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Gene {pl} genes
Genealoge {m} genealogist
Genealogen {pl} genealogists
Genealogie {f} genealogy
genealogisch genealogical
genealogische genealogically
geneckt badinaged
geneckt bantered
genehmere more convenient
genehmigen to homologate
genehmigen to approve
genehmigen to authorise
genehmigend okaying
genehmigt okays
genehmigt okay
genehmigt OK
genehmigt O.K.
Genehmigung {f} approbation
Genehmigung {f} approval
Genehmigung {f} consent
Genehmigung {f} permission
Genehmigung {f} licensing
genehmigungsbedürftiges Bauvorhaben building development requiring building permission
Genehmigungsbehörde {f} approval agency
Genehmigungsbehörde {f} approving authority
genehmigungspflichtig subject to approval
Genehmigungsverfahren {n} licensing procedures
genehmste most convenient
geneigt leaned
geneigt inclinational
geneigt inclined
geneigt slanted
geneigt sloped
geneigt leant
Geneigtheit {f} predisposition
geneppt vamped
General der Jagdflieger {m} (Luftwaffe) General of the Fighter Arm; a position rather than a rank
General {m} Gen. : General
General {m} (Luftwaffe) Air Marshal (RAF)
General {m} (Luftwaffe) General - 3 Star (USAAF)
Generalagent {m} general agent
Generalbevollmächtigte {m,f} chief representative
Generalbundesanwalt {m} Attorney General
Generalbundesanwalt {m} Federal Public Prosecutor
Generalbundesanwalt {m} Federal Prosecuting Attorney General
Generaldirektor {m} managing-director
Generaldirektor {m} president (of a company)
Generalfeldmarschall {m} field marshal
Generalfeldmarschall {m} [-special_topic_hist.-] general field marshal [-special_topic_hist.-]
Generalfeldmarschall {m} (Luftwaffe) Marshall of the RAF
Generalfeldmarschall {m} (Luftwaffe) General - 5 Star (USAAF)
Generalgouverneur {m} Governor General (Br.)
generalisieren to generalize
Generalissimus {m} generalissimo
Generalitäten {pl} generalissimos
Generalklausel {f} blanket clause
Generalklausel {f} (in Gesetzen oder Verträgen) general clause
Generalkonsul {m} consul general
Generalkonsulat {n} consulat general
Generalleutnant {m} Lt.-Gen. : lieutenant-general
Generalleutnant {m} (Luftwaffe) Air Vice Marshal (RAF)
Generalleutnant {m} (Luftwaffe) General - 2 Star (USAAF)
Generalluftzeugmeister {m} (Luftwaffe) Chief of Aircraft Procurement and Supply
Generalmajor {m} major general
Generalmajor {m} (Luftwaffe) Air Commodore (RAF)
Generalmajor {m} (Luftwaffe) General - 1 Star (USAAF)
Generaloberst {m} (Luftwaffe) Air Chief Marshal (RAF)
Generaloberst {m} (Luftwaffe) General - 4 Star (USAAF)
Generalprobe {f} dress rehearsal
Generalrang {m} generalship
Generalstaaten {pl} [-special_topic_hist.-] Dutch States-General [-special_topic_hist.-]
Generalstabskarte {f} Ordnance Survey
Generalstreik {m} general strike
Generalunternehmer {m} general contractor
Generalunternehmer {m} prime contractor
Generalversammlung {f} GA : General Assembly
Generalversicherung {f} all-inclusive insurance
Generalvertreter GA : general agent
Generalvollmacht {f} full power of attorney
generalüberholen to refurbish
Generalüberholung {f} refurbishment
Generation {f} generation
Generationen {pl} generations
Generationenbeziehungen {pl} intergenerational relationships
Generations... generational
Generationskonflikt {m} generation gap
Generationsproblem {n} generation gap
generatives Verhalten {n} fertility behaviour
Generator {m} generator
Generator {m} alternator
Generatoraggregat {n} generating set
Generatoren {pl} generators
Generatorgas {n} [-special_topic_tech.-] generator gas [-special_topic_tech.-]
Generatorgas {n} [-special_topic_tech.-] producer gas [-special_topic_tech.-]
generell general
generell across the board
generelle Obergrenze aggregate cap
generieren to generate
generiert generated
Generierung {f} creation
Generierung {f} generation
generisch generic
generös generous
generös generously
generös (= freigebig) munificent
genesen convalesce
genesen convalesced
genesend convalescing
Genesende {m,f} convalescent
Genesung {f} recovery
Genesung {f} convalescence
Genesungen {pl} recoveries
Genesungsheim {n} convalescent home
Genesungsprozess {m} recovery
Genetik {f} genetics
Genetiker {m} geneticist
Genetiker {pl} geneticists
genetisch genetic
genetische genetical
genetische Individuen genetic individuals
genetische Vorbelastung genetic loading
genetischen genetically
Genette {f} genet
Genf Geneva
Genfood {n} genetically modified food
genial ingenious
genial ingeniously
geniale ingeniously
Genialität {f} brilliancy
Genialität {f} ingeniousness
Genialität {f} ingenuity
Genick {n} neck
Genickbruch {m} neck fracture
Genickbruch {m} broken neck
Genickschuss {m} shot in the back of the neck
Genickschuss {m} shot in the neck
Genickstarre {f} stiff neck
genickt nodded
Genie {n} genius
Genie {n} wiz
Genie {n} whizzkid
Genie {n} whizkid
genieren be embarrassed
genierend being embarrassed
genierst are embarrassed
geniert is embarrassed
genierte was embarrassed
genierten were embarrassed
Genies {pl} wizzes
Geniesel {n} drizzling
geniest sneezed
genietet riveted
genietete Felge {f} riveted rim
genießbar edible
genießbar relishable
genießbar enjoyable
genießbare enjoyably
Genießbarkeit {f} edibility
Genießbarkeit {f} enjoyableness
genießen to savor (Am.)
genießen to relish
genießen to enjoy
genießen to savour (Br.)
genießend enjoying
genießend relishing
genießend savoring
Genießer {m} epicure
Genießer {m} wallower
Genießer {pl} epicures
Genießer {pl} wallowers
genießt enjoys
genießt relishes
genießt savors
genießt sneezed
genippt sipped
genistet nestled
Genitalien {pl} genitals
Genitalien {pl} genitalia
Genitalien {pl} private parts (coll.)
Genitalien {pl} crotch (coll.)
genitiv genitive
Genitiv {m} (ling.) genitive
Genitivattribut {n} (ling.) attributive genitive
Genmanipulation {f} genetic engineering
genmanipuliert genetically modified
genmanipulierte Nahrung {f} genetically engineered food
Genom {n} [-special_topic_biol.-] genome [-special_topic_biol.-]
Genom- genomic
genommen kept
genommen picked
genommen taken
genommen took
genormt standardised (Br.)
genormt {adv} as standard
genoss enjoyed
genoss relished
genoss savored
Genosse {m} comrade
Genosse {m}, Genossin {f} companion
genossen enjoyed

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