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F : Fahrenheit F : Fahrenheit
F-Dur {f} F Major
F.D.P. : Freie Demokratische Partei Liberal Democratic Party
Fa. : Firma firm
Fabel {f} fable
Fabel {f} tale
Fabel {f} fairy tale
fabelhaft scrumptious
fabelhafte scrumptiously
Fabelhaftigkeit {f} scrumptiousness
Fabeln {pl} tales
Fabeltier {n} mythical creature
Fabrik {f} mill
Fabrik {f} factory
Fabrik {f} manufactory
Fabrik {f} works
Fabrikabgabepreis {m} price ex factory
Fabrikant {m} factory owner
Fabrikarbeit {f} work in a factory
Fabrikarbeiter {m} factory worker
Fabrikarbeiter {m} operatives
Fabrikat {n} make
Fabrikat {n} manufacture
Fabrikat {n} brand (Am.)
Fabrikation {f} manufacture
Fabrikationen {pl} manufactures
Fabrikationsfehler {m} defect in manufacture
Fabrikationsfehler {m} manufacturing-defective
Fabrikationsnummer {f} serial number
Fabriken {pl} factories
Fabrikladen {m} outlet
Fabrikmilch {f} factory milk
fabrikneu virgin
fabrizieren to fabricate
fabrizierend manufacturing
fabriziert fabricates
fabriziert manufactures
fabrizierte manufactured
fabrizierte fabricated
fabulieren (über) to romance (about)
Facette {f} facet
Facettenauge {n} compound eye
facettenreich multifarious
facettenreich multifaceted
Fach {n} panel
Fach {n} pocket
Fach {n} case
Fach {n} subject
Fachabitur {n} vocational baccalaureat diploma
Fachabteilung {f} competent department
Facharbeit {f} skilled work
Facharbeiter {m} skilled worker
Facharbeiter {m} skilled trade worker (Br.)
Facharbeiter {pl} skilled workers
Facharbeiterbrief {m} certificate of proficiency
Facharbeiterbrief {m} craft certificate
Facharbeiterbrief {m} trade proficiency certificate
Facharbeiterinnen {pl} skilled workers
Facharzt {m} specialist
Facharztausbildung {f} [-special_topic_med.-] residency [-special_topic_med.-]
Fachausbildung {f} special training
Fachausbildung {f} professional training
Fachausdruck {m} technical term
Fachausdruck {m} term
Fachausdrücke {pl} technical terms
Fachausdrücke {pl} nomenclature
Fachausdrücke {pl} terminology
Fachbegriff {m} technical term
Fachbegriff {m} term
Fachbegriffe {pl} technical terms
Fachberater {m} technical adviser
Fachberater {m} consultant
Fachbereich {m} faculty
Fachbereich {m} department (Am.)
Fachbereich {m} school
Fachbereichssekretärin {f} field secretary
Fachbereichssekretärin {f} (einer Hochschule) faculty secretary
Fachbesucher {m} qualified visitor
Fachbezeichnung {f} nomenclature
Fachbibliothek {f} technical library
Fachbuch {n} specialist book
Fachbuch {n} (Lehrbuch) textbook
Fachgebiet {n} specialism
Fachgebiete {pl} branches
Fachgelehrter {m} pundit
fachgemäß {adj} skilled
fachgemäß {adj} professional
fachgemäßere more competent
fachgemäßeste most competent
fachgerecht skilled
fachgerecht professional
Fachgeschäft {n} specialized dealer
Fachgeschäft {n} one-line business
Fachgespräch {n} shop talk
Fachgruppe {f} professional group
Fachgruppe {f} occupational group
Fachhandel {m} specialized trade
Fachhandel {m} für ... dealer specialising in ...
Fachhochschule {f} Polytechnic
Fachhochschulreife {f} advanced technical college certificate
Fachhändler {m} specialized dealer
Fachidiot {m} (ugs.) nerd (sl.)
Fachinformatiker {m} [-special_topic_comp.-] IT specialist [-special_topic_comp.-]
Fachjargon {m} lingo
Fachkenntnisse {pl} specialized knowledge
Fachkraft für Lagerwirtschaft {f} management assistant in warehousing and logistics
Fachkraft {f} skilled employee
Fachkraft {f} specialist
Fachkreis {m} circle of experts
Fachkreise {pl} circles of experts
Fachkunde {f} skills
fachkundigere more expert
fachkundigste most expert
Fachleute {pl} specialists
Fachleute {pl} experts
Fachleute {pl} peers
fachlich technical
fachlichere more professional
fachlichste most professional
Fachliteratur {f} technical literature
Fachliteratur {f} trade literature
Fachmann {m} technician
Fachmann {m} professional
Fachmann {m} specialist
Fachmesse {f} specialized fair
fachmännisch specialistic
fachmännisch workmanlike
fachmännisch professional
fachmännische Arbeit {f} expert work
Fachoberschule {f} College of Further Education
Fachoberschule {f} technical secondary school
Fachoberschule {f} specialized secondary school
Fachpersonal {n} qualified personnel
Fachreferat {n} subject specialization
Fachreferent {m} subject specialist
Fachrichtung {f} subject area
Fachrichtung {f} field
Fachrichtung {f} branch of ...
Fachschaft {f} students of a/the department
Fachschulbildung {f} technical training
Fachschule {f} technical college
Fachschule {f} professional school
Fachschule {f} für Betriebswirtschaft school of business administration
Fachschule {f} für Maschinenbau engineering school
Fachschulen {pl} technical schools
Fachschulen {pl} professional schools
Fachschulreife {f} entrance qualification for a technical college
Fachsimpelei {f} shoptalk
fachsimpeln to talk shop
fachspezifisch {adj} specialist ...
Fachsprache {f} shop language
Fachsprache {f} special language
Fachsprache {f} technical terminology
Fachverband {m} trade association
Fachverband {m} professional association
Fachwerk {n} frame-work
Fachwerkrumpf {m} truss fuselage
Fachwirt {m} business administrator
Fachwirtin {m} business administrator
Fachwissen {n} specialised knowledge
Fachwissen {n}, Knowhow {n} know how, knowhow, know-how
Fachwörterbuch {n} specialist dictionary
Fachzeitschrift {f} professional journal
Fachzeitschrift {f} trade journal
Fachzeitschrift {f} periodical
Fachzeitschrift {f} (Handel und Gewerbe) trade magazine
Fachzeitschriften {pl} trade journals
Fachärzte {pl} specialists
Fackel {f} flambeau
Fackel {f} torch
Fackeln {pl} flambeaus
Fackeln {pl} torches
Fackelschein {m} torchlight
Fackelscheine {pl} torchlights
Fackelträger {m} torch bearer
Fackelträger {m} torchbearer
Fackelträger {pl} torch bearers
Fackelträger {pl} torchbearers
Fackelzug {m} torchlight procession
fad stale
fad stalely
fad undistinctive
fad undynamic
fad vapid
fad vapidly
fade flavorless (Am.)
fade insipid
fade tastelessly
fade commonplace
fade dismal
fade trite
fade tasteless
fade flavourless (Br.)
Faden {m} filament
Faden {m} twine
Faden {m} thread
Faden {m} strand
Faden, Klafter (Längenmaß) fm : fathom
Fadenbruch {m} cord break
Fadenbruch {m} cord break up

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