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Knechtschaften {pl} slaveries
kneifen to pinch
kneifen to nip
kneifen to duck
kneifen (vor) to dodge something
kneifend pinching
kneifend nipping
Kneifer {m} quitter
Kneifer {m} pince nez
kneift pinches
kneift nips
Kneipe {f} pub
Kneipe {f} saloon
Kneipe {f} tavern
Kneipen {pl} pubs
Kneipen {pl} taverns
Kneipenschlampe {f} (vulg.) tavern slut (vulg.)
Kneipenschlampe {f} (vulg.) saloon slut (Am.) (vulg.)
Kneipenschlampe {f} (vulg.) saloon bitch (Am.) (vulg.)
Kneipentour {f} pub crawl
Kneipenwirt {m} barkeeper
knetbar kneadable
Knete {f} (Geld) dosh (coll.)
Knete {f} (sl.) (Geld) dough (esp. Am.)
Knete {f} (sl.: Geld) kale (Am.) (sl.)
Knete {f} (sl.: Geld) loot (coll.)
Knete {f} (ugs. Geld) hoot (Aus.)
kneten to knead
kneten (Ton, Lehm), Ton schlagen, mit Lehm ausschmieren to pug
knetend kneading
knetet kneads
knetete kneaded
Knetgummi {m} plasticine
Knethaken {m} dough hook
Knetkäse {m} (Pasta Filata, z. B. Caciocavallo, Provolone) plastic-curd cheese
Knetkäse {m} (Pasta Filata, z. B. Caciocavallo, Provolone) spun curd cheese
Knetkäse {m} (Pasta Filata, z. B. Caciocavallo, Provolone) pulled curd cheese
Knetmaschine {f} kneading machine
Knetmasse {f} plasticine
Knetmassen {pl} plasticines
Knetmesser {n} modeling knife (Am.)
Knetmesser {n} modelling knife (Br.)
Knetwalze {f} (für Gummi) mastication roller
Knick {m} buckling
Knick {m} kink
Knicker {m} curmudgeons
Knicker {m} skinflint
Knicker {pl} skinflints
Knickerbocker {pl} plus fours
Knickerbocker {pl} (a pair of) knickerbockers
Knickpunkt {m} inflexion point
Knicks {m} curtsy
Knickschwingung {f} bending vibration
Knickse {pl} curtsies
knicksend curtsying
knickste curtsied
Knickung {f} buckling
Knie {n} elbow
Knie {n} knee
Kniebeuge {f} knee bend
Kniebeugung {f} genuflection
Kniebeugung {f} genuflexion (Br.)
Kniebeugungen {pl} genuflections
Kniebeugungen {pl} genuflexions (Br.)
Kniebund {m} knee tie
Kniefall {m} prostration
Kniefall {m} genuflection
Kniefall {m} genuflexion (Br.)
kniefrei above the knee
Kniegelenk {n} knee joint
Kniehose {f} (a pair of) knickerbockers
Kniehose {f} knee breeches
Kniehose {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] hose [-special_topic_hist.-]
Kniehosen {pl} breeches
Kniehosen {pl} (a pair of) knickerbockers
Kniekehle {f} hollow of the knee
Kniekehlenarterie {f} popliteal artery (arteria poplitea)
knien to kneel {knelt, kneeled, knelt, kneeled} (down)
knien to genuflect
kniend genuflecting
kniend kneeing
kniend kneeling
Kniescheibe {f} kneecap
Knieschützer {m} kneepad
Knieschützer {m} knee guard
Kniesehne {f} hamstring
Kniestrumpf {m} knee-length sock
Kniestrumpf {m} knee sock
Kniestrümpfe {pl} knee-lentgh socks
Kniestuhl {m} kneeling chair
Kniestuhl {m} knee (posture) chair
kniet kneels
kniet genuflects
kniet knees
kniet hin kneels
kniete genuflected
kniete kneed
kniete hin kneeled
kniete nieder knelt
Kniff {m} knack
Kniff {m} pinch
Kniff {m} ruse
Kniff {m} trick
Kniff {m} gimmick
Kniff {m} trickery
Kniff {m} dodge
Kniff {m} (in Papier) wrinkle
Kniffe {pl} ruses
Kniffe {pl} tricks
kniffeligere more tricky
kniffeligste most tricky
knifflige Frage poser
Knigge {m} etiquette manual
Knilch {m} creep
knipsen to snap
knipsend snapping
Knipser {m} (ugs., Entwerter) ticket-cancelling machine (Br.)
