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knochig angular
Knockouts {f} knockouts
Knoddeln {pl} (Kot) droppings
Knolle {f} tuber
Knolle {f} bulb
Knollen {pl} tubers
Knollenblätterpilz {m} amanita
Knollengemüse {n} tuber vegetables
Knollensellerie {f} celeriac
Knollensellerie {m} knob celery
Knollenziest {m} (bot.) crosne
knollig bulbous
Knopf {m} knop
Knopf {m} button
Knopf {m} knob
Knopf {m} nub
Knopf {m} stud
Knopf {m} (südd., österr., schweiz.: Knospe) bud
Knopf {m} (ugs.: Kerl) chap
Knopf-im-Ohr {m} (ugs.) in-ear monitor
Knopfamboss {m} cambered flatter
Knopfannähmaschine {f} button sewing machine
Knopfaugen {pl} big round eyes
Knopfbatterie {f} coin cell (Am.)
Knopfbatterie {f} button battery
Knopfbatterie {f} round cell battery
Knopfbatteriehalter {m} coin cell connector (Am.)
Knopfbatteriehalter {m} button battery holder
Knopfbeziehmaschine {f} button covering machine
Knopfdruck {m} touch of a button
Knopfkäfer {m} tooth-necked fungus beetle
Knopflack {m} button shellac
Knopflasche {f} button loop
Knopfleiste {f} button tape
Knopfleiste {f} button border
Knopfleiste {f} button facing
Knopfloch {n} buttonhole
Knopflochautomat {m} automatic buttonhole machine
Knopflocheisen {n} buttonhole punch
Knopflochmikro {n} lapel mike
Knopflochmikrofon {n} lapel microphone
Knopflochschere {f} buttonhole scissors
Knopflochseide {f} buttonhole silk
Knopflochzange {f} buttonhole spring punch
Knopflöcher {pl} buttonholes
Knopfröhre {f} acorn tube
Knopfröhre {f} acorn valve
Knopfzelle {f} button cell
Knopfzelle {f} coin cell (Am.)
Knopfzelle {f} round cell battery
Knopfzellenhalter {m} coin cell connector (Am.)
Knopfzellenhalter {m} button cell connector
Knorpel {m} cartilage
Knorpel {m} gristle
Knorpel {pl} cartilages
knorpelig cartilaginous
knorpelig gristly
Knorpelritzmesser {n} [-special_topic_med.-] cartilage slitting knife [-special_topic_med.-]
Knorpelschere {f} [-special_topic_med.-] cartilage scissors [-special_topic_med.-]
Knorpelspange der Luftröhre {f} cartilage of the trachea
Knorren {m} gnarl
Knorren {m} snag
knorrig knobbed
knorrig snaggy
knorrige knobby
knorrigen snagged
knorriger knobbier
knorrigste knobbiest
Knospe {f} bud
Knospe {f} eye
Knospe {f} (bio.) gemma
Knospe {f} (ugs.: Brustwarze) nipple
knospen burgeon
Knospen treiben bud
Knospen {pl} buds
Knospen {pl} (ugs.: weibliche Brustwarzen) nipples
Knospen {pl} (ugs.: weibliche Brustwarzen) nubbins (esp. Am.) (sl.)
Knospen {pl} (ugs.: weibliche Brustwarzen) nubs (esp. Am.) (sl.)
knospend budding
knospend burgeoning
knospet burgeons
knospte burgeoned
knoten to knot
knoten to kink
Knoten {m} burl
Knoten {m} hitch
Knoten {m} kink
Knoten {m} knot
Knoten {m} knurl
Knoten {m} nodal
Knoten {m} node
Knoten {m} knop
Knoten {m} bun
Knoten {pl} kinks
Knoten {pl} knurls
Knoten {pl} nodes
Knoten... nodal
Knotenamt {n} (Tel.) gateway exchange
Knotenamt {n} (Tel.) nodal switching center
Knotenamt {n} (Telefonvermittlung) main center office
knotend kinking
knotend knotting
knotenförmig nodular
Knotenpunkt {m} junction
Knotenpunkt {m} hub
Knotenpunktsatz {m} (Physik, E-Technik) Kirchhoff's current law
Knotenrechner {m} (in Netzwerken) front-end computer
knotet burls
knotet kinks
knotet knots
knotig tubercular
knotig knotty
Know-how haben to be street-smart
Know-how {n} know-how
Know-how {n} expertise
Knubbel {m} (bes. nordd., ugs.) small lump
knubbelig knobbly
knuddelig cuddlesome
knuddelig (fam.) cuddly
knuddeliger cuddlier
Knuddeligkeit {f} cuddliness
knuddeligste cuddliest
knuddeln (fam.) (drücken, umarmen) to hug
knuddeln (fam.) (umarmen, Zärtlichkeiten austauschen) to cuddle (fam.)
knuddlig cuddlesome
knuddlig (fam.) cuddly
Knudsen-Manometer {n} Knudsen radiometer gauge
Knuff {m} thump
knuffen thump
knuffen to punch
knuffig (fam.) cuddly
knurren to growl
knurren to snarl
knurren growls
knurren to grumble
Knurren {n} grumble
knurrend growling
knurrend snarling
Knurrhahn {m} (Fischart) gurnard
knurriger Hund growler
knurrt growls
knurrt snarls
knurrte snarled
knurrte growled
knusperige crisp
knusperigere more crisp
knusperigste most crisp
Knuspermüesli, Knuspermüsli {n} crunchy muesli
knusprig crisp
knusprig crisply
knusprig crunchy
knusprig (Brötchen) crusty
knusprig (ugs., fig.: Mädchen) scrumptious
knusprig (ugs., fig.: Mädchen) sprightly
knusprig braun (braungebraten) crispy brown
knusprig braun (ugs.: sonnengebräunt) with a super tan
knusprige crispy
knusprigen crisply
knuspriger crisper
knuspriger crunchier
knusprigeres crispier
Knusprigkeit {f} crispness
Knusprigkeit {f} crunchiness
knusprigste crunchiest
knusprigste crisper
knusprigsten crispiest
Knute {f} knout
knutschen to neck
knutschen to smooch
knutschen to snog
knutschend petting
Knutscherei {f} hanky-panky (sl.)
Knutschfleck {m} love bite
Knutschfleck {m} hickey
Knutt {m} (Vogel) red knot (Calidris canutus)
Knüller {m} blockbuster
Knüller {m} big hit
Knüller {pl} big hits
knüpfen to tie
knüpfen to knot
knüpfen to make
knüpfend tying
Knüpfmaschine {f} knotter
Knüpfmaschinen {pl} knotters
knüpft ties
Knüppel {m} bludgeon
Knüppel {m} club
Knüppel {m} cudgel
Knüppel {m} (EDV, sl.) (Joystick) joystick
Knüppel {m} (großes Scheit) log
Knüppel {m} (Halbzeug aus Metall) billet
Knüppel {m} (Schaltknüppel) (gear) stick
Knüppel {m} (Scheit) stick
Knüppel {m} (Scheit) billet
Knüppel {m} (Schlagstock) truncheon
Knüppel {m} (Schlagstock) billy (Am.) (coll.)
Knüppel {m} (Steuerknüppel) (control) stick
Knüppel {m} (vulg.) (erigierter Penis) (meat) stick (vulg.)
Knüppel {m} (vulg.) (erigierter Penis) (meaty) cudgel (vulg.)
Knüppel {m} ([dicker] Stock) (heavy) stick

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