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Eiweißbedarf {m} protein requirement
Eiweiße {pl} albumin
eiweißhaltig albuminous
eiweißhaltigere more albuminous
eiweißhaltigste most albuminous
Eiweißkörper {m} albuminous substance
Eiweißkörper {m} protein
Eizelle {f} egg cell
Eizelle {f} ovum
Ejakulat {n} (med. Sperma) [-special_topic_med.-] ejaculate [-special_topic_med.-]
Ejakulation {f} ejaculation
Ejakulationen {pl} ejaculations
ejakulieren to ejaculate
Ejektorpumpe {f} eductor pump
EKD : Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland Protestant Church in Germany
Ekel empfinden to disgust
Ekel {m} aversion
Ekel {m} loathing
Ekel {m} (vor) revulsion (at), disgust (at, for)
Ekel {n} (ugs.) (Person) pill (sl.)
ekelerregend nauseous
ekelerregende nauseously
ekelerregendere more disgusting
ekelerregendste most disgusting
ekelhaft fulsome
ekelhaft loathsome
ekelhaft nauseous
ekelhaft nauseously
ekelhaft sickening
ekelhaft (adv.) sickeningly
ekelhafte disgustingly
ekelhafte fulsomely
ekelig disgusting
ekelig nasty
ekeln to disgust
ekelnd disgusting
ekelnd nauseatingly
ekelt sich nauseates
ekelte sich nauseated
EKG : Elektrokardiogramm ECG : electrocardiogram
Ekklesiastes {m} (bibl.) Ecclesiastes
eklatant spectacular
eklatant striking
eklatant sensational
eklatant (Fehler) blatant
eklatant (Fehler) glaring
eklatant (Widerspruch) flagrant
eklatanter Vorfall sensation
eklig mangy
eklig squirmy
ekliger mangier
ekliger nastier
ekliger squirmier
ekligste mangiest
ekligste nastiest
ekligste squirmiest
ekrü ecru
Ekrüseide {f} ecru silk
Ekrüseide {f} crude silk
Ekrüseide {f} écru silk
Ekrüseide {f} hard silk
Ekrüseide {f} unscoured silk
Ekstase {f} ecstasy
Ekstase {f} frenzy
Ekstasen {pl} ecstasies
Ekstasen {pl} frenzies
ekstatisch ecstatic
ekstatisch rapturous
ekstatisch rhapsodic
ekstatisch (adv.) ecstatically
ekstatisch (adv.) rapturously
ekstatisch (adv.) rhapsodically
Ektomie {f} resection (surgical removal of a part, usually of some magnitude, e.g. jaw, stomach, colon etc.)
Ektomie {f} ectomy (surgical removal of a part, usually of some magnitude, e.g. jaw, stomach, colon etc.)
ektromotorische electromotiveel
Ekuador Ecuador (ec)
Ekzem {n} eczema
Ekzeme {pl} eczemas
El Salvador El Salvador (sv)
Elaboration {f} elaboration
Elan {m} pep
Elan {m} verve
Elan {m} vim
Elan {m} vims
Elastanz {f} elastance
Elasthan {n} spandex
elastisch elastic
elastisch elastical
elastisch elasticly
elastisch resilient
elastisch resiliently
elastisch shirred
elastisch springily
elastisch bouncy (bouncier, bounciest)
elastisch elasticated
elastische elastically
elastische Binde elastic bandage
elastische Steuerung {f} compliance steer
elastische Träger {pl} (an Kleid, BH etc.) stretch straps
elastischer springier
elastischste springiest
Elastizität {f} resilience
Elastizität {f} resiliency
Elastizität {f} springiness
Elastizität {f} elasticity
Elastizitäten {pl} resiliences
Elastizitätsgrenze {f} elastic limit
Elastizitätsmodul {n} modulus of elasticity
Elastizitätsmodul {n} Young's modulus (Am.)
Elativ {m} [-special_topic_gramm.-] absolute superlative [-special_topic_gramm.-]
Elch {m} elk
Elch {m} moose (Am.)
