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Lochstreifenstanzer {m} reperforator
Lochsäge {f} compass saw
Lochsäge {f} keyhole saw
Lochung {f} punch hole
Lochzange {f} punch pliers
Lockartikel {m} teaser
Locke {f} curl
Locke {f} tress
locken to attract
locken to cluck
locken to entice
locken to woo
locken (in) to trepan (into)
Locken {pl} curls
Locken {pl} tresses
Locken {pl} locks
lockend enticing
lockend clucking
lockend curling
lockend wooing
Lockenhaar {n} curly hair
Lockenklammer {f} curl clip
Lockenkopf {m} (Frisur) curly hair
Lockenkopf {m} (Person) curly (head)
Lockenspan {m} (Zerspanungstechnik) continuous curly chip
Lockenspan {m} (Zerspanungstechnik) curled chip
Lockenstab {m} curly tongs
Lockenstab {m} curling tong / tongs
Lockente {f} sitting duck
Lockenwickel {m} curler
Lockenwickel {pl} curlers
locker fluffily
locker lax
locker laxly
locker limber
locker loose
locker loosely
locker relaxedly
locker unconstrained
locker unformal
locker ungirt
locker easy-going
Locker {m} elicitor
lockere Schraube {f} (Rad) loose nut (wheel)
lockerer looser
lockerer Freitag {m} (ugs.) Dress Down Day
lockerer Freitag {m} (ugs.) Business Casual Day
lockerer Freitag {m} (ugs.) Mufti Friday (coll.)
lockerer Typ swinger
lockern to loosen
lockernd limbering
lockernd loosening
lockernde loosing
lockerste loosest
lockert limbers
lockert loosens
lockerte limbered
lockerte loosed
lockerte looses
lockerte loosened
Lockerung {f} relaxation
Lockerung {f} der Kontrollen relaxation of controls
Lockerung {f} der Vorschriften relaxing of regulations
Lockerungsgrubber {m} ripper cultivator
Lockerungsmesser (eines Grubbers) {n} ripper tine
lockiges Haar {n} curly hair
Lockspeise {f} sugarplum
Lockspeisen {pl} sugarplums
Lockspitzel {m} stool pigeon
Lockspitzel {m} [-special_topic_pol.-] agent provocateur [-special_topic_pol.-]
lockt clucks
lockt entices
lockt woos
lockt decoys
lockt hervor elicits
lockte clucked
lockte in Hinterhalt ambushed
Lockung {f} allurement
Lockvogeltaktik {f} bait and switch
Lodde {f} (Fischart) capelin
Loden {m} loden
Loden {m} (Lodenstoff) loden
Lodenanzug {m} loden suit
Lodenbluse {f} loden blouse
Lodenhemd {n} loden shirt
Lodenhose {f} loden trousers
Lodenhose {f} loden pants
Lodenhut {m} loden hat
Lodenjacke {f} loden jacket
Lodenkostüm {n} (Damenkostüm) loden suit
Lodenmantel {m} loden coat
Lodenrock {m} loden skirt
Lodenstoff {m} loden (material)
lodernd ablaze
lodernd blazing
lodert blazes
Loft {n} (Kunstszene usw.) loft (art scene etc.)
log belied
Log {n} log
Log-Datei {f} log file
logarithmisch logarithmic
logarithmisch logarithmically
logarithmische logarithmical
Logarithmus {m} [-special_topic_math.-] logarithm [-special_topic_math.-]
Logarithmusrechnung {f} logarithmic calculation
Logbuch {n} log (book)
Logdatei {f} logfile
loggen to log
logieren lodge
logieren (in) to be suspended (at)
logiert lodges
logierte lodged
Logik {f} logic
Logik {f} logics
Logik-Analysator {m} logic analyser
logisch logical
logisch logically
logisch consequential
logisch consistent
logisch denken to reason
logische consequentially
logische logic
logische logical
logische Grundlage {f} rationale
logische Ordnung logical sequence
logische Zusammenfassung von Festplatten [-special_topic_comp.-] RAID : Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks [-special_topic_comp.-]
logischer Fehler semantic error
logischer Geist reasoner
logischer Schluss syllogism
logischerweise logically
logisches Laufwerk {n} logical drive
Logistik {f} logistics
Logistiker {m} logician
Logistikplanung {f} logistics planning
logistisch logistic
logistisch logistical
logistische Kurve {f} Pearl-Reed curve
logistisches logistically
Logizität {f} logicality
Logizität {f} logicalness
Logopädie {f} speech therapy
Logos {pl} logos
Lohe {f} blaze
Lohfarbe {f} tawniness
lohfarben tawny
Lohn {m} meed
Lohn {m} wage
Lohn {m} fee
Lohn {m} due
Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnung payroll accounting
Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnung wage and salary administration
Lohn-Preis-Spirale {f} wage-price spiral
Lohnabbau {m} cuts of wages
Lohnabrechnung {f} wage accounting
Lohnabrechnung {f} payroll accounting
Lohnabrechnung {f} payslip, pay-slip
Lohnabtretung {f} assignment of wages
Lohnarbeiter {m} hackney
Lohnarbeiter {m} potboiler
Lohnarbeiter {pl} hackneys
Lohnbeschränkungen {pl} wage curbs
Lohnbüro {n} payroll office
Lohnempfänger {m} wage-earner
Lohnempfänger {m} wages-earner
Lohnempfänger {m} wageworker
lohnen to remunerate
lohnend remunerating
lohnend remunerative
lohnend remuneratively
lohnende remuneratively
Lohnerhöhung {f} wage increase
Lohnerhöhungen {pl} wage increases
Lohnersatzrate {f} replacement ratio
Lohnforderung {f} wage claim
Lohnforderungen {pl} wage claims
Lohnfortzahlung {f} continued payment of wages
Lohnfortzahlung {f} wage continuation
Lohnfortzahlung {f} [-special_topic_econ.-] continued pay [-special_topic_econ.-]
Lohnkosten {pl} wage costs
Lohnliste {f} pay roll
Lohnliste {f} payroll
Lohnnebenkosten {pl} associated employer outlay
Lohnnebenkosten {pl} non-wage labour costs
Lohnnebenleistungen {pl} ancillary pay
Lohnsatz {m} rate of pay
Lohnschere {f} (fig.) wage differential
Lohnschneiden {n} custom cutting
Lohnsteuer {f} wage(s) tax
Lohnsteuer {f} tax on wages
Lohnsteuerabzug {m} pay-as-you-earn
Lohnsteuerjahresausgleich {m} annual adjustment of income tax
Lohnsteuerkarte {f} wage(s) tax card
Lohnsteuern {pl} taxes on wages
Lohnstreifen {m} pay slip
lohnt remunerates
Lohntarif {m} wage rate
Lohntarif {m} pay scale
Lohntarife {pl} wage rates
Lohnungstag {m} payday
Lohnvorauszahlung {f} advance pay

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