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Information {f} (über) information (on, about)
Informationen über eine Affäre an die Medien verkaufen to kiss and tell
Informationen über jdn. haben to have dope on sb.
Informationen {pl} information
Informationen {pl} blurb
Informationen {pl} lowdown
Informationsanbieter {m} information provider
Informationsaustausch {m} exchange of information
Informationsautobahn {f} ISH : Information Super Highway
Informationsbank {f} information pool
Informationsbedarf {m} information needs
Informationsbericht {m} des Unterhauses white paper (Br.)
Informationsbeschaffung {f} information procurement
Informationsbroschüre {f} information brochure
Informationsbüro {n} information office
Informationsbüro {n} inquiry office
Informationsdienst {m} information service
Informationsdienst {m}, Hotline {f} hotline
Informationserfassung {f} acquisition of information
Informationsflut {f} information flood
Informationsgehalt {m} information content
Informationsgesellschaft {f} informed society
Informationsgewinnung {f} acquisition of information
Informationsgruppe {f} roadshow (road show)
Informationshändler {m} information broker
Informationslogistik {f} information logistics
Informationsmanagement {n} information management
Informationsmaterial {n} information
Informationsmaterial {n} information leaflets
Informationsquelle {f} information source
Informationsschalter {m} helpdesk
Informationsschalter {m} information (desk)
Informationsschalter {m} information desk
Informationsspeicher {m} information memory
Informationsspeicher {pl} information memories
Informationsstand {m} (Messe) information desk
Informationssystem {n} information system
Informationstechnik {f} IT : Information Technology
Informationstechnologie {f} IT : Information Technology
Informationstheorie {f} information theory
Informationsträger {m} information carrier
Informationsveranstaltung {f} roadshow (road show)
Informationsverarbeitung {f} information processing
Informationsverbindung {f} connection of information
Informationsverhalten {n} information behavior
Informationsverhalten {n} information behaviour (Br.)
Informationsvermittler {m} information broker
Informationsvermittler {m} information intermediary
Informationsvermittlung {f} information brokerage
Informationswert {m} information value
Informationszugang {m} information access
informativ exploratory
informativ informative
informativ informatively
informativer Besuch exploratory visit
informatorisch informational
Informelle Anrede in Australien mate
informieren to brief
informieren to instruct
informieren to inform
informierend informing
informiert informed
informiert informs
informiert schooled
informierte informed
Infos {pl} info (no plural)
Infos {pl} low-down
Infosatz für Lagermaterial stock material info record
Infra... infra
Infragestellung {f} impeachment
infrarot infrared
infrarot ultrared
Infrarot {n} infrared
Infrarot-Astronomie {f} IR astronomy
Infrarot-Astronomie {f} infrared astronomy
Infrarot-Aufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] IR reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
Infrarot-Aufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] infrared reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
Infrarot-Aufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] infra-red reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
Infrarot-Heizgerät {n} infrared heater
Infrarot-Linescan-Aufklärungsgerät {n} [-special_topic_mil.-] infrared Linescan reconnaissance equipment [-special_topic_mil.-]
Infrarot-Radiometer {n} IR radiometer
Infrarot-Radiometer {n} infrared radiometer
Infrarot-Strahlungsmesser {m} infrared radiometer
Infrarot-Strahlungsmesser {m} IR radiometer
Infrarot-Zielfernrohr {n} sniper-scope
Infrarot-Zielfernrohr {n} IR (rifle) scope
Infrarot-Zielfernrohr {n} infrared (rifle) scope
Infrarot-Zielgerät {n} infrared aiming device
