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L-Glied {n} (Elektronik) L-pad
L-Glied {n} (Elektronik) L network
l. : links l. : left
l. c. loc. cit. = loco citato
Lab {m} rennet
labberig wishy-washy
laben to refresh
labend refreshing
labende refreshingly
labern to prattle
labern to babble
labernd babbling
labert babbles
labial labial
labiale labially
labil unstable
labil disoriented
Labilität {f} instability
Labilität {f} lability
Labkraut {n} cleaver
Labkraut, Wiesen (Galium mollugo) hedge bedstraw
Labkrautschwärmer {m} bedstraw hawk moth (Hyles gallii)
Labkrautschwärmer {m} bedstraw hawkmoth (Hyles gallii)
Labkrautschwärmer {m} bedstraw hawk-moth (Hyles gallii)
Labmagen {m} maw
Labmagen {m} rennet
Labor {n} lab
Labor {n} laboratory
Laborant {m} laboratory assistant
Laborassistent {m} diener
Laborassistent {m} deaner
Laboratorien {pl} laboratories
Laboratorium {n} laboratory
Laboratoriumsmikroskop {n} laboratory microscope
Laborbefund {m} test result
Laboreinrichtungen {pl} laboratory facilities
Laborgeräte {pl} laboratory apparatus
laborieren to be afflicted with
laborierende being afflicted with
laborierst are afflicted with
laboriert is afflicted with
laborierte was afflicted with
laborierten were afflicted with
Laboringenieur {m} laboratory engineer
Labormikroskop {n} laboratory microscope
Labormikroskop {n} lab microscope
Laborschale {f} petri dish
Labortisch {m} laboratory bench
Laborwecker {m} laboratory timer
Laborübung {f} laboratory tutorial
labt refreshes
labte refreshed
Labung {f} refreshment
Labyrinth {n} labyrinth
Labyrinth {n} maze
Labyrinthe {pl} mazes
labyrinthisch mazy
Lachanfall {m} paroxysm of laughter
Lachanfall {m} laughing fit
Lachanfall {m} fit of laughter
Lachanfall {m} (bekommen) (have a) laughing fit
Lache {f} laugh
Lache {f} laughter
Lache {f} (Pfütze) pool
Lache {f} (Pfütze) puddle
lachen (über) to laugh (at)
Lachen {n} laughter
lachend laughing
lachend L : laughing
lachend (Sonne) smiling
lachende laughingly
Lachender Hans (ugs.) kookaburra (Dacelo gigas)
Lachender Hans (ugs.) laughing jackass (coll.) (Dacelo gigas)
Lacher {m} (Lachen) laugh
Lacher {m} (lachende Person) laugher
Lacherfolge ernten to have everybody laughing
Lachfalten {pl} laugh lines (Am.)
Lachfalten {pl} laughter lines
Lachfältchen {pl} laughter lines
Lachfältchen {pl} (small) laughter lines
Lachfältchen {pl} (small) laugh lines (Am.)
Lachgas {n} (ugs.) laughing gas (coll.)
lachhaft ridiculous
lachhaft laughable
Lachhaftigkeit {f} ridiculousness
Lachkabinett {n} crazy house
Lachkrampf {m} (have a) laughing fit
Lachkrampf {m} fit of laughter
Lachkrampf {m} paroxysm of laughter
Lachlust {f} risibility
Lachlust {f} urge to laugh
lachlustig risible
lachlustig risibly
Lachmuskel {m} risible muscle
Lachmuskel {m} laughing muscle
Lachmuskel {m} risorius (anat.)
