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Holzwolle {f} excelsior
Holzwolle {f} wood shavings
Holzwurm {m} wood worm
Holzwürmer {pl} wood worms
Holzzaun {m} wooden fence
Homepage {f} homepage
homerisches Gelächter {n} epic laughter
homerisches Gelächter {n} Homeric laughter
Homo sapiens {m} sapient
Homo sapiens {m} Homo sapiens
Homo {m} homo, queer
Homo-Ehe {f} gay marriage
Homoehe {f} gay marriage
homogen homogenous
Homogenat {n} [-special_topic_biol.-] homogenate [-special_topic_biol.-]
homogene homogeneously
homogenisieren homogenize
homogenisierend homogenizing
homogenisiert homogenized
homogenisiert homogenizes
homogenisiert homogenised (spv.)
homogenisierte Milch {f} homogenised milk (Br.)
homogenisierte Milch {f} homogenized milk (Am.)
Homogenität {f} homogeneity
Homologation {f} acceptance
Homologation {f} homologation
Homologation {f} qualification
Homologation {f} type approval
Homologie {f} homology
Homonym {m} homonym
Homonyme {pl} homonyms
homophob sein to be homophobic
Homosexualität {f} homosexuality
homosexualitätsfeindlich homophobic
homosexuell homosexual
homosexuell gay
homosexuelle homosexually
Homosexueller {m} friend of Dorothy (sl.)
Homöopath {m} homeopath (Am.)
Homöopath {m} homoeopath (Br.)
Homöopathen {pl} homeopaths
Homöopathie {f} homeopathy (Am.)
Homöopathie {f} homoeopathy (Br.)
homöopathisch homeopathic
homöopolar homopolar
Homöostase {f} (Selbstregulation eines Organismus; Gleichgewicht der Lebensfunktionen) homeostasis
Honahle {f} honing tool
Honduraner {m} Honduran
Honduranerin {f} Honduran
honduranisch Honduran
Honduras Honduras (hn)
honen to hone
Hong Kong Hong Kong (hk)
Hongkong {n} [-special_topic_geogr.-] Hong Kong [-special_topic_geogr.-]
Hongkong-Rocks {n} (Heroin-Hydrochlorid, 30 - 60 % rein) Hongkong rocks (sl.)
Hongkonger {m} Hong Kong man
Hongkonger {m} Hong Konger
Hongkongerin {f} Hong Kong woman
Hongkongerin {f} Hong Konger
Honig ums Maul schmieren to butter up
Honig {m} honey
Honigbiene {f} honey bee
Honigbiene {f} honeybee
Honigbienen {pl} honeybees
honigblond honey-blond
honigblond honey blond
honigblond honey blonde
honigblond honey-blonde
Honigblonde {f} (ugs.) honey blonde
honigfarben honey-colored (Am.)
honigfarben honey-coloured
honiggelb honey-coloured
honiggelb honey-colored (Am.)
Honiggras (Holcus lanatus) holcus lanatus
Honigkuchen {m} honey cake
Honiglöffel {m} honey spoon
Honigmagen {m} [-special_topic_zool.-] honey sac [-special_topic_zool.-]
Honigmelone {f} honeydew melon
honigsüß honeyed
honigsüß oversweet
Honigwabe {f} honeycomb
Honleiste {f} honing stone retainer
Honorant {m} acceptor for honor
Honorar zahlen to pay a fee
Honorar {n} fee
Honorare {pl} fees
Honorare {pl} honorarium
Honorare {pl} honoraria
Honorarmitarbeiter {m} honorary co-worker
Honorarvereinbarung {f}, nach der der Anwalt prozentual an dem dem Klienten zugesprochenen Betrag beteiligt wird (v.a. in den USA) contingency fees
honorieren to honor (Am.)
honorieren to honour (Br.)
Honstein {m} honing stone
Honöl {n} honing oil
Hopfen {m} hop
Hopfen {m} hops
Hopfenfeld {n} hop field
Hopfenpflug {m} hop plough (Br.)
