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Experimentalhubschrauber {m} experimental helicopter
Experimentalphysik {f} experimental physics
Experimente {pl} experiences
Experimente {pl} experiments
experimentell experimental
experimentierend experiencing
experimentierend experimenting
experimentiert experienced
experimentierte experimented
Experte {m} expert
Experte {m} adept
Experte {m} (Luftwaffe) A fighter pilot proficient in aerial combat
Experten {pl} experts
Expertengespräch {n} expert discussion
Expertengremium {n} braintrust
Expertensystem {n} expert system
Expertin {f} expert
Expl. : Exemplar sample, copy
explizit explicit
explizite Adresse explicit address
explodieren to explode
explodieren to detonate
explodierend detonating
explodierend exploding
explodiert detonates
explodiert explodes
explodierte detonated
explodierte exploded
Explorationsbohrung {f} exploratory drilling
Explosion {f} burst
Explosion {f} fulmination
Explosion {f} blast
Explosionen {pl} burstings
Explosionen {pl} explosions
Explosionen {pl} fulminations
Explosionsbild {n} (Darstellungsart) exploded view
Explosionsbild {n} (Darstellungsart) exploded diagram
Explosionsbohren {n} explosive drilling
Explosionsdarstellung {f} exploded view
Explosionsdarstellung {f} exploded diagram
Explosionsdeckel {m} (Berstschutz) relief vent
Explosionsentlastungstafel {f} explosion panel
explosionsfähig explosible
explosionsfähig explosive
Explosionsgefahr {f} explosion hazard
explosionsgefährdet explosion-prone
explosionsgefährdeter Bereich {m} explosion-hazardous area
explosionsgefährdeter Bereich {m} explosion-risk area
explosionsgefährdeter Bereich {m} potentially explosive atmospheres
explosionsgeschützt explosionproof
explosionsgeschützt explosion-proof
explosionsgeschützte Ausrüstung {f} explosion-proof equipment
explosionsgeschützter Motor {m} explosion-proof motor
explosionsgeschütztes Gehäuse {n} explosion-proof enclosure
explosionsgeschütztes Gerät {n} (Ausrüstung) explosion-proof equipment
Explosionsgrenze {f} explosion limit
Explosionsherd {m} explosion center (Am.)
Explosionsherd {m} explosion centre (Br.)
Explosionskatastrophe {f} explosion disaster
Explosionskonzentration {f} explosion concentration
Explosionskrater {m} explosion crater
Explosionsrisiko {n} risk of explosion
Explosionsschaden {m} explosion loss
Explosionsschutz {m} explosion control
Explosionsschutz {m} explosion protection
Explosionsschutz {m} (vorbeugend) explosion prevention
Explosionsschutzrichtlinie {f} explosion protection guideline
Explosionsschwaden {pl} afterdamp
explosionssicher explosion-proof
Explosionsstampfer {m} frog rammer
Explosionstemperatur {f} explosion temperature
Explosionstrichter {m} explosion crater
Explosionstür {f} explosion door
Explosionsunglück {n} explosion accident
Explosionsunglück {n} (größeres) explosion disaster
Explosionswelle {f} explosion (high-pressure) wave
Explosionswellenfront {f} (explosion) shock front
Explosionswärme {f} heat of explosion
Explosionszeichnung {f} exploded view
Explosionszeichnung {f} exploded diagram
Explosionszentrum {n} explosion centre (Br.)
Explosionszentrum {n} explosion center (Am.)
explosiv explosive
explosivere more explosive
Explosivität {f} explosiveness
explosivste most explosive
Explosivumformen {n} explosive forming
Exponat {n} exhibit
Exponent {m} exponent
Exponent {m} superscript
Exponenten {pl} exponentials
Exponentialfunktion {f} [-special_topic_math.-] exponential function [-special_topic_math.-]
exponentiell exponential
exponiert exposed
Exportartikel {m} article of exportation
Exportauftrag {m} [-special_topic_econ.-] export order [-special_topic_econ.-]
Exporte {pl} exportations
Exportgenehmigung {f} export licence
Exportgenehmigung {f} export license (Am.)
