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German English
hortet hoards
hortete hoarded
Hose {f} trouser
Hose {f} (ugs., etw. veraltet) (Männerkleidung) bags (Br.) (coll., slightly dated)
Hosen {pl} britches
Hosen {pl} (Beingefieder) leg feathers
Hosenanzug {m} trouser suit
Hosenanzug {m} pantsuit (Am.)
Hosenanzug {m} pants suit (Am.)
Hosenanzug {m} slack suit (Am.)
Hosenanzüge {pl} pantsuits
Hosenanzüge {pl} trouser suits
Hosenaufschlag {m} turn-up (Br.)
Hosenaufschlag {m} cuff (Am.)
Hosenband {n} knee-band
Hosenbeutel {m} codpiece
Hosenbluse {f} overshirt
Hosenboden {m} seat (of trousers)
Hosenboje {f} breeches buoy
Hosenbund {m} waistband
Hosenbügel {m} trouser hanger
Hosengurt {m} waistband
Hosenklammer {f} cycle clip
Hosenklammer {f} trouser clip
Hosenklappe {f} (trouser) flap
Hosenknopf {m} trouser button
Hosenkorselett {n} panty corselette
Hosenkorselett {n} panty corselet
Hosenlatz {m} codpiece
Hosenlatz {m} fly
Hosenlatz {m} flies
Hosenlatz {m} (von Latzhose) bib
Hosenmatz {m} tiny tot
Hosennaht {f} trouser seam
Hosenrock {m} divided skirt
Hosenrock {m} pantskirt (esp. Am.)
Hosenrock {m} pant skirt (esp. Am.)
Hosenrock {m} culottes
Hosenrohr {n} Y-branch pipe
Hosenscheißer {m} rugrat (Am.)
Hosenscheißer {m} (Kind) mucky pup
Hosenscheißer {m} (ugs.) (Feigling) scaredy-pants (coll.)
Hosenschlange {f} (hum.) (Penis) trouser snake (sl.)
Hosenschlange {f} (hum.) (Penis) trouser trout (sl.)
Hosenschlange {f} (hum.) (Penis) shlong (esp. Am.) (sl.)
Hosenschlange {f} (hum.) (Penis) schlong (esp. Am.) (sl.)
Hosenschlitz {m} fly (of pants)
Hosenschlitz {m} flies
Hosenschlitze {pl} flies
Hosenspanner {m} trouser hanger
Hosenstall {m} flies
Hosentasche {f} (trouser) pocket
Hosentasche {f} trousers pocket (Am.)
Hosentasche {f} pants pocket (Am.)
Hosentaschen {pl} trouser pockets
Hosenträger {pl} (a pair of) braces
Hosenträgerklipp {m} braces clip
Hospital {m} hospital
hospitalisieren hospitalize
hospitalisierend hospitalizing
hospitalisiert hospitalizes
hospitalisierte hospitalized
Hospitalschwester {f} hospital nurse
Hospitant {m} guest student
Hospitation {f} sitting in on lectures
Hospitation {f} sitting in on classes
Hospiz {n} hospice
Hostess {f} hostess
Hostessen {pl} hostesses
Hostessenagentur {f} escort agency
Hostessenservice {m} escort service
Hostie {f} host (rel.)
Hostie {f} bread
Hostie {f} the eucharistic bread
Hotel {n} hotel
Hotelbesitzer {m} hotelier
Hotelfachfrau {f} hotel manageress
Hotelführer {m} hotel guide
Hotelführer {pl} hotel guides
Hotelgelände {n} hotel grounds
Hotelgewerbe {n} hotel trade
Hotelgewerbe {n} hotel industry
Hotelgutschein {m} hotel voucher
Hotelier {m} hotelier
Hotelkauffrau {f} (female) management assistant in hotel and hospitality
Hotelkaufmann {m} (male) management assistant in hotel and hospitality
Hotelpage {m} bellboy
Hotelpage {m} bellhop
Hotelpagen {pl} bellboys
Hotelportier {m} hall porter
Hotelportier {m} concierge (Am.)
Hotelpreis {m} ohne Mahlzeiten European plan (Am.)
Hotels {pl} hotels
Hotelzimmer {n} hotel room
Hotkey {m} hotkey
Hottentotte {m} hottentot
Housse {f} (Oberschichtsgebrauch) antimacassar
Howawart {m} (Rassehund) hovawart
HP : Halbpension half board
Hr. : Herr(n) Mr. : Mister
Hrsg. : Herausgeber ed. : editor
hrsg. : herausgegeben ed. : edited
hu whew
Hub {m} stroke
Hub {m} upstroke
Hub {m} hub
Hubbeine {pl} der Plattform (Off-Shore-Technik) jack-up-legs
Hubbohrinsel {f} jack-up drilling platform
Hubbohrinsel {f} jack-up oil rig
Hube {f} (> Eigenname: Huber!!!) [-special_topic_hist.-] hide [-special_topic_hist.-]
Hubi {m} (Kindersprache: Hubschrauber) chopper (coll.)
