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eifert strives for
eifert strives
eiferte strove
eiferte strove for
eiferte strived
Eiffelturm {m} Eiffel tower
eifrei [-special_topic_gastr.-] egg-free [-special_topic_gastr.-]
eifrig sedulous
eifrig eager
eifrig eagerly
eifrig emulative
eifrig intently
eifrig keen
eifrig sedulously
eifrig zealous
eifrig zestful
eifrig mettlesome
eifrig busy
eifrige eagerly
eifrige zealously
eifriger eagerer
eifrigere more eager
eifrigste eagerest
eifrigste most eager
eiförmig ovate
eiförmig ovoid
eiförmig egg-shaped
eiförmige Körper ovoids
eiförmiger Querschnitt {m} egg-shaped section
Eigelbnachgare {f} egging
Eigelbpulver {n} egg yolk solids
eigen appropriate (to)
eigen own
eigen peculiar
eigen peculiarly
eigen proper
eigen inherent (in)
eigen several
Eigenanteil {m} equity ratio
Eigenart des Baugebiets special character of the specific land-use area
Eigenart {f} quirk
Eigenarten {pl} originalities
eigenartig weird
eigenartige peculiarly
eigenartige weirdest
eigenartigen peculiar
eigenartiger quirkier
eigenartiger weirder
eigenartigere more peculiar
eigenartiges weirdly
eigenartigste most peculiar
eigenartigste quirkiest
Eigenbauweine {pl} home-grown wines
Eigenbedarf {m} home requirements
Eigenbewegung {f} proper motion
Eigenbistum {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] diocese owned by the archbishop as its lord [-special_topic_hist.-]
Eigenbistum {n} (z. B. Chiemsee, Gurk etc. = salzburger Eigenbistümer) [-special_topic_hist.-] proprietary diocese [-special_topic_hist.-]
Eigenbrötler {m} solitary person
Eigenbrötler {pl} solitary people
eigenbrötlerisch sectionally
eigene own
eigene Person self (pl: selves)
eigene Spielstätte {f} home ground (football)
eigener Bahnkörper {m} private right-of-way
eigenes own
eigenes Feuer {n} (Verluste durch ~) friendly fire (blue on blue engagement)
Eigenfabrikat {n} self produced article
Eigenfabrikat {n} self produced
Eigenfabrikate {pl} self produced article
Eigenfrequenz {f} natural frequency
Eigengewicht {n} own weight
Eigengewicht {n} des Baukörpers [-special_topic_constr.-] dead load of structure [-special_topic_constr.-]
Eigenheim {n} home
Eigenheime {pl} homes
Eigenheit {f} entity
Eigenheit {f} peculiarity
Eigenheiten {pl} peculiarities
eigenhändig geschriebener Brief {m} autograph letter
eigenhändig verfasster Brief {m} autograph letter
eigenhändige Unterschrift autograph signature
Eigeninitiative {f} initiative (of one's own)
Eigenkapital {n} equity
Eigenkapital {n} own capital
Eigenkapitalüberdeckung {f} debt-to-equity ratio
Eigenkapitalzuwachs {m} aus sonstigen Quellen additional paid in capital
Eigenkirche {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] proprietary church [-special_topic_hist.-]
Eigenkirche {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] private minster [-special_topic_hist.-]
Eigenkirche {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] church owned by its lord [-special_topic_hist.-]
Eigenkloster {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] proprietary monastery [-special_topic_hist.-]
Eigenkloster {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] monastery owned by its lord [-special_topic_hist.-]
Eigenleben {n} independent existence
Eigenleben {n} one's own life
Eigenleben {n} (Privatleben) private life
Eigenleistung {f} personal contribution
Eigenleistung {f} goods on own account
Eigenleistung {f} (bei Hausbau) borrower's own funding
Eigenliebe {f} self love
Eigenlob {n} self praise
