marburger Krankheit {f} [-special_topic_med.-] Marburg (virus) disease [-special_topic_med.-]
Marder {m} marten
Marder {pl} martens
Margarete Margaret
Margarine {f} margarine
Margarine {f} marge (coll.)
Marge {f} margin (comm.)
Margerite (Leucanthemum vulgare) ox-eye daisy
marginalisieren to marginalize
marginalisiert marginalized
Maria Mary
Maria ad nives St. Mary Major
Maria de Mercede Our Lady of Ransom
Maria Dolores Our Lady of Sorrows
Maria Hilf Our Lady of Perpetual Succour
Maria Hilf Our Lady, Help of Christians
Maria Magdalena (bibl.) Mary Magdalen
Maria Schneen St. Mary Major
Marie {f} (sl.) (Geld) dough (esp. Am.)
Marie {f} (sl.: Geld) dosh (Br.)
Mariendistel (Silybum marianum) lady's thistle
Marienkäfer {m} ladybird
Marienkäfer {m} lady beetle
Marienkäfer {m} ladybird beetle
Marienkäfer {m} ladybug (beetle) (Am.)
Marienkäfer {pl} ladybugs
Marihuana {n} marijuana
Marihuana {n} pot
Marihuana {n} weed (sl.)
Marihuana {n} dew (Am.)
Marihuana {n} joy weed (sl.)
Marihuana {n} jive (sl.)
Marihuana {n} scissors (sl.)
Marihuana {n} X (Am.) (sl.)
Marihuana {n} aus Mexiko Zacatecas purple (Am.)
Marihuanaraucher {m} viper (Am.)
Marij El Mariy El
Marille {f} apricot
Marillen {pl} apricots
Marillenkuchen {m} apricot cake
Marinade {f} [-special_topic_gastr.-] basting sauce [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Marine {f} merchant navy
Marine {f} merchant marine
Marine... naval
Marinechronometer {n} maritime chronometer
Marinechronometer {n} navy chronometer
Marinehubschrauber {m} navy helicopter
Marinehubschrauber {m} naval helicopter
Marineministerium {n} Lords Commissioners of Admiralty
Marineoffizier {m} naval officer
Marinepistole {f} naval pistol
Marinestützpunkt {m} naval base
Marinewörterbuch {n} naval dictionary
Marinewörterbuch {n} navy dictionary
marinieren to marinate
Marinieren {n} pickling
marinierend marinating
mariniert marinades
mariniert marinates
mariniert marinated
mariniert marinaded
Marionette {f} marionette
Marionette {f} puppet
Marionetten {pl} marionettes
Marionetten {pl} puppets
Marionettenregierung {f} puppet government
Marionettentheater {n} puppet theatre
Marionettentheater {n} puppetry
Marionettentheater {n} puppet theater (Am.)
Marionettentheater {n} puppet play
Mariskensänger {m} (Vogel) moustached warbler (Acrocephalus melanopogon)
maritim, zur See gehörend maritime
maritimer Hubschrauber {m} maritime helicopter
Mariä Lichtmess {n} Candlemas
Mark {f} mark
Mark {f} (Grenzland) march (Br.) (e. g. Welsh marches)
Mark {m} pith
Mark {n} pith
Mark {n} marrow
Mark {n} core
Mark {n} pulp
Mark {n} medulla
markant striking
markant prominent
Marke {f} trademark
Marke {f} make
Marke {f} type
Marke {f} label
Marke {f} brand
Marke {f} mark
Marke {f} marker
Marke {f} stamp
Marke {f} tag
Marke {f} sort
Marken abstempeln (entwerten) to cancel (stamp, obliterate) stamps, to postmark
Marken-Park {m} brand park
Markenartikel {m} branded article
Markenartikel {m} patent article
Markenartikel {m} proprietary article
Markenaufbau {m} brand development
Markenaufbau {m} branding
Markenaufmerksamkeit {f} brand awareness

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