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Kinderarsch {m} kid's ass
Kinderarsch {m} child's ass
Kinderarzt {m} pediatrician
Kinderarzt {m} paediatrician (Br.)
Kinderbeihilfe {f} child support
Kinderbetreuung {f} childcare
Kinderbibliothekar {m} children's librarian
Kinderbrei {m} pap
Kinderbuch {n} children's book
Kinderbücher {pl} children's books
Kinderchor {m} children's choir
Kinderdisco {f} children's disco
Kinderdisko {f} children's disco
Kinderdorf {n} Children's Village
Kindereisenbahn {f} toy train
Kindereisenbahnen {pl} toy trains
Kinderermäßigung {f} reduction for children
Kindererziehung {f} child education
Kinderfahrrad {n} juvenile bicycle
Kinderfahrrad {n} children's bike
Kinderfahrrad {n} children's bicycle
Kinderfahrrad {n} child's bicycle
Kinderfahrrad {n} child's bike
Kinderfilm {m} kid's movie (Am.)
Kinderfrau {f} amah
Kinderfrau {f} nanny
Kinderfrauen {pl} nannies
Kinderfreibetrag {m} allowance for dependent children
Kinderfreund {m} friend of children
kinderfreundlich child-friendly
Kinderfräulein {n} (veraltet) nanny
Kinderfräulein {n} (veraltet) children's nurse
Kinderfräulein {n} (veraltet, Gouvernante) governess
Kinderfürsorge {f} child welfare
Kinderfürsorge {f} childcare
Kinderfürsorger {m} child welfare worker
Kindergarten {m} nursery school
Kindergarten {m} kindergarten
Kindergartenbedarf {m} kindergarten materials
Kindergarteneinrichtung {f} kindergarten equipment
Kindergartenkind {n} kindergartner
Kindergesicht {n} baby face
Kindergesichter {pl} baby faces
Kindergewehr {n} popgun
Kindergärtnerin {f} kindergarten teacher
Kinderhalbschuh {m} child's (low) shoe
Kinderhalbschuhe {pl] children's low shoes
Kinderhalbschuhe {pl} children's (low) shoes
Kinderhandel {m} trafficking in children
Kinderheilkunde {f} pediatrics (Am.)
Kinderheilkunde {f} paediatrics (Br.)
Kinderheim {n} children's home
Kinderhintern {m} child's behind
Kinderhintern {m} child's bottom
Kinderhintern {m} child's backside
Kinderhintern {m} child's butt (Am.)
Kinderhort {m} creche
Kinderhort {m} day nursery
Kinderhorte {pl} creches
Kinderhorte {pl} day nurseries
Kinderhüter {m} babysitter
Kinderjahre {pl} years of childhood
Kinderklamotten {pl} children's gear
Kinderklinik {f} children's hospital
Kinderkrankenschwester {f} pediatric nurse
Kinderkrankenschwester {f} children's nurse
Kinderkrankenschwester {f} paediatric nurse
Kinderkrankenschwester {f} in Ausbildung student childrens nurse
Kinderkrankenschwester {f} in Ausbildung student children's nurse
Kinderkrankenschwester {f} in Ausbildung student pediatric nurse
Kinderkrankenschwesternschülerin {f} student children's nurse
Kinderkrippe {f} baby cot
Kinderküche {f} children's cuisine
kinderleicht as easy as winking
kinderleicht foolproof
kinderleicht potty
kinderleicht very easy
kinderleicht easy-peasy
kinderlieb fond of children
kinderlos childless
kinderloses Ehepaar dink (double income, no kids)
Kinderlähmung {f} polio
Kinderlähmung {f} poliomyelitis
Kinderlätzchen {n} dickey (dicky) (Br.) (= bib)
Kindermenü {n} children's menu
Kindermikroskop {n} childrens' microscope
Kindermord {m} child murder
Kindermord {m} (bes. am eigenen Kind) infanticide
Kindermorde {pl} child murders
Kindermädchen {n} nanny
Kindermädchen {n} nurse
Kindermädchen {n} nursemaid
Kindermädchen {n} dry nurse (obs.)