Exportgut {n} export good
Exportgüter {pl} merchandise intended for export
exportieren to export
exportierend exporting
exportierte exported
Exportkontrollen {pl} export controls
Exportlizenz {f} export licence
Exposee {n} memo, memorandum
Exposition {f} exposition
Expositur {f} branch
Expressionismus {m} expressionism
Extempore {n} extempore
extern external
externer Speicher external storage
externer Wasserkreislauf external water circulation
Externsortierung {f} external sorting
exterritorial {adj} extraterritorial
exterritorial {adj} exterritorial
extra extra
extra special
extra apart
extra fein extra fine
Extra-Lob {n} special word of praise
Extra... special
Extraarbeit {f} extra work
extrafein superfine
extrafein superfinely
extrahiert extracted
extrahiert extracts
Extrakt (extrahierter Stoff) {m} extractive
Extrakt {m} extraction
Extrakte {pl} extractions
Extraktion {f} extraction
Extraktionsmittel {n} [-special_topic_chem.-] extracting agent [-special_topic_chem.-]
Extrapolation {f} extrapolation
extrapolieren extrapolate
Extras {pl} extras
extravertieren to extrovert
extravertiert extroverted
extravertiert extraverted
extravertiert extrovert
extravertierter Mensch extrovert
extravertierteren to extravert
Extrawurst {f} something special
Extrawurst {f} special treatment
Extrawurst {f} (ugs.) (Sonderbehandlung) special treatment
Extrawurst {f} (österr.) (Lyoner) bologna (sausage)
extrem extreme
extrem extremely
extrem thoroughgoing
extrem konservativ ultraconservative
extrem sentimental namby-pamby
Extremalprinzip {n} (math.) integral variational principle
Extremalprinzip {n} (math.) extremum principle
Extreme {pl} excesses
extremer Nationalismus {m} jingoism
Extremität {f} [-special_topic_med.-] limb [-special_topic_med.-]
Extremum unter Nebenbedingungen [-special_topic_math.-] constrained extremum [-special_topic_math.-]
Extremwert {m} extreme value
extrovertiert extrovert
Extruder {m} extruder
extrudieren to extrude
Extrudieren {n} extrusion
Extrusion {f} extrusion
Extrusionsblasmaschine {f} blow mould machine
Exzellenz {f} excellency
Exzellenz {f} majesty
Exzellenzen {pl} excellencies
Exzenter {m} eccentric tappet
Exzenter-Schnecke {f} (tech.) eccentric screw
Exzenterhebel {m} cam lever
Exzenterniet {m} eccentric rivet
Exzenterpresse {f} eccentric press
Exzenterschleifer {m} random orbital sander
Exzenterschleifer {m} router
Exzenterschleifer {m} random orbit sander
Exzenterschleifer {m} disk-type sander (Am.)
Exzenterschleifer {m} orbital sander
Exzenterschleifer {m} rotary sander
Exzenterschnecke {f} (tech.) eccentric screw
Exzenterschneckenpumpe {f} eccentric screw pump
Exzenterschneckenpumpe {f} helical rotor pump (Br.)
Exzenterschraube {f} eccentric screw
Exzenterstange {f} eccentric rod
Exzenterwelle {f} eccentric shaft
Exzentriker {m} oddball
Exzentriker {m} wack
exzentrisch wacky
exzentrisch offbeat
exzentrische eccentrically
exzentrische Abnutzung {f} eccentric wear
exzentrische Persönlichkeitsstörung {f} eccentric personality disorder
Exzentrizität {f} eccentricity
Exzentrizitäten {pl} eccentricities
Exzess {m} excess
exzidieren, herausschneiden [-special_topic_med.-] to excise [-special_topic_med.-]
Eyelinerpinsel {m} eyeliner brush
EZB : Europäische Zentralbank ECB : European Central Bank
Eßlöffelvoll tbsp : tablespoonful

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