Eigenlüfter {m} [-special_topic_electr.-] self-ventilation [-special_topic_electr.-]
Eigenmittel {pl} one's own resources (funds, capital)
eigenmächtig arbitrary
Eigenmächtigkeit {f} arbitrary act
Eigenname {m} proper name
Eigennutz {m} self interest
eigennützig selfish
eigennützig self interested
eigennützige Beweggründe interested motives
Eigenpeilung {f} (Navigation) aircraft-to-station bearing
eigens {adv} specifically
Eigenschaft {f} property
Eigenschaft {f} predicate
Eigenschaft {f} attribute
Eigenschaft {f} feature
Eigenschaft {f} quality
Eigenschaften {pl} attributes
Eigenschaften {pl} properties
Eigenschaften {pl} qualities
Eigenschaftswort {n} adjective
Eigenschaftswort {n} adjektive
Eigenschaftswörter {pl} adjectives
Eigenschwingung {f} natural frequency
Eigenschwingung {f} natural oscillation
Eigenschwingung {f} [-special_topic_phys.-] natural oscillation [-special_topic_phys.-]
Eigenschwingung {f} [-special_topic_phys.-] self-oscillation [-special_topic_phys.-]
eigensicheres Bauteil {n} (EN 292) inherently safe component (EN 292)
Eigensicherheit {f} intrinsic safety
Eigensinn {m} stubbornness
Eigensinn {m} waywardness
Eigensinn {m} obstinacy
eigensinnig hardheaded
eigensinnig headstrong
eigensinnig opinionated
eigensinnig stubborn
eigensinnig wayward
eigensinnig waywardly
eigensinnigere more stubborn
eigensinnigste most stubborn
Eigenspannung {f} [-special_topic_constr.-] internal stress [-special_topic_constr.-]
Eigenstaatlichkeit {f} statehood
Eigenstabilität {f} inherent stability
eigenständig independent
eigenständig stand-alone
Eigenständigkeit {f} independence
Eigenständigkeit {f} self-reliance
eigentlich rather
eigentlich intrinsic
eigentlich actually
eigentlich in a manner of speaking
Eigentlich dürfte ich dir ja nicht verzeihen! I really shouldn't forgive you!
eigentlich nicht not really
eigentliche virtually
Eigentor {n} own goal (football, fig.)
Eigentum erwerben to acquire ownership of
Eigentum erwerben to acquire property
Eigentum {n} proprietorship
Eigentum {n} absolute ownership
Eigentum {n} ownership
Eigentum {n} properties
Eigentum {n} property
Eigentum {n} proprietary
Eigentum {n} belongings
Eigentumserwerb {m} acquisition of ownership
Eigentumsnachweis {m} abstract of title
Eigentumsrecht {n} ownership
Eigentumsrecht {n} proprietary right
Eigentumsrecht {n} proprietorship
Eigentumsrechte {pl} proprietary rights
Eigentumsverhältnis {n} ownership structure
Eigentumsverhältnis {n} ownership situation
Eigentumswohnung {f} condominium
Eigentumswohnung {f} condo (Am.)
Eigentumswohnungen {pl} condominiums (condos)
Eigentümer {m}, Eigentümerin {f} owner
Eigentümer {pl} proprietaries
eigentümlich peculiar
eigentümlich idiosyncratic
eigentümlich proper
eigentümliche idiosyncratically
Eigentümlichkeit {f} medievalism
Eigenvektor {m} [-special_topic_math.-] eigenvector [-special_topic_math.-]
eigenverantwortlich independent
eigenverantwortlich {adv} on one's own authority
Eigenverantwortung {f} autonomy
Eigenverantwortung {f} self-reliance
Eigenwechsel {m} promissory
Eigenwechsel {m} promissory note
Eigenwille {m} self will
eigenwillig individual
eigenwillig arbitrary
eigenwilligere more individual
Eigenwilligkeit {f} individualism, originality
eigenwilligste most individual
eignend being qualified for
Eigners Gefahr O.R. : owner's risk
eignest are qualified for
eignet is qualified for
eignete was qualified for
eigneten were qualified for
Eignung {f} qualification
Eignung {f} aptitude

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