Knipser {m} (ugs., Entwerter) ticket-canceling machine (Am.)
Knipser {m} (ugs., Person, die Fahrkarten etc. entwertet) ticket-puncher
knipst snaps
Knirps {m} tot
Knirps {m} tiddler
Knirps {m} (fig.) atomy (obs.)
Knirps {m} (kleiner Mensch) manikin (short person)
Knirpse {pl} tots
knirschen gnash
knirschen to crunch
Knirschen {n} crunch
knirschend crunching
knirschend creakily
knirschend creaky
knirschend gnashing
knirschend grating
knirschend gritting
knirschend kauen to crunch
knirscht crunches
knirscht gnashes
knirschte gnashed
knirschte gritted
knistern to rustle
knistern to crepitate
knistern (beim Funk-, Radioempfang) to sizzle
knistern (Feuer) to spit
knistern (Feuer, Lautsprecher, Schallplatte etc.) to crackle
knistern (Papier, Stoff, bes. Seide) to rustle
knistern (Stoff) to crincle
knistern (vor) (fig., vor Spannung etc.) to tingle (with)
Knistern {n} crepitation
Knistern {n} (bes. von Seide) froufrou
knisternd crackling
knistert crackles
knitterfrei crease resistant
knittern to crinkle
knittern to wrinkle (up)
knitternd crinkling
knittert crinkles
knitterte crinkled
Knobelbecher {m} dice box
Knobelbecher {m} (beim Würfelspiel) dice cup
Knobelbecher {m} (beim Würfelspiel) dice shaker
Knobelbecher {m} (ugs.) (Stiefel) jackboot
Knobelbecher {pl} (ugs.) (Stiefel) jackboots
knobeln to toss
knobelnd tossing
knobelt tosses
Knoblauch {m} garlic
Knoblauchrauke (Alliaria petiolata) garlic mustard
Knoblauchzehe {f} clove of garlic
knoblauchähnlich garlicky
Knochen {m} bone
Knochen {m} knucklebone
Knochen {pl} bones
Knochen-... [-special_topic_med.-] osseous [-special_topic_med.-]
Knochenasche {f} bone ash
Knochenbildner {m} osteoblast
Knochenbrand {m} charred bones
Knochenbruch {m} fracture
knochendürr bony
Knochenerweichung {f} osteomalacia
Knochengerüst {n} skeleton
Knochengerüste {pl} skeletons
Knochengeschwulst {f} osteoma
knochenhart bone-hard
knochenhart (ugs.) rock-hard
Knochenhaut {f} periosteum
Knochenkrebs {m} bone cancer
Knochenkunde {f} osteology
Knochenkäfer {m} hide beetle
Knochenleim {m} bone glue
Knochenmark {n} bone marrow
Knochenmark {n} medulla
Knochenmehl {n} bone meal
Knochenmehl {n} bonemeal
Knochenporzellan {n} bone china
Knochenschaber {m} [-special_topic_med.-] raspatory [-special_topic_med.-]
Knochenschwund {m} [-special_topic_med.-] osteoporosis [-special_topic_med.-]
Knochensplitter {m} bone fragment
Knochensäge {f} bone saw
Knochensäge {f} (Fleischersäge) butcher's saw
Knochenvorsprung {m} protuberance

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