Lachmöwe {f} black-headed gull (Larus ridibundus)
Lachnummer {f} (ugs., abschätzig) (bad) joke
Lachnummer {f} (ugs., abschätzig) (Person, Gruppe) laughing stock
Lachplatte {f} (ugs., abschätzig) (bad) joke
Lachplatte {f} (ugs., abschätzig) (Person, Gruppe) laughing stock
Lachreiz {m} (sudden) urge to laugh
Lachs {m} salmon
Lachsalve {f} burst of laughter
Lachsalve {f} roar of laughter
Lachsalve {f} salvo of laughter
Lachsbrett {n} salmon board
Lachse {pl} salmons
Lachseeschwalbe {f} gull-billed tern (Sterna nilotica)
Lachshai {m} salmon shark
Lachshai {m} pacific porbeagle
Lachsleiter {f} salmon ladder
Lachsmesser {n} salmon knife
Lachsreizker {m} (Pilz) stone milkcap (Lactarius salmonicolor)
Lachsschinken {m} smoked
Lachsschinken {m} rolled fillet of ham
Lachsschnitzel {n} escalope of salmon
Lachssteak {n} salmon steak
Lachstreppe {f} salmon ladder
lacht laughs
lacht laut guffaws
lachte laughed
lachte laut guffawed
Lack {m} enamel varnish
Lack {m} enamel
Lack {m} varnish
Lack {m} finish
Lack {m} lacquer
Lack-BH {m} wet-look bra
Lack-Bikini {m} wet-look bikini
Lack-G-String {m} wet-look g-string
Lack-Tanga {m} wet-look thong
Lackbikini {m} wet-look bikini
Lackdessous {pl} wet look lingerie
Lackdessous {pl} wet look undergarment
Lackdessous {pl} wet look underwear
lacken to lacquer
Lackfarbe {f} varnish (paint)
lackieren to lacquer
lackieren to enamel
lackierend enameling
lackierend varnishing
Lackierer {m} varnisher
Lackierer {m} painter
Lackiererei {f} paint shop
Lackierpistole {f} (paint) spraygun
lackiert varnishes
lackiert varnished
Lackierung {f} varnishing
Lackierung {f} paint
Lackierung {f} lacquering
Lackierung {f} spraying
Lackierung {f} paintwork
Lackkorsett {n} wet-look corset
Lackleder {n} patent leather
Lackleder-BH patent-leather bra
Lackleder-Korsett {n} patent leather corset
Lacklederdessous {pl} patent-leather underwear
Lacklederdessous {pl} patent-leather undergarment
Lacklederdessous {pl} patent-leather lingerie
Lacklederrock {m} patent leather skirt
Lacklederunterwäsche {f} patent-leather underwear
Lacklederunterwäsche {f} (für Damen) patent-leather lingerie
Lackleinen {m} varnished cambric
Lackmus {m} litmus
Lackmuspapier {n} litmus paper
Lackrock {m} wet-look skirt
Lackschaden {m} damage to the paintwork
Lackschicht {f} aus stark verdünntem (Schell-)Lack spit coat
Lackschuh {m} patent shoe
Lackschuh {m} patent leather shoe
Lackschuhe {pl} patent-leather shoes
Lackschuhe {pl} patent shoes
Lackschuhe {pl} patent leather shoes
Lackstift {m} touch-up stick
Lackstift {m} touch-up pencil
Lackunterwäsche {f} wet look underwear
Lackunterwäsche {f} (für Damen) wet look lingerie
Lacküberzug {m} paint coat
Lacrosse {n} lacrosse
Lactoseintoleranz {f} [-special_topic_med.-] lactose intolerance [-special_topic_med.-]
Lactoseunverträglichkeit {f} [-special_topic_med.-] lactose intolerance [-special_topic_med.-]
Lade {f} ark
Ladearm {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] loading arm [-special_topic_tech.-]
Ladebagger {m} excavator loader
Ladebaum {m} derrick
Ladebuch {n} cargo book
Ladedichte {f} loading density
Ladeeinheit {f} load unit
Ladefläche {f} bed
Ladefläche {f} load floor
Ladegerät {n} battery charger
Ladegerät {n} battery recharger
Ladegerät {n} charger
Ladegerät {n} recharger
Ladehemmung haben (ugs.) [-special_topic_sport-] to struggle for goals (football) [-special_topic_sport-]
Ladekanonier {m} assistant gunner
Ladeluftkühler {m} charge air cooler
Ladeluftkühler {m} intercooler
Ladeluftkühler {m} (Fahrzeugtechnik) air to air intercooler

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