Infrarotastronomie {f} infrared astronomy
Infrarotaufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] infra-red reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
Infrarotaufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] infrared reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
Infrarotaufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] IR reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
infrarote Attrappe {f} infrared decoy
Infrarotfotografie {f} infrared photography
Infrarotlasermikroskop {n} infrared laser microscope
Infrarotlesestift {m} infrared-lightpen
Infrarotmikroskop {n} IR microscope
Infrarotmikroskop {n} infrared microscope
Infrarotradiometer {n} IR radiometer
Infrarotradiometer {n} infrared radiometer
Infrarotspektroskopie {f} infrared spectroscope
Infrarotstrahler {m} infrared heating element
Infrarotstrahler {m} infrared lamp
Infrarotstrahlungsmesser {m} infrared radiometer
Infrarotstrahlungsmesser {m} IR radiometer
Infrarotvisier mit Bildwandler snooperscope
Infrarotzielfernrohr {n} IR (rifle) scope
Infrarotzielfernrohr {n} infrared (rifle) scope
Infrarotzielgerät {n} infrared aiming device
Infrastruktur {f} infra structure
Infrastruktur {f} infrastructure
Infusion {f} infusion
Ing. : Ingenieur eng. : engineer
Inganghaltung {f} keep going
Ingangsetzungen {pl} startings
Ingenieur {m} engineer
Ingenieur, Ingenieurin {m,f} engineer
Ingenieurbüro {n} consulting engineers
Ingenieurbüro {n} engineering office
Ingenieure {pl} engineers
ingenieurgeologische Ergebnisse engineering-geological results
Ingenieurhammer {m} fitter hammer
Ingenieurschule {f} school of engineering
Ingenieurschulen {pl} schools of engineering
Ingenieurshammer {m} fitter hammer
Ingenieurwesen {n} engineering
Ingenieurwissenschaft {f} engineering science
Ingenieurwissenschaften {pl} technics
Ingusche {m} Ingush
Inguschien Ingushia
Ingwer {m} ginger
Ingwerkekse {pl} gingersnaps
Ingwerreibe {f} ginger grater
Inh. : Inhaber prop., propr : proprietor
Inh. : Inhalt cont. : contents
Inhaber eines Wertpapiers holder of a security
Inhaber {m} bondholder
Inhaber {m} holder
Inhaber {pl} possessors
Inhaberaktie {f} bearer share
Inhaberin {f} owner
Inhaberpapier {n} bearer instrument
Inhaberscheck {m} cheque to bearer
Inhaberscheck {m} cheque to bearer
Inhaberschecks {pl} cheques to bearer
Inhaberwechsel {m} bearer bill
Inhaftierung {f} committal
Inhaftierung {f} imprisonment
Inhalation {f} inhalation
Inhalationen {pl} inhalations
Inhalationsmittel {n} inhalant
Inhalationsmittel {pl} inhalants
Inhalator {m} [-special_topic_med.-] inhaler [-special_topic_med.-]
inhalieren to inhale
inhalierend inhaling
inhaliert inhales
inhalierte inhaled
Inhalt eines Buches subject matter
Inhalt {m} capacity
Inhalt {m} topic
Inhalt {m} content
Inhalt {m} contents
Inhalt {m} index
Inhalt {m} volume
Inhalt {m} substance
Inhalte {pl} contents
Inhalte {pl} tenors
Inhalte {pl} volumes
inhaltlich textual
inhaltlich concerning the contents
inhaltsadressiert content-addressed
inhaltsadressiert data-addressed
Inhaltsangabe {f} summary
Inhaltsangabe {f} precis
Inhaltsangaben {pl} tables of contents
inhaltslos unsubstantial
inhaltslos empty
inhaltslos meaningless
inhaltslos lacking in substance
inhaltslose unsubstantially
inhaltsorientiert associative
inhaltsreich rich in substance
Inhaltsstoff {m} ingredient
Inhaltsstoffe {pl} ingredients
Inhaltsverzeichnis {n} table of contents
Inhaltsverzeichnis {n} directory
Inhaltsübersicht {f} summary of the contents
Inhaltsübersicht {f} outline
Inhaltsübersicht {f} (einer Website) [-special_topic_comp.-] site map [-special_topic_comp.-]
inhomogen inhomogeneous
Inhomogenität {f} inhomogeneity
inhuman cruel
inhärent inherent
Initialbuchstabe {m} initial letter
Initiale {f} initial
Initialen {pl} initials
initialisieren to initialize
initialisierend initializing
initialisiert initialized
initialisiert initializes

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