Elche {pl} elks
Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF : Electronic Frontier Foundation
Elefant {m} elephant
Elefantenbaby {n} (ugs., abwertend: dickes Kind, Jugendlicher) young fatso
Elefantenbaby {n} [-special_topic_zool.-] baby elephant [-special_topic_zool.-]
Elefantenbulle {m} [-special_topic_zool.-] bull elephant [-special_topic_zool.-]
Elefantenfuß {m} elephant's foot
Elefantenfuß {m} (ein Agavengewächs) [-special_topic_bot.-] elephant's foot tree (Beaucarnea recurvata) [-special_topic_bot.-]
Elefantenfuß {m} (ugs.: Tritthocker mit Rollen) rolling step stool
Elefantengedächtnis {n} infallible memory
Elefantengras {n} [-special_topic_bot.-] elephant grass (Miscanthus sinensis gigantheus) [-special_topic_bot.-]
Elefantenhaut {f} (fig.) thick skin
Elefantenhocker {m} elephant stool
Elefantenkalb {n} [-special_topic_zool.-] elephant calf [-special_topic_zool.-]
Elefantenkuh {f} [-special_topic_zool.-] cow elephant [-special_topic_zool.-]
Elefantenohrbaum {m} (Ginkgo) fossil tree (Ginkgo biloba)
Elefantenohrbaum {m} (Ginkgo) ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)
Elefantenohrbaum {m} (Ginkgo) gingko (Ginkgo biloba)
Elefantenrunde {f} [-special_topic_pol.-] heavyweight round [-special_topic_pol.-]
Elefantenrüssel {m} elephant's trunk
Elefantenrüssel {m} (ugs., zur Betoneinbringung) [-special_topic_tech.-] elephant trunk (coll.) [-special_topic_tech.-]
Elefantenrüssel {m} (ugs., zur Betoneinbringung) [-special_topic_tech.-] tremie [-special_topic_tech.-]
elegant smart
elegant elegant
elegant elegantly
elegant niftily
elegant nifty
elegant fashionable
elegant smartly
elegant stylish
elegant stylishly
elegant swanky
elegant classy
elegant graceful
elegant sophisticated
elegante elegant
eleganter dressier
eleganter ritzier
eleganter Dankesbrief graceful letter of thanks
elegantere more elegant
eleganteste dressiest
eleganteste most elegant
eleganteste ritziest
Eleganz {f} classiness
Eleganz {f} dapperness
Eleganz {f} dressiness
Eleganz {f} elegance
Eleganz {f} fashionability
Eleganz {f} jauntiness
Eleganz {f} poshness
Eleganz {f} ritziness
Eleganz {f} smartness
Eleganz {f} stylishness
Eleganz {f} der Kleidung sartorial elegance
Elegie {f} elegy
Elektrifizierung {f} electrification
Elektriker {m} electrician
Elektriker {pl} electricians
Elektriker-Doppelmaulschlüssel {m} midget open-end wrench (Am.)
Elektriker-Doppelmaulschlüssel {m} compact open-end spanner (Br.)
Elektriker-Doppelmaulschlüssel {m} miniature offset open-end wrench (Br.)
Elektriker-Doppelmaulschlüssel {m} electrical spanner (Br.) (coll.)
Elektriker-Maulschlüssel {m} ignition wrench
Elektrikermeißel {m} electrician's chisel
Elektrikerschraubendreher {m} electrician's screwdriver
elektrisch electric
elektrisch electrical
elektrisch electrically
elektrisch angetriebene Drehscheibe {f} power-wheel
elektrisch angetriebene Drehscheibe {f} electric powered wheel
elektrisch leitender Stift {m} conductive pencil
elektrisch schweißen electroweld
elektrisch änderbar (Festspeicher) electrically alterable
elektrische Anlagen electrical installations
elektrische Anschlüsse {pl} electrical connections
elektrische Antriebe electrical drives
elektrische Antriebstechnik {f} electrical drive engineering
elektrische Brücke {f} jumper
elektrische Energie electric power
elektrische Energietechnik electrical engineering
elektrische Energieübertragung electrical transmission
elektrische Fensterheber {pl} electric windows
elektrische Fensterheber {pl} power windows
elektrische Gitarre {f} electric guitar
elektrische Heizung filament heating
elektrische Kettensäge {f} electric chain saw
elektrische Küchen- und Haushaltsgeräte {pl} [-special_topic_econ.-] white goods (Br.) [-special_topic_econ.-]
elektrische Ladung electric charge

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