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Lohnzahlung {f} wage payment
Loipe {f} cross-country ski trail
loipen to groom
lokal local
lokal regional
lokal in situ
Lokal {n} premise
Lokal {n} premises
Lokalanästhetika {pl} (pharm.) local anaesthetics
Lokalanästhetika {pl} (pharm.) local anaesthetic agents
Lokalanästhetika {pl} (pharm.) local anaesthetic drugs
Lokalanästhetika {pl} (pharm.) local anesthetics (Am.)
Lokalanästhetika {pl} (pharm.) local anesthetic agents (Am.)
Lokalanästhetika {pl} (pharm.) local anesthetic drugs (Am.)
Lokalanästhetikum {n} (pharm.) local anaesthetic
Lokalanästhetikum {n} (pharm.) local anaesthetic agent
Lokalanästhetikum {n} (pharm.) local anaesthetic drug
Lokalanästhetikum {n} (pharm.) local anesthetic (Am.)
Lokalanästhetikum {n} (pharm.) local anesthetic agent (Am.)
Lokalanästhetikum {n} (pharm.) local anesthetic drug (Am.)
lokale Ebene {f} local scale
lokale Variable {f} area variable
lokaler Verkehr {m} local traffic
lokales / globales local / global
lokales adverb {n} (ling.) local adverb
lokales Extremum {n} [-special_topic_math.-] local extremum [-special_topic_math.-]
lokales Netzwerk {n} (IT) local arial network (LAN)
Lokalisation {f} localization
lokalisieren to localize
lokalisieren to locate
lokalisieren to pinpoint
lokalisierend localizing
lokalisiert localizes
lokalisierte localized
Lokalisierung {f} localization
Lokalisierung {f} localisation (Br.) (spv.)
Lokalredakteur {m} local (news) editor
Lokalredakteur {m} regional (news) editor
Lokalredakteur {m} city editor (Am.)
Lokalredakteurin {f} (female) local (news) editor
Lokalredakteurin {f} (female) regional (news) editor
Lokalredakteurin {f} (female) city editor (Am.)
Lokalredaktion {f} local newsroom
Lokalredaktion {f} (einer Zeitung) city desk (Am.)
Lokalredaktion {f} (einer Zeitung) local newsroom
Lokalverkehr {m} local traffic
Lokführer {m} engineman
Lokomotivbetriebswerk {n} engine facilities
Lokomotivbetriebswerk {n} engine terminal
Lokomotive {f} locomotive
Lokomotive {f} engine
Lokomotive {f} loco
Lokomotivschuppen {m} enginehouse
Lokschuppen {m} engine shed
Lokschuppen {m} enginehouse
Lokus {m} loo (Br.) (coll.)
Lollos {pl} (fam.) (weibliche Brüste) lollos (sl.)
lombardieren to hypothecate
lombardierend hypothecating
lombardiert hypothecates
lombardierte hypothecated
Lombardkredit {m} advance against security
Londoner Landwehrregiment {n} London Territorial Regiment (Br.)
Londoner {m} cockney
Londoner {pl} cockneys
Long-BH {m} (BH bzw. Mieder mit Ansatz auf der Taille) long-line bra
Longdrinkglas {n} tall tumbler
Longimanus {m} whitetip whaler
Longimanus {m} (Haifischart) oceanic whitetip shark
Longitudinalschwingung {f} [-special_topic_phys.-] longitudinal oscillation [-special_topic_phys.-]
Looping {n} loop
LORAN (Funknavigationssystem) LORAN (=long range aid to navigation)
Lorbeer {m} bay leaf
Lorbeer {m} laurel
Lorbeerbaum {m} laurel
Lorbeerblatt {n} (Gewürz) bay leaf
Lorbeerblätter {pl} bay leaves
Lord (englischer Adelstitel) Lord
Lord {m} Ld. : Lord (Br.)
