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Doktor der Literaturwissenschaften DLit : Doctor of Letters, Doctor of Literature
Doktor {m} doc (coll.)
Doktor {m} doctoral
Doktorand, Doktorandin {m,f} postgraduate, post-graduate
Doktorand, Doktorandin {m,f} doctorand
Doktorand, Doktorandin {m,f} doctoral candidate
Doktorand, Doktorandin {m,f} doctoral student
Doktorarbeit {f} thesis
Doktorarbeit {f} dissertation
Doktorarbeiten {pl} thesis
Doktorat {n} doctorate
Doktorbrille {f} (ugs.) doctor's glasses
Doktorbrille {f} (ugs.) doctor's spectacles
Doktorbrille {f} (ugs.) doctor's specs
Doktorbrille {f} (ugs.) doctor's eye glasses
Doktoren {pl} docs
Doktoren {pl} doctors
Doktorvater {m} supervisor
Doktorvater {m} dissertation supervisor
Doktrin {f} doctrine
doktrinär doctrinaire
Dokument {n} scripture
Dokument {n} document
Dokumentar {m} documentalist
Dokumentarfilm {m} documentary film
Dokumentarfilme {pl} documentaries
Dokumentarin {f} documentalist
dokumentarisch documental
dokumentarische documentary
Dokumentarspielfilm {m} documentary feature
Dokumentation {f} documentation
Dokumentationsstelle {f} clearing house
Dokumentationsstelle {f} documentation center
Dokumentationsunterlagen {pl} documentation components
Dokumente gegen Akzeptanz D/A : documents against acceptance
Dokumente {pl} documents
Dokumenteninhalt {m} document contents
Dokumententypdefinition {f} DTD : Document Type Definition
dokumentierbar documentable
dokumentieren to document
dokumentierend documenting
dokumentiert documented
Dokumenttypdefinition {f} DTD : Document Type Definition
Dolch {m} dagger
Dolch {m} dirk
Dolch {m} poniard
Dolche {pl} daggers
Dolchfliege {f} stiletto fly
Dolchkampf {m} dagger combat
Dolchkampf {m} dagger fighting
Dolchkampf {m} (einzelner Kampf) dagger fight
Dolchnasenhai {m} daggernose shark
Dolchstich {m} stab with a dagger
Dolchstich {m} dagger stab
Dolchstiche {pl} stabs with a dagger
Dolchstoß {m} dagger thrust
Dolchstoß {m} (fig.) stab in one's/the back
Dolchstoßlegende {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] stab-in-the-back legend [-special_topic_hist.-]
Dolde {f} umbel
Dolden {pl} umbels
doldenblütig umbellate
Doldenmilchstern {m} (eine Heilpflanze) star of Bethlehem (Ornithogallum umbellatum)
Dollar {m} buck
Dollar {m} dollar
Dollar {m} rock (sl.)
Dollar {m} (Dollarschein) greenback (Am.) (coll.)
Dollar-Zeichen {n} dollar sign ($)
Dollars {pl} dollars
Dollbord {n} wheal
Dollborde {pl} wheals
Dolman {m} (Husarenjacke) dolman jacket
dolmetschen interpret
dolmetschen act as interpreter
Dolmetscher {m} translator
Dolmetscher {m} interpreter
Dolmetscherinstitut {n} institute for interpreters
Dolomit {m} dolomite
Dolomitbranntkalk {m} dolomite quicklime
Dolomitgestein {n} dolomite
Dolomitgestein {n} dolomite rock
Dom {m} minster
Dom {m} dome
Dom {m} cathedral
Domain Name System DNS : Domain Name System
Domchor {m} cathedral choir (professional)
Domchor {m} cathedral chorus (amateur)
Dome {pl} cathedrals
Dome {pl} minsters
Domesday Book {n} (Landesbeschreibung Englands aus dem 11. Jahrhundert) Domesday Book
Domestike {m} servant
Domestike {m} domestic
Domherr {m} capitular (Am.)
