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intelligentere more intelligent
intelligenteste most intelligent
Intelligenz {f} intelligence
Intelligenz {f} brain power, brainpower
Intelligenz {f} savvy
Intelligenztest {m} intelligence test
Intendant {m} intendant
intendieren to aim at
intendieren to plan
intendieren to intend
Intensität {f} intenseness
Intensität {f} intensity
intensiv acute
intensiv intensely
intensiv intensive
intensiv intensively
intensiv intense
Intensiv-Brandbombe {f} high-powered incendiary bomb
Intensiv-Krankenpfleger {m} male intensive care nurse
Intensiv-Krankenschwester {f} intensive care nurse
Intensivanbau {m} (Landwirtschaft) intensive crop cultivation
Intensivbrandbombe {f} high-powered incendiary bomb
intensive Werbekampagne {f} sales drive
intensiver Geschmack {m} tang
intensivere more intense
intensivieren to intensify
Intensivierung {f} intensification
Intensivierung {f} der Bemühungen stepping up of efforts
Intensivkrankenpfleger {m} male intensive care nurse
Intensivkrankenschwester {f} intensive care nurse
Intensivpfleger {m} male intensive care nurse
Intensivschwester {f} intensive care nurse
Intensivstation {f} ICU : intensive care unit
intensivste most intense
Intensivtransportfahrzeug {n} intensive care (transport) vehicle
Intensivtransporthubschrauber (ITH) {m} intensive care (transport) helicopter
Intensivtransportwagen (ITW) {m} intensive care (transport) vehicle
Interaktion {f} interaction
interaktiv interactive
interaktiver Modus interactive mode
Intercity Express ICE
Interdependenz {f} interdependency
interdisziplinär interdisciplinary
interessant interestedly
interessant interesting
interessant absorbing
interessant sexy (fig.)
interessantere more interesting
interessanterweise interestingly
interessanteste most interesting
Interesse {n} interest
Interesse {n} concern
Interesse {n} bekunden to indicate interest
Interessen der Allgemeinheit und der Beteiligten respective interests of the public and of the parties concerned
Interessen vertreten/verkörpern to represent interests
Interessen wahrnehmen to attend to interest
Interessen {pl} interests
Interessengebiet {n} field of interest
Interessengebiete {pl} fields of interest
Interessengemeinschaft {f} community of interest
Interessengruppe {f} lobby
Interessengruppe {f} stakeholders
Interessengruppe {f} lobbying group
Interessengruppen {pl} lobbies
Interessent {m} interested party
Interessenten {pl} interested parties
Interessenverband {m} association
Interessenvertreter {m} stakeholder
interessieren to interest
interessierend interesting
interessierst are interested in
interessiert interested
interessiert is interested in
interessierte was interested in
interessiertem interested in
interessierten were interested in
Interface parallel {n} interface (parallel)
Interface seriell {n} interface (serial)
Interface {n} interface
Interfaceprogramm {n} PIP (=peripheral interface program)
Interferenzmikroskop {n} interference microscope
Interferogramm {n} interferogram
Interferometer {n} interferometer
interferometrischer Sensor interferometrical sensor
Interferon {n} interferon
intergalaktisch intergalactic
intergrierte neu reintegrated
Interimsregierung {f} provisional government
Interjektion {f} (ling.) interjection
interkonfessionell interdenominational
interkontinental intercontinental
Interkontinentalrakete {f} ICBM : intercontinental ballistic missile
interkultur intercultural
interkulturell cross-cultural
Intermezzo {n} intermezzo
intermittierend intermittent
intern internal
intern internally
intern intra
intern interior
Internalisierung sozialer Kosten allocation of social cost
Internat {n} college
Internat {n} boarding school
Internat {n} (nur betreutes Wohnheim, das einer Bildungseinrichtung angegliedert ist) boarding home
international internationally
internationale Angelegenheiten International Affairs
Internationale Atomenergieagentur {f} (UN-Einrichtung, Wien) International Atomic Energy Agency (UN body, Vienna)
Internationale Bank für Wiederaufbau und Entwicklung, Weltbank IBRD : international Bank for Reconstruction and Developement
Internationale Körperschaft {f} International intergovernmental
Internationale Raumstation {f} ISS (International Space Station)
Internationaler Jugendherbergsverband IYHF : International Youth Hostel Federation
Internationales Privatrecht {n} (IPR) private international law
internationales Zinsgefälle arbitrage margin
internationalisieren internationalize
internationalisierend internationalizing
internationalisiert internationalizes
internationalisierte internationalized
Internationalisierung {f} internationalization
Internationalismus {m} internationalism
Internatswohnheim {n} boarding home
interne internal
interne internally
interne Mitteilung {f} (IM) inter-office memo (IOM)
interne Revision administrative audit
interne Uhr {f} internal clock
interner Wasserkreislauf internal water circulation
interner Zinsfuß actuarial return
Internet chat IRC : Internet relay chat
Internet Standard oder Diskussionsschrift RFC : Request for comment
Internet {n} Internet
Internetanschluss {m} Internet connection
Internetauftritt {m} Internet presence
Internetdienstanbieter {m} ISP : Internet service provider
Internetnutzung {f} internet usage
Internetprotokoll {n} IP : Internet protocol
Internetprotokolladresse {f} IP address
Internetverbindungsanbieter {m} Internet access provider
Internetzugang {m} internet access
internieren to intern
internieren (med.) to isolate
internierend interning
interniert interns
interniert interned
internierte interned
Internierte {m} (f} internee
Internierung {f} internment
Internierungen {pl} internments
Internierungslager {n} detention camp
Internist {m} internist
interplanetarisch interplanetary
Interpolation {f} interpolation
interpolieren intercalate
Interpret {m} interpreter
Interpret {m} performer (one who performs)
Interpret {m} actor
Interpretation {f} rendition
Interpreten {pl} performers
Interpreter {m} interpreter
interpretierbar interpretable
interpretieren to interpret
interpretierend interpretively
interpretierend interpreting
interpretierende interpretive
interpretiert interpreted
interpretiert interprets
Interpretierung {f} interpretation
Interpunktation {f} punctuation
Interpunktion {f} punctuation
interrassisch interracial
interrassisch inter-racial
Interrogativ {n} (ling.) interrogative pronoun
Interrogativadverbien {pl} (ling.) interrogative adverbs
interrogatives Adverb {n} (ling.) interrogative adverb
interrogatives Pronomen {n} (ling.) interrogative pronoun
Interrogativsatz {m} (ling.) interrogative clause
interruptgesteuert interrupt-driven
Interruptprogramm {n} ISR (=interrupt service routine)
Intersextypus {m} hermaphrodite
interstellar interstellar
Intervall {n} interval
Intervalle {pl} intervals
Intervalltaktgeber {m} interval timer
intervenieren to intercede
intervenieren to intervene
intervenierend interceding
interveniert intervenes
interveniert intercedes
intervenierte interceded
Interventionen {pl} interventions
Interview {n} interview
interviewend interviewing
Interviewer {m} poller
interviewt interviews
interviewte interviewed
intim intimate
intim (Räumlichkeit) cozy (Am.)
intim (Räumlichkeit) cosy
intim sein hobnob
Intim-Set {n} intimacy kit
Intimdusche {f} douche

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