Hoppelpoppel {n} eggnogg
Hoppelpoppel {n} breakfast made from scrambled egg with ham and fried potatoes
hoppla whoops
hoppla upsa-daisy
Hoppla! Oh oh!
Hoppla! Oops!
hopplahop slapdash
horchen to hark
horchen harken
horchen hearken
horchen (auf) to listen (to)
horchend harking
horchend hearkening
Horcher {m} eavesdropper
Horcher {pl} eavesdroppers
Horchposten {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] listening post [-special_topic_mil.-]
Horchstelle {f} communications intercept station
horcht listens
horcht harks
horcht hearkens
horchte hearkened
Horde {f} horde
Horden {pl} hordes
Horizont {m} horizon
Horizont {m} skyline
horizontal horizontally
horizontal horizontal
horizontal level
Horizontal-Stoßmaschine {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] horizontal shaper [-special_topic_tech.-]
Horizontalablenkplatten {pl} x-plates
Horizontalausgangsübertrager {m} (elektr.) line output transformer
horizontale Ausfallenden {pl} horizontal drop-outs
horizontale und vertikale Ausweichmanöver {pl} im Endflug weaving
horizontales Bombenmagazin {n} horizontal bomb container
Horizontalflug {m} level flight
Horizontalpumpe {f} horizontal pump
Horizontalpumpe {f} horizontal-shaft pump
Horizonte {pl} horizons
Horizonte {pl} skylines
Horizontierschraube {f} jack screw
Hormon {n} hormone
hormonal hormonal
Hormone {pl} hormones
Horn {n} horn
Horn {n} cornet
Horn {n} (am Amboss) beak
Horn {n} (Hobelgriff) horn
Horn {n} (Waldhorn) French horn
hornartig horny
Hornblatt, rauhes (Ceratophyllum demersum) hornwort
Hornblende {f} hornblende
Hornbreite {f} flange width
Hornbrille {f} horn-rimmed glasses
Hornbrille {f} horn-rimmed spectacles
Hornbrille {f} horn-rimmed specs (coll.)
Hornbrille {f} hornrims (coll.)
Hornfels {m} hornfels
Hornfels {m} hornfelz
Hornfußradius {m} bead seat radius
Hornfußradius {m} heel radius
Hornhai {m} horn shark
Hornhai {m} horned shark
Hornhaut {f} cornea
Hornhaut {f} horny skin
Hornhaut {f} scarf-skin
Hornhautentzündung {f} keratitis
Hornhecht {m} garfish
Hornhöhe {f} flange height
hornig horny
Hornisse {f} hornet
Hornissen {pl} hornets
Hornissengift {n} hornet poison
Hornissengift {n} hornet venom
Hornissenschwärmer {m} popular hornet clearwing (Aegeria apiformis)
Hornissenschwärmer {m} hornet moth (Aegeria apiformis)
Hornist {m} bugler
Hornisten {pl} buglers
Hornkantenradius {m} flange edge radius
Hornkraut, gewöhnliches (Cerastium fontanum) mouse-ear chickweed
Hornlerche {f} Temminck's lark (Eremophila bilopha)
Hornotter {f} nose-horned viper (Vipera ammodytes)
Hornradius {m} flange radius
Hornsignal blasend bugling
Hornstoff {m} keratin
Horoskop {n} horoscope
Horoskope {pl} horoscopes
horrend horrendous
horrende horrendously
Horrido! (Luftwaffe) Pilots' cry of victory. St. Horridus was patron saint of fighter pilots.
Horrorfilm {m} horror film
Horrorfilm {m} horror movie (esp. Am.)
Horrorszenario {n} horror scenario
Horst {m} eyrie
Horst {m} eyry (spv.)
Horst {m} aery (spv.)
Horst {m} ayrie (spv.)
Horst {m} [-special_topic_geol.-] horst [-special_topic_geol.-]
Horstbildung {f} upthrust
Hort {m} palladium
horten to hoard
hortend hoarding
Hortensie {f} hydrangea

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