Domherr {m} cathedral canon
Domherr {m} (kirchlich) canon
Domherr {m} mit Residenzpflicht canon residentiary
Domherrenpfründe {pl} canon's stipend
Domina {f} domina
Domina {f} dominatrix
dominant dominantly
Dominante {f} dominant
Dominanz {f} dominance
Dominanz {f} ability to influence
Domination {f} ascendence
Dominationen {pl} ascendences
Dominica Dominica (dm)
Dominicaner {m} Dominican (man of Dominica)
Dominicanerin {f} Dominican (woman of Dominica)
dominicanisch Dominican
dominicanisch of Dominica
dominieren to dominate
dominieren to henpeck
dominierend dominating
dominierend henpecking
dominiert dominates
dominiert henpecks
dominierte dominated
Dominik Dominic
Dominikaner {m} dominican
Dominikaner {m} Dominican (man of Dominican Republic)
Dominikaner {pl} Friars Preachers
Dominikaner {pl} Black Friars
Dominikanerin {f} Dominican (woman of Dominican Republic)
dominikanisch Dominican (Dominican Republic)
dominikanisch of Dominican Republic
Dominikanische Republik Dominican Republic (do)
Domino spielen to play at dominoes
Domino {n} domino
Dominoeffekt {m} domino effect
Dominospiel {n} domino
Dominostein {m} domino
Dominosteine {pl} dominoes
Domizil {n} domicile
Domizile {pl} domiciles
Domkapellmeister {m} Master of the Music (Westminster Cathedral)
Domkapellmeister {m} Master of the Choristers (Westminster Abbey)
Domkapellmeister {m} Director of Music (St Paul's Cathedral)
Domkapitel {n} diocesan chapter
Domkappe {f} (Ventil) dome top cap (valve)
Domplatz {m} cathedral square
Dompteur {m} (animal) trainer
Dompteuse {f} (animal) trainer
Domäne {f} domain
Domäne {f} sphere
Domänen {pl} domains
Domänenname {m} domain name
Domänennamenanbieter {m} domain name server
Don {m} thu
Donator {m} (Elektronenspender bei Halbl.) donor
Donau {f} Danube
Dongle {m} dongle
Donner {m} thunder
Donner {m} boom
Donnerbalken {m} thunderbox
Donnerbüchse {f} blunderbuss
donnern to thunder
donnern to boom
donnern to fulminate
donnernd fulminating
donnernd thundering
donnerndes Gelächter {n} roars of laughter
Donnerscherben {m} thundermug (Br.)
Donnerschlag {m} peal of thunder
Donnerschlag {m} thunderclap
Donnerschläge {pl} thunderclaps
Donnerstag ist ein arbeitsfreier Tag there's no work on Thursday
Donnerstag {m} Thursday
Donnerstimme {f} thundering voice
Donnerstimmen {pl} thundering voices
donnert fulminates
donnert thunders
donnerte thundered
donnerte fulminated
Donnerwetter {n} golly
Donnerwetter {n} gosh
Donquichotterie {f} quixotic project
donquichottisch quixotic
doof dopey
doof gormless
doof dumb
doof daft
doof goofy (coll.)
doof thick (Br.) (coll.)
doof dense (Br.) (coll,)
Doofmann {m} dimwit
Doomsday Book {n} (Landesbeschreibung Englands aus dem 11. Jahrhundert) Doomsday Book
Doping {n} illicit use of drugs before sporting events
Doping {n} [-special_topic_med.-] doping [-special_topic_med.-]
Dopingkontrolle {f} drugs test
Dopingmittel {n} drug
Dopingtest {m} drugs test
Doppel {n} duplicate
Doppel-T-Glied {n} (Elektronik) magic T
Doppel-T-Glied {n} (Elektronik) magic tee
Doppel-T-Holm {m} (bautech.) double-T beam
Doppel-T-Träger {m} (bautech.) double-T beam
Doppelanschlag {m} doublestrike
Doppelaussage {f} tautology
Doppelaussagen {pl} tautologies
Doppelbelichtung {f} double exposure
Doppelbelichtungssperre {f} (Fotoapparat) double exposure prevention

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