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Erdbohrer {m} [-special_topic_geol.-] trepan [-special_topic_geol.-]
Erde aufwühlen to grout
Erde {f} earth
Erde {f} world
Erdefeu {n} (Gundelkraut) gill-over-the-ground
Erdefeu {n} (Gundelkraut) ground ivy
Erdeichhörnchen {n} gopher
Erden {pl} earthen
Erden {pl} earths
Erdenbürger {m} mortal
erdenkbar devisable
erdenken to conceive
erdenklich imaginable
erdenkliche imaginably
Erderkundungssatellit {m} earth resources technology satellite
Erdfall {m} sinkhole
erdfaule Trauben {pl} botrytized grapes
Erdferkel {n} aardvark
erdfrei free-of-ground
Erdgas {n} natural gas
Erdgeschoss {n} first floor
Erdgeschoss {n} ground-floor
Erdgeschoss {n} ground storey (Br.)
Erdgeschosse {pl} first floors
Erdharz {n} bitumen
Erdhobel {m} grader
Erdhobel {m} road grader
Erdhügel {m} mound
Erdhörnchen {n} gopher
erdichtet invents
erdichtet fictional
erdichtet fictionally
erdichtete fictionally
erdichteten fictive
erdig earthy
erdiger earthier
erdigste earthiest
Erdkabel {n} (E-Technik) underground cable
Erdkampfflugzeug {n} ground attack aircraft
Erdkampfflugzeug {n} ground attack airplane
Erdkrebs {m} (Maulwurfsgrille) mole cricket (Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa)
Erdkruste {f} earth's crust
Erdkröte {f} common toad
Erdkuckuck {m} roadrunner
Erdkunde {f} geography
Erdkunden {pl} geographies
Erdling {m} earthling
erdlotfeste Gierachse {f} vertical axis
Erdmagnetfeld {n} [-special_topic_phys.-] earth's magnetic field [-special_topic_phys.-]
Erdmantel {m} earth's mantle
Erdnuss {f} peanut
Erdnuss {f} goober
Erdnuss {f} ground nut (Br.)
Erdnuss-Krokant {m} peanut brittle
Erdnussbutter {f} peanut butter
Erdnusskrokant {m} peanut brittle
Erdnussschokolade {f} peanut chocolate
Erdnussöl {n} peanut oil
Erdnussöl {n} groundnut oil (Br.)
Erdnussöl {n} arachis oil
Erdnussöl {n} ground-nut oil (Br.)
Erdnussöl {n} ground nut oil (Br.)
Erdnüsse {pl} peanuts
Erdnähe {f} perigee
Erdoberfläche {f} earth's surface
Erdoberfläche {f} surface of the earth
erdolchen to stab to death
erdolchend stabbing
erdolchend stabbing to death
erdolcht stabs to death
erdolchte stabbed
erdolchte stabbed to death
Erdpech {n} bitumen
Erdrakete {f} drilling rocket
Erdrakete {f} impact moling tool
Erdrakete {f} impact mole
Erdrauch {m} (bot.) earthsmoke (Fumaria officinalis)
Erdreich-Wärmepumpe {f} earth-source heat pump
Erdreich-Wärmepumpe {f} ground-coupled heat pump
Erdreichwärmepumpe {f} earth-source heat pump
Erdreichwärmepumpe {f} ground-coupled heat pump
erdrosseln to strangle
erdrosseln to throttle
erdrosselnd strangling
erdrosselnd garroting
erdrosselnd throttling
erdrosselt strangles
erdrosselt garrotes
erdrosselt throttles
erdrosselte strangled
erdrosselte garroted
erdrosselte throttled
Erdrutsch {m} landslip
Erdrutsch {m} slip
Erdrutsch {m} landslide
Erdrutsche {pl} landslides
Erdrutsche {pl} landslips
erdrücken to crush
erdrücken to overwhelm
erdrückend crushing
erdrückt crushes
erdrückte crushed
Erdschatten {m} umbra
Erdschlegel {m} rammer
Erdschluss {m} accidental ground
Erdschlussmelder {m} ground indicator
Erdschlussprüfer {m} ground detector
Erdschlussreaktanz {f} earthing reactor
Erdschnake {f} crane fly
Erdschwere {f} gravity
Erdschwere {f} force of gravity
Erdseil {n} (E-Technik) overhead ground wire
Erdseil {n} (E-Technik) overhead earthing wire
Erdspieß {m} ground spike
Erdstrom {m} earth current
Erdteil {m} continent
Erdteile {pl} continents
erdulden to undergo (underwent, undergone)
erdulden to suffer
erduldend undergoing
erduldet suffers
erduldet undergoes
erduldete suffered
erduldete undergone
Erdumdrehung {f} rotation of the earth
Erdumfang {m} circumference of the earth
Erdumkreisung {f} orbit around the earth
Erdumkreisung {f} [-special_topic_aviat.-] orbital flight [-special_topic_aviat.-]
Erdumlaufbahn {f} (earth) orbit
Erdurzeit {f} [-special_topic_geol.-] Hadean [-special_topic_geol.-]
Erdverdrängungshammer {m} soil displacement hammer
Erdvermessung {f} geodesy
Erdverwehung {f} soil drift
Erdverwehungen {pl} soil drifts
Erdwall {m} earthwork
Erdwall {m} mound
Erdwall {m} earth wall
Erdwanze {f} (zool.) burrowing bug
Erdwerk {n} earthwork
Erdwolf {m} (Maulwurfsgrille) mole cricket (Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa)
Erdwälle {pl} earth walls
erdwärts earthward
erdähnlich earth-like
Erdäpfel {pl} (österr.) potatoes
Erdöl {n} petroleum
Erdöl {n} mineral oil
Erdöl {n} crude oil
Erdöl(förder)pumpe {f} oil-well pump
Erdölbildung {f} petroleum genesis
Erdölbohrloch {n} oil-well bore
Erdölbohrloch {n} (Erdöl) oil-well borehole
Erdölbohrturm {m} oil-well derrick
Erdölbohrung {f} (Vorgang) oil-well drilling
Erdölbohrung {f} (Vorgang) oil drilling
Erdölentstehung {f} petroleum genesis
Erdölfirma {f} [-special_topic_ind.-] oil company [-special_topic_ind.-]
Erdölfirmen {pl} [-special_topic_ind.-] oil companies [-special_topic_ind.-]
Erdölförderung {f} oil production
Erdölgewinnung {f} oil production
Erdölmarkt {m} [-special_topic_econ.-] oil market [-special_topic_econ.-]
ereifern to get excited
ereifert gets excited
ereiferte got excited
ereiferte sich frayed
ereignen to befall
ereignen to happen
ereignet happens
ereignete happened
Ereignis {n} occurrence
Ereignis {n} event
Ereignis {n} incident
Ereignis {n} ongoing
Ereignis {n} happening
Ereignisalgebra {f} (math.) random event probability calculu
Ereignisalgebra {f} (math.) event probability calculus
ereignislos uneventfully
ereignislos uneventful
ereignislose uneventfully
ereignisreich eventful
ereignisreich eventfull
ereignisreich eventfully
ereignisreiche eventfully
Ereignisse {pl} occurrences
Ereignisse {pl} events
Ereignisse {pl} happenings
ereilt overtakes
ereilte overtook
ereilter overtaken
Erektion {f} erection
Eremit {m} hermit
Eremitin {f} hermit
ererbt patrimonial
ererbte inherited
ererbte patrimonially
erfahren skillfull (Am.)
erfahren experienced
erfahren to adept
erfahren adeptly
erfahren sophisticated
erfahren to learn of

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