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Hungerwespe {f} ensign wasp
hungrig hungrily
hungrig hungry
hungrig sharp set
hungrig sein to be hungry
hungrig wie ein Wolf hungry as a hunter
hungrige hungrily
hungriger hungrier
hungrigste hungriest
Hunne {m} hun
Hunnenkönig {m} king of the Huns
Hunsrück {m} Hunsruck (region of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)
Hupe {f} horn
Hupe, Sirene {f} hooter
hupen honk
hupen to hoot
Hupen {pl} (sl.) (weibliche Brüste) hooters
hupend honking
hupend hooting
Hupensignal {n} honk
Hupfdohle {f} (ugs.) showgirl
Hupkonzert {n} (ugs.) barrage of honking
Hupkonzert {n} (ugs.) cacophony of car horns
Hupsignal {n} hoot
hupt honks
hupt hoots
hupte honked
Hupton {m} sound of a hooter (Br.)
Hupton {m} sound of a horn
Hure {f} harlot (obs., poet.)
Hure {f} whore
Hure {f} wench
Hure {f} hoe (Am.) (sl.)
Hure {f} public woman (arch.)
Hure {f} ho (sl.)
Hure {f} bawd (obs.)
Hure {f} quean (obs.)
Hure {f} drab (obs.)
huren to whore
Huren {pl} harlots
Huren {pl} whores
Huren {pl} wenches
Hurenbock {m} fornicator
Hurenbock {m} whoremonger
Hurengöttin Erfolg bitch goddess success (Br.)
Hurensohn {m} whoreson (obs.)
Hurensohn {m} (vulg.) son of a bitch (sl.) (vulg.)
Hurensohn {m} (vulg.) [-special_topic_slang-] sonuvabitch (vulg.) [-special_topic_slang-]
Hurerei {f} harlotry
Hurerei {f} prostitution
Hurone {m} huron
Hurra! Hooray!
Hurrapatriotismus {m} jingoism
hurtig spry
hurtige spryly
hurtigere brisker
hurtigste briskest
Husar {m} hussar
Husarengarde {f} hussars guard
huschen shoo
huschen (Augen, Blick) to dart
huschen (lautmalerisch) to whiz
huschen (lautmalerisch) to whizz
huschen (lautmalerisch) to whoosh
huschen (über) (Lächeln, Licht) to flash (over)
huschend shooing
huscht shoos
huschte shooed
Hussa! Yoicks! (used as a hunting cry to urge hounds after a fox)
Hussit {m} Hussite
husten to cough
Husten {m} cough
Hustenanfall {m} fit of coughing
Hustenanfälle {pl} fits of coughing
Hustenarznei {f} cough medicine
Hustenarznei {f} cough drug
Hustenarznei {f} antitussive drug
Hustenarznei {f} antitussive medicine
Hustenarzneimittel {n} cough drug
Hustenarzneimittel {n} antitussive drug
Hustenattacke {f} cough attack
Hustenbonbon {n} cough drop
Hustenbonbon {n} cough lozenge
Hustenbonbon {n} cough sweet
Hustenbonbon {n} cough candy
hustend coughing
Hustenkapsel {f} cough capsule
Hustenkapseln {pl} cough capsules
Hustenkrampf {m} convulsive cough
hustenlösend cough-loosening
Hustenlöser {m} (pharm.) cough expectorant
Hustenmedikament {n} cough medicine
Hustenmedikament {n} antitussive medicine
Hustenmedizin {f} cough medicine
Hustenmedizin {f} antitussive medicine
Hustenmittel {n} pectoral
Hustenmittel {n} cough medicine
Hustenmittel {n} antitussive medicine
Hustenpastille {f} (pharm.) cough lozenge
Hustenpastillen {pl} (pharm.) cough lozenges
Hustenpille {f} cough pill
Hustenpillen {pl} cough pills
Hustenpräparat {n} antitussive preparation
Hustenpräparat {n} cough preparation
Hustenreflex {m} cough reflex
Hustenreiz {m} irritation of the throat
Hustenreiz {m} tickle of the throat
Hustensaft {m} (pharm.) cough syrup (Am.)
