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initialisiert initiated
Initialisierung {f} initialization
Initialisierungsprogramm {n} initializer
Initialsprengstoff {m} initiating explosive
Initialsprengstoff {m} detonator
initiativ proactive
Initiative {f} initiative
Initiator {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] proximity switch [-special_topic_tech.-]
Initiatoren {pl} initiators
initiieren to initiate
initiieren to start something off
initiiert initiated
Initiierung {f} initiation
Injektion {f} injection
Injektionen {pl} injections
Injektionsbesteck {n} für Drogen works (Am.) (sl.)
Injektionsmörtel {m} grout
Injektionsnadel {f} injection needle
Injektionsnadel {f} (für subkutane Injektion) hypodermic needle
Injektionsspritze {f} injection syringe
Injektionsspritze {f} (zur subkutanen Injektion) hypodermic syringe
injektiv [-special_topic_math.-] injective [-special_topic_math.-]
Injektorpumpe {f} injector pump
injizieren to inject
injiziert injected
Inka {m} [-special_topic_hist.-] Inca [-special_topic_hist.-]
Inkarnation {f} incarnation
Inkarnation {f} instance
Inkarnationen {pl} incarnations
inkarnieren to instantiate
Inkassoanzeige {f} advice of collection
Inkassovollmacht {f} collecting power
Inkassowechsel {m} bill for collection
Inkassowechsel {pl} bills for collection
inkl. : inklusive incl. : including, included, inclusive of
inklusive inclusive
inklusive MwSt. VAT included
inkognito incognito
inkohärent incoherent
inkompetent incompetent
Inkompetenz {f} incompetence
Inkompetenz {f} disability
Inkompetenz {f} incompetency
inkompressibel incompressible
inkongruent incongruent
inkongruente incongruently
Inkongruenz {f} incongruity
inkonsequent inconsequential
inkonsequente inconsequentially
inkonsequentere more inconsistent
inkonsequenteste most inconsistent
inkonsistent inconsistent
inkontinent incontinent
Inkontinenz {f} inability to control urination or defecation
Inkontinenz {f} [-special_topic_med.-] incontinence [-special_topic_med.-]
inkorporiert neu reincorporates
inkorporierte neu reincorporated
inkorrekt incorrect
inkorrektere more incorrect
inkorrekteste most incorrect
Inkraftsetzung {f} enactment
Inkreis {m} inscribed circle
inkremental (vorwärts zählend) incremental
Inkrementierer {m} incrementer
Inkubation {f} incubation
Inkubationszeit {f} incubation period
Inkubationszeit {f} period of incubation
Inkunabel {f} early printed book
Inland-Taipan {m} (Giftschlange) Inland taipan (Oxyuranus microlepitodus)
Inland... national
Inlandflug {m} domestic flight
Inlandflug {m} internal flight
Inlandsabsatz {m} domestic sales
Inlandsbrief {m} inland letter
Inlandsbrief {m} ordinary letter (Am.)
Inlandsflug {m} domestic flight
Inlandsflug {m} internal flight
Inlandskunde {m} domestic customer
Inlandsluftverkehr {m} inland air traffic
Inlay {n} filling
Inlett {n} ticking
Inlettstoff {m} ticking
inliegend enclosed
Inlinepumpe {f} in-line pump
inmitten midst
innehaben to hold
innehalten to stop
innen indoor
innen indoors
innen inside
innen interiorly
innen inwards
innen entstehend endogenous
Innen... interior
Innen... inner
Innen... inboard
Innenansicht {f} interior view
Innenarchitekt {m} interior decorator
Innenarchitektur {f} interior design
Innenaufbau {m} des Rumpfes internal structure of the fuselage
Innenausbau {m} interior fittings
Innenausbau {m} interior accessories
Innenausbau {m} completion of the interior
Innenausbau {m} interior construction
Innenausbau {m} interior fixtures
Innenausbau-Element {n} component for interior decoration
Innenausstattung {f} interior decoration
Innenbackenbremse {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] expanding brake [-special_topic_tech.-]
Innenballistik {f} interior ballistics
Innenbanddehnung {f} im Knie {n} twisted knee
Innenbeleuchtung {f} interior lighting
Innendienst {m} office duty
Innendienst {m} indoor service
Innendienst {m} office work
Innendienst {m} machen to be on office duty
Innendurchmesser {m} inner diameter
Innendurchmesser {m} inside diameter
Inneneckenkelle {f} inner corner trowel
Inneneinrichtung {f} interior decoration
Inneneinrichtung {f} interior furnishing
Inneneinrichtung {f} home decoration
Inneneinrichtung {f} interior equipment
Innenfeinmessgerät {n} inside caliper
Innenfeinmessgerät {n} inside caliper (Br.)