Kindermädchen {n} bonne
Kindermädchen {pl} nannies
Kindermädchen {pl} nursemaids
Kindermädchen {pl} nurses
Kindermörder {m} child murderer
Kindernachtwäsche {f} children's nightwear
Kindernahrung {f} infant food
Kinderopfer {n} child sacrifice
Kinderpflege {f} child care
Kinderpfleger {m} baby farmer
Kinderpfleger, Kinderpflegerin {m,f} paediatric nurse
Kinderpflegerin {f} nursery nurse (Br.)
Kinderpflegerin {f} children's nurse
Kinderpistole {f} toy pistol
Kinderpistolen {pl} toy pistols
Kinderpo {m} kid's butt (Am.)
Kinderpo {m} child's bottom
Kinderpopo {m} child's bottom
Kinderpopo {m} child's bum
Kinderporno {m} child porn
Kinderpornographie, Kinderpornografie {f} child porn
Kinderpornoring {m} child porn ring
Kinderpsychologie {f} child psychology
Kinderrad {n} children's bicycle
Kinderrad {n} children's bike
Kinderrad {n} child's bike
Kinderrad {n} child's bicycle
kinderreich with many children
Kinderreim {m} nursery rhyme
Kindersarg {m} child's coffin
Kindersarg {m} child's casket (Am.)
Kinderschar {f} swarm of children
Kinderschar {f} group of children
Kinderschreck {m} bugbear
Kinderschrecke {pl} bugbears
Kinderschuh {m} child's shoe
Kinderschuhe {pl} children's shoes
Kinderschutzverein NSPCC : National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (Br.)
Kinderschwester {f} nurse
Kinderschwimmbad {n} children's swimming pool
Kinderschänder {m} child molester
Kinderschänder {m} child abuser
Kinderschänder {m} (Vergewaltiger) child rapist
Kinderschänderring {m} child abuse ring
Kindersexskandal {m} children sex scandal
Kindersexskandal {m} child sex scandal
Kinderspiel {n} breeze (Am.)
Kinderspiel {n} walkover
Kinderspiel {n} cinch
Kinderspielzeug {n} toys
Kindersterblichkeit {f} infant mortality
Kindersterblichkeiten {pl} infant mortalities
Kinderstube {f} manners
Kinderstunde {f} children's hour
Kindertagesstätte {f} day nursery
Kindervergewaltiger {m} child rapist
Kindervergewaltigung {f} child rape
Kinderwagen {m} perambulator (Br.)
Kinderwagen {m} buggy (Am.)
Kinderwagen {m} pram (Br.)
Kinderwagen {pl} buggies (Am.)
Kinderwäsche {f} baby linen
Kinderwörterbuch {n} children's dictionary
Kinderwörterbuch {n} kid's dictionary (esp. Am.)
Kinderzimmer {pl} nurseries
Kinderärzte {pl} peadiatricians
Kinderärztin {f} paediatrician (Br.)
Kindesalter {n} infancy
Kindesentführung {f} child abduction
Kindesmissbrauch {m} (allg.) child abuse
Kindesmissbrauch {m} (sexuell) child molestation
Kindesmisshandlung {f} (allg.) child abuse
Kindesmisshandlung {f} (Körperverletzung) child maltreatment
Kindesmord {m} child murder
Kindesmord {m} filicide
Kindesmord {m} (bes. am eigenen Kind) infanticide
Kindesmorde {pl} infanticides
Kindesmörder {m} child murderer
Kindesmörder {m} filicide
Kindesmörder {m} (bes. des eigenen Kindes) infanticide
Kindesmörderin {f} filicide
Kindesmörderin {f} (bes. des eigenen Kindes) infanticide
Kindesmörderin {f} (eigenes Kind) (female) infanticide
Kindestötung {f} infanticide
Kindesvergewaltiger {m} child rapist
Kindfrau {f} (frühreif) nymphet
Kindfrau {f} (frühreif) Lolita
kindgerecht child-oriented
kindgerecht appropriate for children
kindgerecht suitable for children
Kindheit {f} childhood
Kindheit {f} infancy
Kindheit {f} boyhood
Kindheit {f} (eines Mädchens) girlhood
Kindheiten {pl} infancies
kindisch childish
kindisch infantile
kindische boyish
kindische childishly
kindischere more childish
kindischste most childish
Kindlein {n} babe
kindlich babyish
kindlich childishly
kindlich childlike
kindlich filial
kindlich infantine

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