Hubi {m} (Kindersprache: Hubschrauber) heli (coll.)
Hubinsel {f} (Off-Shore-Technik) jack
Hubinsel {f} (Off-Shore-Technik) jack-up platform
Hubinsel {f} (Off-Shore-Technik) jack-up rig
Hubkolbenmotor {m} reciprocating piston engine
Hubkolbenmotor {m} piston engine
Hubkolbenmotor {m} engine with reciprocating pistons
Hubkraft {f} lifting force
Hubladeklappe {f} (am Lkw) [-special_topic_automot.-] elevator tailboard [-special_topic_automot.-]
Hubmagnet {m} solenoid
Hubmagnet {m} crane magnet
Hubpresse {f} jack
Hubraum {m} cylinder capacity
Hubraum {m} piston displacement
Hubraum {m} cubic capacity
Hubraum {m} engine size
Hubschrauber {m} gyroplane
Hubschrauber {m} helicopter
Hubschrauber {m} chopper (coll.)
Hubschrauber {m} eggbeater (sl.)
Hubschrauber {m} der Küstenwache coast guard helicopter
Hubschrauber {m} in Lauerstellung lurking helicopter
Hubschrauber {m} mit Blattspitzenantrieb tip-driven (rotor) helicopter
Hubschrauber {m} mit Blattspitzenantrieb tip-driven-rotor helicopter
Hubschrauber {m} mit Gasturbinenantrieb turbine-engined helicopter
Hubschrauber {pl} gyroplanes
Hubschrauber {pl} helicopters
Hubschrauber-Cockpit {n} helicopter cockpit
Hubschrauber-Landeplatztrupp {m} helicopter (landing) site party
Hubschrauber-Lastengeschirr {n} helicopter sling
Hubschrauber-Leitschiff {n} helicopter subcontrol ship
Hubschrauberabsturz {m} helicopter crash
Hubschrauberbesatzung {f} helicopter crew
Hubschrauberbewaffnung {f} helicopter armament
Hubschraubercockpit {n} helicopter cockpit
Hubschrauberdienst {m} helicopter service
Hubschrauberersatzteil {n} helicopter spare
Hubschrauberersatzteile {pl} helicopter spares
Hubschrauberfliegen {n} helicopter flying
Hubschrauberführer {m} helicopter pilot
hubschraubergestützt (Bewaffnung) helicopter-launched
hubschraubergestützte Waffe {f} helicopter-launched weapon
Hubschrauberkanzel {f} helicopter cockpit
Hubschrauberkufe {f} helicopter (landing) skid
Hubschrauberlandebereich {m} helicopter landing area
Hubschrauberlandeplatz {m} heliport
Hubschrauberlandeplatz {m} helicopter (landing) site
Hubschrauberlandeplatztrupp {m} helicopter (landing) site party
Hubschrauberlastengeschirr {n} helicopter sling
Hubschrauberleitschiff {n} helicopter subcontrol ship
Hubschraubermannschaft {f} helicopter crew
Hubschraubermarkt {m} helicopter market
Hubschrauberpilot {m} helicopter pilot
Hubschrauberplattform {f} helicopter platform
Hubschrauberrettungswinde {f} helicopter rescue hoist
Hubschrauberrotor {m} helicopter rotor
Hubschraubersimulator {m} helicopter simulator
Hubschraubersonar {n} helicopter-borne sonar
Hubschraubersonargerät {n} helicopter-borne sonar
hubschrauberspezifisches Anflugprofil {n} helicopter approach profile
Hubschrauberstaffel {f} helicopter unit
Hubschrauberstrecke {f} helicopter route
Hubschraubertender {m} helicopter tender
Hubschrauberträger {m} helicopter carrier
Hubschrauberverband {m} helicopter unit
Hubschrauberverwendung {f} helicopter application
Hubschrauberwaffe {f} helicopter weapon
Hubschrauberwaffensystem {n} helicopter weapon system
Hubschwingung {f} bounce
Hubspindel {f} lifting spindle
Hubspindel {f} jack screw
Hubstapler {m} (high-lift) fork truck
Hubstapler {m} stacker truck
Hubsäge {f} hacksaw
Hubsäge {f} hack saw
Hubvolumen {n} displacement of piston
Huch! Oops!
huckepack piggy-back
huckepack piggyback
Huckepack {m} piggyback
Huckepack {m} piggy-back
Huckepack-Stromversorgung ohne eigene Stromquelle battery eliminated circuit
Huckepackverkehr {m} piggyback service
Huckepackwagen {m} piggyback car
Huf {m} hoof
Hufe {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] hide [-special_topic_hist.-]
Hufe {pl} hoofs
Hufe {pl} hooves
Hufeisen {n} horse shoe

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