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Kollaborationen {pl} collaborations
Kollaborator {m} collaborator
Kollagen {n} [-special_topic_chem.-] collagen [-special_topic_chem.-]
Kollaps {m} collapse
Kollateralschäden {pl} collateral damages
Kollation {f} collation
kollationierend collating
kollationiert collates
kollationierte collated
Kolleg {n} course of lectures
Kollege {m} brother
Kollege {m} cohort (Am.) (coll.)
Kollege {m}, Kollegin {f} co-worker
Kollege, Kollegin {m,f} colleague
Kollege, Kollegin {m,f} workmate
Kollege, Kollegin {m,f} fellow worker
Kollege, Kollegin {m,f} fellow member
Kollegen {pl} colleagues
Kollegen {pl} fellows
Kollegen {pl} peers
Kolleghof {m} quad (Br.) (Oxford, Cambrídge)
Kolleghof {m} quadrangle (Br.) (Oxford, Cambridge)
kollegial collegial
kollegialere more co operative
Kollegialität {f} collegiality
Kollegialiäten {pl} collegialities
Kollegien {pl} councils
Kollegium {n} council
Kollektaneenbuch {n} commonplace book
Kollekte {f} collecte
kollekten collectes
Kollektion {f} range of goods
Kollektion {f} collection
Kollektiv {n} collective
kollektives collectively
Kollektivierung {f} collectivization
Kollektivismus {m} collectivism
Kollektor {m} collector
Kollektorbahnwiderstand {m} collector series resistance
Kollektorpumpe {f} collector pump
Kollektorstruktur {f} (Dach-Sonnenkollektoren) pedestal
Kollektortragstruktur {f} (Dach-Sonnenkollektoren) pedestal
Koller {m} tantrum
Koller {m} staggers
Koller {pl} tantrums
Kollergang {m} panmill
Kollergang {m} pan grinder
kollidieren to collide
kollidieren to fall foul
kollidieren (mit) (fig.) to interfere (with)
kollidieren mit to clash with
kollidierend colliding
kollidiert collides
kollidierte conflicted
kollidierte collided
Kollimator {m} collimator
kollinear {adj} collinear
Kollision {f} collision
Kollisionen {pl} collisions
Kollisionserkennung {f} (Netzwerk) collision detection
Kollisionsrecht {n} conflict of laws
Kollisionsschott {n} collision bulkhead
Kollodiumwolle {f} collodion cotton
Kollodiumwolle {f} soluble gun cotton
Kolloid {n} colloid
Kolloide {pl} colloids
Kollokation {f} collocation
Kolloquien {pl} colloquia
Kolloquium {n} colloquium
Kollusion {f} collusion
Kollusionen {pl} collusions
kolonial colonial
kolonial colonially
Kolonialherr {m} colonial ruler
Kolonialherr {m} colonial master
Kolonialismus {m} colonialism
Kolonialminister {m} [-special_topic_hist.-] Colonial Secretary (Br.) [-special_topic_hist.-]
Kolonialministerium {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] Colonial Office (Br.) [-special_topic_hist.-]
Kolonialwaren {pl} (veraltet) groceries
Kolonialwarengeschäft {n} (Handel) groceries trade
Kolonialwarengeschäft {n} (Laden) grocer's shop
Kolonialwarengeschäft {n} (Laden) grocer's store (Am.)
Kolonialwarenhandlung {f} (veraltet) grocer's shop
Kolonialwarenhandlung {f} (veraltet) grocer's store (Am.)
Kolonialwarenhändler {m} grocer
Kolonialwarenhändler {m} (veraltet) grocer
Kolonialwarenladen {m} (veraltet) grocer's shop
Kolonialwarenladen {m} (veraltet) grocer's store (Am.)
Kolonie {f} colony
Kolonien {pl} colonies
Kolonien {pl} dependencies
Kolonisation {f} colonization
kolonisieren to colonize
kolonisieren to colonise (Br.)
kolonisierend colonizing
kolonisiert colonized
kolonisiert colonised (Br.)
Kolonist {m} colonist
Kolonisten {pl} colonists
kolonistisch colonialistic
Kolonnade {f} colonnade
Kolonnaden {pl} colonnades
Kolonne fahren to move in queues (Br.)
Kolonne {f} column
Kolonne {f} band
Kolonnenfahren {n} moving in queues (Br.)