Lordleutnant {m} (in jeder Grafschaft) Lord Lieutenant (each county) (Br.)
Lordose {f} [-special_topic_med.-] lordosis [-special_topic_med.-]
Lore {f} tipper
Lore {f} tipper truck
Lorelei {f} loreley
los come on
los let's go
los rid of
los (Anker) aweigh (anchor)
Los {n} lot
Los {n} destiny
Los! Look sharp!
Los, verschwinden wir! Quick, let's beat it!
losbar resoluble
losbinden to unbind {unbound, unbound}
losbinden to unclamp
losbinden to untie
losbindend unbinding
losbindend unclamping
losbrechend eruptively
lose loose
lose (scharfe) Zunge {f} loose (sharp) tongue
lose Jacke {f} slop
lose Kordfäden loose cords
Loseausgabe {f} loose-leaf edition
Loseblattbuch {n} loose-leaf notebook
Loseblattsammlung {f} loose-leaf collection
Loseblattwerk {n} loose leaf notebook
Loseblattwerk {n} loose-leaf-binder
loseisen (ugs.) to prise (Br.), to prize (Am.)
loser Wulstdraht floating bead wire
Loser {m} (Neudeutsch) lamer (Aus.)
Losfahren {n} (im Straßenverkehr) moving off (Br.)
losflennen to turn on the tap
losgehen to go off
losgehen, anfangen to get going
losgekoppelt uncoupled
losgelöst detached
Losgelöstheit {f} detachedness
Losgelöstsein {n} disengagement
losgemacht unfastened
losgerissen torn
losgeschraubt unscrewed
losgeworden ridden
Losgröße {f} batch size
Losgröße {f} lot size
Losgrößen {pl} lot sizes
losgürten to ungird
loshaken to unhook
loshakend unhooking
losheften to unpin
losheulen to turn on the waters
losketten to unchain
loskettend unchaining
loskettend unlinking
losknüpfen to unknot
loskommen to getaway
loskoppeln to uncouple
loskoppelnd uncoupling
Loskugellager {n} (tech.) aligning ball bearing
loslassen to relinquish
loslassen to let go
loslassen to unclasp
loslassen to unhand
loslassend relinquishing
loslassend unclasping
loslassend unhanding
loslösbar detachable
loslösend unpinned
loslösend uncoupling
loslösend detaching
Loslösung {f} disentanglement
Loslösungsbestreben {n} separatism
losmachen to unfasten
losmachen to unhitch
losmachen to unloose
losmachen to unstick
losmachen (Schiff) to cast off
losmachend unhitching
losmachend unfastening
losmachenden unloosen
losmachendes unloosening
losmachendes unloosing
Losnummer {f} lot number
Losnummer {f} lottery number
Losnummer {f} ticket number
Losnummer {f} (Produktion) batch number
losreißen to unsnap
losreißend unsnapping
losreißend tearing
lossausen to dart off
losschicken to send off
losschnallen unbuckle
losschnallen to unstrap
losschnallend unbuckling
losschrauben to unscrew
losschraubend unscrewing
lossprechen (von) to absolve (of)
Lossprechung {f} absolution
lossteckend unpinning
losstürmend barraging
losstürzend lunging
Losung {f} watchword
Losung {f} (weidmännisch Kot) (scat) droppings
Losungen {pl} watchwords
loswerden to rid {rid, ridded, rid, ridded}
loswerden to get rid of
loswerdend ridding
Loswurf {m} tossup
Loswürfe {pl} tossups
Lot {n} plummet
Lot {n} plumbline
Lot {n} plump
Lot {n} perpendicular
Lot {n} (Lötmetall- oder legierung) solder
loten to plumb
Lothringen Lorraine, Lothringen
Lothringen {n} Lorraine
Lotion {f} lotion
Lotos {m} (Lat.: Nelumbo - Wasserpflanze) [-special_topic_bot.-] lotus [-special_topic_bot.-]
lotrecht plumb

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