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Falschgeld {n} counterfeit money
Falschheit {f} deceitfulness
Falschheit {f} fallaciousness
Falschheit {f} falsehood
Falschheit {f} falseness
Falschheit {f} falsity
Falschheit {f} nontruth
Falschheit {f} phoniness
Falschheit {f} shoddiness
Falschheit {f} baseness
Falschmeldung {f} false report
Falschmünzerei {f} counterfeiting
Falschmünzerei {f} money forging
Falschmünzerei {f} false coining
Falschspieler {m} cardsharp
Falschspieler {m} cardsharper
Falschspieler {m} cheat
falschste phoniest
faltbar foldable
Faltblatt {n} leaflet
Faltblatt {n} folder
Faltblatt {n} flyer
Faltboot {n} folding canoe
Faltboot {n} faltboat
Falte {f} fold
Falte {f} pleat
Falte {f} wrinkle
Falte {f} ply
Falte {f} crease
falten to fold
Falten bilden to pucker
Falten werfen to wrinkle (up)
Falten werfen to pucker
Falten {pl} folds
Falten {pl} creases
Falten {pl} wrinkles
falten, kniffen, zerknittern (Papier, Stoff) to wrinkle (up)
Faltenbalg {m} boot
Faltenbalg {m} bellows
Faltenbalg {m} bellow
Faltenbalg {m} gaiter
Faltenbalg {m} pair of bellows
Faltenbalgpumpe {f} bellows pump
Faltenbesatz {m} smocking
faltend folding
faltend pleating
faltenlos uncreased
faltenlos unpleated
faltenlos unwrinkled
Faltenriss {m} fold split
Faltenrock {m} fustanella
Faltenrock {m} pleated skirt
Faltenschlauch {m} pleated hose
Faltenunterspritzung {f} [-special_topic_med.-] wrinkle treatment (by injection) [-special_topic_med.-]
Faltenwespe {f} social wasp
Falter {m} folder
Falter {m} butterfly
Falter {m} (Nachtfalter) moth
Falter {pl} butterflies
faltet folds
faltet neu refolds
faltete folded
faltete neu refolded
faltig wrinkled
faltige wrinkly
faltigen wrinkling
faltigere more wrinkled
Faltigkeit {f} crinkliness
faltigste most wrinkled
Faltkamera {f} folding camera
Faltkarte {f} folding map
Faltkarte {f} pull-out map
Faltprospekt {n} folder
Faltprospekte {pl} folders
Faltschachtel {f} folding box
Faltschachtel {f} folded box
Faltschachtel {f} collapsible box
Falttrage {f} flexible stretcher
Faltung {f} (mathematisch) convolution
Falz {m} fold
Falz {m} seam
Falz {m} mortise
Falz {m} rabbet
Falz {m} mortice
Falz {m} (Holztechnik) rebate (Br.)
falzen to notch
falzend grooving
Falzhobel {m} fillister plane
Falzhobel {m} rabbet plane (Am.)
Falzhobel {m} rebate plane (Br.)
Falzmesser {n} knife folder
Falzperforation {f} folding perforation
falzt grooves
Fam. : Familie family
Fam. : Familie (als Adresse) Mr & Mrs ...
Familiaris {m} (kath.) (Hausgenosse eines Prälaten) familiar
Familiaris {m} (kath., hist.) (Inquisitionsbeamter) familiar
Familie ist (Grammatik) family are (Br.) (Grammar)
Familie {f} family
Familien {pl} families
Familienangehörige {m,f} dependant
Familienangehörige {m} member of the family
Familienangelegenheit {f} family affair
Familienausflug {m} family outing
Familienbetrieb {m} family business
Familienbetrieb {m} family company
Familieneinkommen {n} family income
Familienglück {n} domestic happiness
Familiengrab {n} family grave
Familiengruft {f} family vault
Familiengröße {f} family size
Familienhund {m} family dog
Familienleben {n} family circle
Familienlimousine {f} family saloon (Br.)
Familienmitglied {n} family member
Familienmitglied {n} member of the family
Familienmitglied {n} dependant
Familienname {m} surname
Familienname {m} family name
Familiennamen {pl} surnames
Familienpass {m} book of family vouchers
Familienplanung {f} family planning
Familienrecht {n} family law
Familienstand {m} marital status
Familienstand {m} family status
Familienstand {m} personal status
Familienunternehmen {n} family business
Familienunternehmen {n} family company
Familienverhältnisse {pl} marital status
Familienvorstand {m} family head
Familienzusammenführung {f} family reunion
Familienzuschlag {m} family allowance
Familienzuschuss {m} family allowance
Familienzuwachs {m} addition to the family
Familienähnlichkeit {f} family likeness
familiär familiar
familiärere more familiar
familiärste most familiar
famos clinking
famosere more excellent
famoseste most excellent
Famulatur {f} clinical traineeship
Famulatur {f} medical clerkship
famulieren (famulierte, famuliert) [-special_topic_med.-] to work as an extern [-special_topic_med.-]
famulieren (famulierte, famuliert) [-special_topic_med.-] to do some practical work [-special_topic_med.-]
Fan {m} fan
Fan {m} bigot
Fan {m} buff
Fanatiker {m} fanatic
Fanatiker {pl} fanatics
fanatisch fanatical
fanatische fanatically
Fanatismus {m} fanaticism
fand ab bested
Fanfare {f} fanfare
Fanfare {f} flourish of trumpets
Fanfare {f} multitone horn
Fang {m} haul
Fang {m} catch
Fang {m} fang
Fang {m} (Vogelkralle) claw
Fangarm {m} tentacle
fangen to catch
fangen to catch {caught, caught}
fangen to trap
Fangen Sie an zu lesen! Begin reading!
fangend captivating
fangend snaring
fangend catching
Fangespiel {n} (in Australien) tiggy
Fangfrage {f} trick question
Fangfrage {f} catch question
Fanghaft {m} (Netzflügler-Insekt) western mantispid
Fanghaken {m} arresting hook
Fanghaken {m} tail hook
Fanghaken {m} arrester hook
Fanghaken {pl} arrestor hooks
Fangheuschrecke {f} (Insekt) mantid
Fangnetz {n} gin
Fangopackung {f} mud pack
Fangriemen {m} (am Ski) binding strap
Fangriemen {m} (für Faustfeuerwaffe) hand-stop (strap)
Fangriemen {m} (für Messer etc.) lanyard
Fangriemenloch {n} (an Messer etc.) lanyard hole
Fangriemenöse {f} (an Pistole etc.) lanyard eye
Fangriemenöse {f} (an Pistole etc.) lanyard lug
Fangzahn {m} fang
Fangzahn {m} canine (tooth)
Fangzahn {m} eines Ebers tusk
Fangzaun {m} catch fence
Fangzaun {m} (für Schnee) snow fence
Fangzaun {m} [-special_topic_sport-] safety fence [-special_topic_sport-]
Fangzähne {pl} (eines Keilers) tusks
Fangzähne {pl} (Reißzähne) fangs
Fangzähne {pl} (Reißzähne) canines
Fangzähne {pl} (Reißzähne) canine teeth
Fanklub {m} fan club
Fanpost {f} fan mail
Fanpost {f} (einzelner Brief) fan letter
Fans {pl} fans

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