Kolonnenverschiebung {f} column shift
Kolorierung {f} coloration
Koloss {m} hulk
kolossal whopping
Kolosser {pl} [-special_topic_bibl.-] Colossians [-special_topic_bibl.-]
Kolposkop {n} colposcope
Kolposkopie {f} colposcopy
Kolposkopie {f} vaginoscopy
Kolumbianer {m} Colombian
Kolumbianerin {f} Colombian
kolumbianisch Colombian
Kolumbien Colombia (co)
Kolumne {f} (regelmäßig erscheinender Artikel eines Autors) column
Kolumnentitel {m} running title
Kolumnist {m} columnist
Koma {n} coma
Kombi {f} (ugs.: Anzug, für Motorradfahrer, Flieger etc.) combi suit
Kombi {m} estate car (Br.)
Kombi {m} station wagon (Am.)
Kombi {m} [-special_topic_automot.-] shooting brake (Br.) [-special_topic_automot.-]
Kombi-Instrument {n} instrument cluster
Kombi-Kabelschuhzange {f} crimp tool for push-on connectors
Kombi-Schraube {f} screw and washer assy
Kombi-Transport {m} combined transport
Kombilehre {f} progressive gauge
Kombimutter {f} nut-and-washer assembly
Kombination {f} combination
Kombinationen {pl} combinations
Kombinations... composite
Kombinationsglied {n} multi function unit
Kombinationshump (CH) combination hump (CH)
Kombinationsmöglichkeiten {pl} possible combinations
Kombinationsnetz {n} hybrid network
Kombinationsschlüssel {m} match code
Kombinationsspiel {n} [-special_topic_sport-] combination play (football) [-special_topic_sport-]
Kombinationstastatur {f} combined keyboard
Kombinationszange {f} combination pliers
kombinatorisch combinational
Kombine {f} (Mähdrescher, in der DDR) combine (harvester)
kombinieren to combine
kombinieren to join
kombinieren to combinate
kombinierend combining
kombiniert combined
kombiniert combines
kombiniert neu recombines
kombinierte combined
kombinierte A- und H-Bombe fission-fusion-fission bomb
kombinierte Akzelerator und Multiplikatorwirkung accelerator multiplier interaction
kombinierte Atom- und Wasserstoffbombe fission-fusion-fission bomb
kombinierte neu recombined
kombiniertes Höhen- und Seitenruder {n} V-tail
kombiniertes Höhen- und Seitenruder {n} elever
kombiniertes Quer- und Höhenruder {n} trailing edge elevators (elevon)
kombiniertes Seiten- und Höhenruder {n} ruddervator
kombiniertes Zünd- und Einspritzsystem {n} engine management system
Kombiring {m} detachable spring flange
Kombiring {m} split side ring
Kombischlüssel {m} combination wrench
Kombischraube {f} screw-and-washer assembly
Kombiwagen {m} estate car
Kombiwagen {m} utility wagon
Kombiwagen {m} [-special_topic_automot.-] shooting brake (Br.) [-special_topic_automot.-]
Kombizange {f} combination pliers
Kombizange {f} engineers pliers
Kombizange {f} comb pliars (Br.)
Kombizange {f} slip joint pliers (Am.)
Kombüse {f} caboose
Kombüsen {pl} cabooses
Komet {m} comet
Kometen {pl} comets
kometenartig cometary
Kometenbahn {f} cometary path
Kometenbahn {f} comet path
Kometenbahn {f} comet's path
Kometenbahn {f} cometary orbit
Kometenbegegnung {f} cometary encounter
Kometenbeobachtung {f} cometary observation
Kometenbeobachtung {f} comet observation
Kometeneinschlag {m} cometary impact
Kometeneinschlag {m} comet's impact
Kometenerkundung {f} comet exploration
Kometenerkundung {f} cometary exploration
kometenhaft cometlike
Kometenkern {m} cometary nucleus
Kometenkern {m} comet nucleus
Kometenkern {m} comet's nucleus
Kometenkoma {f} cometary coma
Kometenkoma {f} comet's coma
Kometenkoma {f} comet coma
Kometenmission {f} (Raumfahrt) cometary mission
Kometenpartikel {pl} cometary particles
Kometenpartikel {pl} comet particles
Kometenpartikel {pl} comet's particles

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