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empor werfen to toss
Empore {f} gallery
Emporen {pl} galleries
emporgeragt towered
emporgeschossen shot
emporgestrebt aimed high
emporheben upheave
Emporheben {n} elevation
emporhebend upheaving
emporkommen to get up
emporkommen to get on in life
Emporkömmling {m} parvenu
Emporkömmling {m} upstage
Emporkömmling {m} upstart
Emporkömmlinge {pl} upstarts
emporragen to tower
emporragen (über) to dominate (over)
emporragend towering
emporragend dominant
emporschießen shoos
emporschießend shooting
emporsteigen to rise {rose, risen}
emporsteigend ascending
emporstreben aim high
emporstrebend aiming high
empören to disgust
empören to appall
empörend outrageous
empört indignantly
empört sein to be shocked
empört sein to be highly indignant
empört sein to be outraged
empört {adj} disgusted
Empörung {f} indignation
Empörung {f} indignations
Empörungen {pl} insurrections
emsig assiduous
emsig sedulous
emsig diligent
emsig hardworking
emsig industrious
emsig sedulously
emsige assiduously
emsige sedulously
emsigere busier
Emsigkeit {f} sedulity
Emsigkeit {f} sedulousness
emsigste busiest
Emu {m} emu
Emulation {f} emulation
Emulator {m} emulator
emulgieren emulsify
emulgierend emulsifying
emulgiert emulsifies
emulgierte emulsified
emulieren to emulate
Emulsion {f} (Filmschicht) emulsion
Emulsionen {pl} emulsions
Emulsions-Spaltkolben {m} emulsion separating flask
en gros in bulk
en gros in great quantities
en vogue sein to be in vogue
en vogue sein to be fashionable (at the moment)
End... terminal
End... terminative
Endabnahme {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] final acceptance (Br.) [-special_topic_tech.-]
Endabrechnung {f} final account
Endabstreifer {m} end scraper (Br.)
Endabstreifer {m} endscraper
Endalter {n} age at expiry
Endbenutzer {m} end-user
Endbetrag {m} final amount
Endbetrag {m} total amount
Endblech {n} (am Fahrzeugheck) closing section
Endbuchstabe {m} last letter
Endbuchstabe {m} final letter
Ende der Amtsperiode end of term
Ende der Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung end of speed limit
Ende der Vorfahrtstraße end of priority road
Ende des Zitats end of quote
Ende einer Datei end of file
Ende gut, alles gut All is well that ends well
Ende gut, alles gut. All's well that ends well.
Ende von end of
Ende {n} tail
Ende {n} bottom
Ende {n} end
Ende {n} ending
Ende {n} exit
Ende {n} quietus
Ende {n} expiration
Ende {n} finish
Ende {n} closure
Ende, Finale capper (Am.)
Endeadresse {f} bei einer Eingabedatei at-end address
Endebedingung {f} einer Programmschleife at-end condition
Endeffekt {m} bottom line
endemisch endemic
endemisch, lokal (z. B. Krankheit) [-special_topic_med.-] vernacular (e. g. "vernacular disease") [-special_topic_med.-]
endemische Krankheit {f} endemic
enden to end
enden to cease
enden to conclude (with)
Enden {pl} upshots
endend ceasing
endend ending
Endergebnis {n} final result
Endergebnisse {pl} final results
endet ends
endet ceases
endete ended
Endezeichen {n} back-to-normal signal
Endezeichen {n} terminator
Endfeld {n} end panel
Endfertigung {f} completion, finishing
Endgerät {n} terminal equipment
Endgerät {n} terminal
endgültig conclusive
endgültig for good
endgültig once and for all
endgültig final
endgültig finally
endgültig ultimate
endgültig definitely
endgültig definitive
endgültig once for all
endgültig definitively
endgültig vorbei well and truly over
endgültige Entscheidung {f} final decision
endgültige Formgebung {f} finalisation
endgültige Formgebung {f} finalization
endgültigere more final
Endgültigkeit {f} definitiveness
Endgültigkeit {f} finality
Endgültigkeit {f} peremptoriness
Endgültigkeit {f} ultimateness
Endgültigkeiten {pl} finalization
endgültigste most final
Endhieb {m} (Feile) final cutting
Endhirn {n} (anat.) endbrain
Endhirn {n} (anat.) end brain
endigen to accommodate
endigen to end
endigen to finish
endigen to terminate
endigen to come to an end
endigen to end up
endigen to expire
Endivie {f} endive
Endiviensalat (Cichorium endivia L.) endive
Endiviensalat {m} (Pflanze) endives
Endiviensalat {m} (zubereiteter Salat) endive salad
Endkunde, Endkundin {m,f} end customer
Endlage {f} stop position
endlich at length
endlich at last
endlich finitely
endlich ultimately
endlich unlasting
endlich finally
endlich erzeugt [-special_topic_math.-] finitely generated [-special_topic_math.-]
Endlich ist der Groschen gefallen. It finally sunk in.
endlich-dimensional [-special_topic_math.-] finite-dimensional [-special_topic_math.-]
endliche Teilüberdeckung {f} [-special_topic_math.-] finite subcover [-special_topic_math.-]
endliche [-special_topic_math.-] subcover [-special_topic_math.-]
endliche [-special_topic_math.-] finite [-special_topic_math.-]
endlicher Dezimalbruch proper decimal fraction
Endlichkeit {f} finitude
Endlichkeit {f} limitedness
Endlichkeiten {pl} finiteness
endlos dateless
endlos endless
endlos endlessly
endlos infinite
endlos interminable
endlos interminably
endlos unending
endlos unendingly
endlose endlessly
endlose Mühe no end of trouble
endloses Band endless-tape
Endlosformular {n} continuous form
Endlosformular {n} endless form
Endlosformular {n} tab form
Endlosigkeit {f} ceaselessness
Endlosigkeit {f} infinity
Endlosigkeit {f} interminableness
Endlospapier {n} fanfold paper
Endlospapier {n} fanfold form
Endlosschleife {f} infinite loop
Endlösung {f} Final Solution (extermination of the Jews by the Nazis)
Endmaß {n} gauge block
Endmontage {f} final assembly
Endnote {f} final score
Endnote {f} overall mark
Endnote {f} overall grade
endogen endogenous
endogen endogenously
endogene endogenously
endokrin endocrine

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