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German English
fordern to require
fordern, anfordern to demand
fordernd (erwartend, z. B. Blick) expectant
fordernd (für sich in Anspruch nehmend) arrogating
fordernd (für sich in Anspruch nehmend) claiming
fordernd (herausfordernd, z. B. Aufgabe) challenging
fordernd (herrisch, z. B. Verhalten) imperious
fordernd (verlangend) postulating
fordernd (verlangend) demanding
fordert arrogates
fordert exacts
fordert postulates
fordert heraus defies
fordert heraus challenges
fordert zurück reclaims
forderte arrogated
forderte postulated
forderte claimed
forderte zurück reclaimed
Forderung abtreten to assign a claim
Forderung anerkennen to allow a claim
Forderung {f} demand
Forderung {f} postulation
Forderung {f} account
Forderungen (gerichtlich) geltend machen to enforce
Forderungen aus Lieferungen und Leistungen accounts receivable trade
Forderungen gegenüber leitenden Angestellten und Aktionären accounts receivable from officers directors and stockholders
Forderungen {pl} receivables
Forderungen {pl} outstanding debits
Forderungsabtretung {f} assignment of claim
Forderungsaufkauf {m} purchase of account receivables
Forderungspfändung {f} attachment of debt
Forderungsübergang {m} subrogation
Forderungsübernahme {f} assumption of indebtedness
Forelle blau {f} [-special_topic_gastr.-] trout au bleu [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Forelle blau {f} [-special_topic_gastr.-] poached trout [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Forelle geräuchert smoked trout
Forelle {f} trout
Forellen {pl} trouts
Foren {pl} forums
Form {f} form
Form {f} shape
Form {f} mold (Am.)
Form {f} mould
form- und fristgerecht within the period stipulated
Form-BH {m} (breast) form bra
Formabweichung {f} form deviation
Formabweichung {f} geometrical error
Formabweichung {f} shape deviation
Formabweichung {f} form error
Formabweichung {f} rolling circle error of form
Formabweichungen {pl} geometrical error
formal formal
formal und inhaltlich in form and content
Formaldehyd {n} formaldehyde
formale formal
formale Logik symbolic logic
formales Lehren formal teaching
Formalin {n} formalin
formalisieren to formalise
formalisieren to formalize
formalisierend formalising
formalisierend formalizing
formalisiert formalises
formalisiert formalizes
formalisierte formalised
formalisierte formalized
Formalismus {m} formalism
Formalist {m} formalist
Formalisten {pl} formalists
formalistisch formalistic
formalistische formalisticly
Formalität {f} formality
Formalitäten {pl} formalities
Format {m} format
Format {n} size
Format {n} stature
Formatdefiniton für elektronischen Datenaustausch EDI : Electronic Data Interchange
Formate {f} sizes
formatfrei nonformatted
formatieren to format
Formatieren {n} formatting
formatierend formating
formatierend formatting
Formatierer {m} formatter
Formatierer {pl} formatters
formatiert formats
formatiert formatted
formatiert neu reformats
formatierte formattes
formatierte neu reformatted
Formatierung {f} formatting
Formation fliegen to formate
Formationen {pl} formations
formbar moldable
Formbarkeit {f} malleabilities
Formbarkeit {f} plasticity
Formblatt {n} form
Formbrief {m} form letter
Formbügel-BH {m} wire bra
Formbügel-BH {m} wired bra
Formbügel-BH {m} underwired bra
Formbügel-BH {m} underwire bra
Formel {f} formula
formell formally
formell formal
formell starchy
formelle Kleidung; Abendgarderobe {f} formal wear
formellere more formal
formelles Recht adjective law
formellste most formal
Formeln {pl} formulas
Formelregister formula index
Formelsammlung {f} formulary
Formelsammlungen {pl} formularies
formen to mould (out of)
formen to forge
formen to sculpt
formen to form
formen to shape
formen (Töpferei) to throw
formen (zu) to mould (into)
formen (zu) to knead (into)
Formen {n} molding
formend formative
formend forming
formend modeling
formend sculpting
formend sculpturing
formend shaping
formende formatively
formende modelling
Formenlehre {f} morphology
Formenlehre {f} (ling.) accidence
Formentrennmittel {n} (mould) release agent
Formentrennmittel {n} mould lubricant
Formentrennmittel {n} releasing agent
Formenzusammenschluss {m} mold parting line (Am.)
Formenzusammenschluss {m} mould parting line
Former {m} molder
Former {m} shaper
Former {pl} shapers
Formfaktor {m} form factor
Formfehler {m} form error
Formfehler {m} syntactic error
Formgebung {f} shaping
Formgestaltung {f} styling
Formgestaltung {f} formation
Formglättwerkzeug {n} egg smoother
Formglättwerkzeug {n} egg sleeker
formhinterdrehter Fräser {m} form machine-relieved cutter
Formicatio {f} [-special_topic_med.-] formication [-special_topic_med.-]
formiere form up
formieren to deploy
formiert forms up
formierte formed up
Formizid {n} (Gift gegen Ameisen) formicide
Formkrise {f}, Formabfall {m} [-special_topic_sport-] dip in form [-special_topic_sport-]
Formlehre {f} profile gauge
formlos informal
formlos amorphous
formlos formless
formlos informally
formlos shapeless
formlos shapelessly
formlose formlessly
formlose shapelessly
formlose amorphously
formlose Zusammenkunft {f} informal meeting
formloseren more formless
formlosesten most formless
Formlosigkeit {f} amorphousness
Formlosigkeit {f} formlessness
Formlosigkeit {f} informality
Formoptimierung {f} forming optimization
Formreibahle {f} stepped reamer
Formsache {f} technicality
Formsachen {pl} technicalities
formstabil sein to keep shape
Formstahl {m} sectional steel
Formstahl {m} section steel
Formstahl {m} profile steel
formstark [-special_topic_sport-] in-form [-special_topic_sport-]
formt formes
formt forms
formt sculpts
formte formed
formte sculpted
formte shaped
Formular zur Einkommensteuererklärung form of income tax return
Formular {n} form
Formularanfang {m} top of form
Formulare {pl} formulares
Formularentwurf {m} spacing
formulargerecht according to form
Formularvorschub {m} form feed
formulieren to formulate
formulieren to word
formulieren to phrase
formulierend formulating

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