Hustensaft {m} (pharm.) cough mixture
Hustensaft {m} (pharm.) bronchial balsam (Br.)
Hustenschlag {m} (Hustensynkope) [-special_topic_med.-] tussive syncope [-special_topic_med.-]
Hustenschlag {m} (Hustensynkope) [-special_topic_med.-] cough syncope [-special_topic_med.-]
Hustensirup {m} cough syrup
Hustensirup {m} (pharm.) cough syrup
hustenstillend cough-relieving
Hustenstiller {m} (pharm.) cough suppressant
Hustenstiller {m} (pharm.) cough reliever
Hustensynkope {f} [-special_topic_med.-] cough syncope [-special_topic_med.-]
Hustensynkope {f} [-special_topic_med.-] tussive syncope [-special_topic_med.-]
Hustentablette {f} cough tablet
Hustentabletten {pl} cough tablets
Hustentee {m} cough tea
Hustentee {m} tea which is good for coughs
Hustentropfen {pl} cough drops
hustet coughs
hustete coughed
Hut ab! kudos!
Hut {m} hat
Hut {m} (eines Pilzes) [-special_topic_biol.-] cap (of a mushroom) [-special_topic_biol.-]
Hutband {n} hatband
Hutband {n} hatband
Hutbänder {pl} hatbands
Hutgröße {f} hat size, size of hat
Hutmacher {m} capper
Hutmacherin {f} milliner
Hutmutter {f} cap nut
Hutmutter {f} domed nut
Hutschachtel {f} bandbox
Hutschachteln {pl} bandboxes
Hutschiene {f} top-hat rail
Hutschleife {f} hat bow
Hü ! Gee up !
Hyazinthe {f} hyacinth
Hyazinthen {pl} hyacinths
Hybridrechner {m} combined computer
Hybridrechner {m} analog-digital computer
Hybridrechner {m} hybrid computer
Hybris {f} hubris
hübsch pretty
hübsch bonnie
hübsch handsome
hübsch handsomely
hübsch nifty
hübsch nice
hübsch neat
hübsch cute
hübsch gorgeous
hübsche bonny
hübsche handsomely
hübschen bonnily
hübscher comelier
hübscher prettier
hübsches Ding {n} (ugs.) (Mädchen) pretty thing
hübsches junges Ding {n} (ugs.) (Mädchen) pretty young thing, PYT
hübscheste prettiest
Hübschheit {f} prettiness
Hydrant {m} fireplug
Hydrant {m} (fire) hydrant
Hydranten {pl} fireplugs
Hydranten {pl} hydrants
Hydratation {f} hydration
hydratisieren hydrate
hydratisierend hydrating
hydratisiert hydrates
hydratisierte hydrated
Hydratisierung {f} hydration
Hydraulik {f} hydraulics
Hydraulik {f} hydraulic systems
Hydraulikbagger {m} hydraulic excavator
Hydraulikbremse {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] hydraulic brake [-special_topic_tech.-]
Hydraulikdruckpumpe {f} hydraulic pressure pump
Hydraulikpumpe {f} hydraulic (oil) pump
Hydraulikzylinder {m} hydraulic cylinder
hydraulisch hydraulic
hydraulisch hydraulical
hydraulisch abbindender Zement hydraulic-setting cement
hydraulisch geregelt hydraulically controlled
hydraulische Bremsanlage {f} juice brake (coll.)
hydraulische Bremse {f} juice brake (coll.)
hydraulische Bremse {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] hydraulic brake [-special_topic_tech.-]
hydraulische Netztechnik {f} hydraulic network
hydraulische Schaltung {f} hydraulic circuit
hydraulischer Aufzug {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] hydraulic elevator [-special_topic_tech.-]
hydraulischer Aufzug {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] hydraulic lift (Br.) [-special_topic_tech.-]
hydraulischer Widder {m} hydraulic ram
Hydrazin {n} hydrazine
Hydrid {n} hydride
hydrieren hydrogenate
hydrierend hydrogenating
hydriert hydrogenates

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