innengekühlt [-special_topic_tech.-] internally cooled [-special_topic_tech.-]
Innengewinde {n} female thread
Innengewinde {n} core thread
Innengewinde {n} internal thread
Innengummi {m} inner-liner
Innenhand {f} (auch von Handschuh etc.) palm
Innenhandfläche {f} (auch von Handschuh etc.) palm
Innenhochdruckumformen {n} internal high pressure forming
Innenhof {m} court yard
Innenhof {m} patio
Innenhof {m} quadrangle (Br.) (Buckingham Palace)
Innenhöhe {f} interior height
Innenisolierung {f} liner (Am.)
Innenklappe {f} inside flap
Innenkotflügel {m} inner fender skirt
Innenkreis {m} incircle
Innenlager {n} (tech.) inside bearing
Innenlager {n} (tech.) inner bearing
Innenlagerschulter {f} (tech.) inner bearing cup shoulder
Innenlampe {f} (Auto) courtesy light
innenmattiert satin-etched
innenmattierter Kolben {m} (einer Lampe) satin-etched bulb
Innenmaße {pl} internal dimensions
Innenmessgerät {n} bore gauge
Innenmessschraube {f} inside micrometer
Innenmikrometer {n} inside micrometer
Innenminister {m} minister of the interior
Innenminister {m} Home secretary (Br.)
Innenminister {n} Secretary of the Interior (Am.)
Innenministerium {n} ministry of the interior
Innenministerium {n} Home Office (Br.)
Innenministerium {n} interior ministry
Innenohr {n} inner ear
Innenpolitik {f} home policy
Innenpolitik {f} internal affairs
Innenpolitik {f} domestic policy
Innenpolitik {f} domestic policies
Innenpolitik {f} home affairs [Br.]
Innenpolitik {f} domestic affairs
innenpolitisch domestic political
innenpolitisch internal
innenpolitisch home ...
innenpolitisch gesehen as far as domestic policy is concerned
innenpolitisch gesehen as far as home affairs are concerned
innenpolitisch {adv} on the domestic front
innenpolitische Auseinandersetzung dispute over domestic policy
Innenraumgestaltung {f} interior design
Innenraumgestaltung {f} interior decoration
Innenreinigung {f} internal cleaning
Innenring {m} inner race
Innenring {m} cone
Innenräume {pl} interiors
Innenschulter {f} inside shoulder
Innensechskant {m} hexagon socket
Innensechskant-Schraubendreher {m} Allen key
Innensechskant-Schraubendreher {m} hex key
Innensechskantschraube {f} hexagon socket screw
Innensechskantschraube {f} socket screw
Innensechskantschraube {f} socket head screw
Innensechskantschraube {f} Allen screw
Innenseele {f} inner-liner
Innenseite {f} inner surface
Innenseiten {pl} insides
Innenski {m} inside ski
Innensohle {f} inner sole
Innensohle {f} innersole
Innensohle {f} (auch Einlegesohle) insole
Innenspiegel {m} interior mirror
Innenspiegel {m} inside mirror
Innenstadt {f} city centre
Innenstadt {f} midtown
Innenstadtrand {m} midtown
Innensternangriff {m} (Schraube) internal torx drive
Innenstreifen {m} (Fahrbahn) inside lane (Br.) (carriageway)
Innentaster {m} inside caliper
Innentaster {m} inside caliper (Br.)

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