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German English
dezenteren more discreet
dezentes Make-up {n} subtle make-up
dezenteste most discreet
dezentral peripheral
dezentrale Automatisierung {f} decentral automation
dezentralisieren to decentralize
dezentralisierend decentralizing
dezentralisiert decentral
dezentralisiert decentralizes
dezentralisiert decentralised
dezentralisierte decentralized
dezentralisierte Datenverarbeitung decentralized data processing
Dezentralisierung {f} decentralization
Dezentralisierung {f} devolution
Dezentralisierung {f} decentralisation
Dezerebration {f} (med.) decerebration (med.)
Dezerebrationsstarre {f} (med.) decerebrate rigidity (med.)
Dezernat {n} department
Dezibel {n} decibel
dezimal decimal
dezimal-binär decimal-to-binary
Dezimalanordnung {f} decimal adjust
Dezimaldarstellung {f} decimal notation
Dezimalen {pl} decimals
dezimales decimally
Dezimalkomma {n} decimal point
Dezimalkorrektur {f} decimal adjust
Dezimalpunkt {m} decimal point
Dezimalstellen {pl} decimal places
Dezimalsystem {n} decimal system decoder
Dezimeterwelle {f} ultrahigh frequency
dezimieren to decimate
dezimieren to deplete
dezimierend decimating
dezimierend depleting
dezimiert decimates
dezimiert depletes
dezimierte decimated
Dezimierung {f} decimation
Dezimierungen {pl} decimations
DFB : Deutscher Fußballbund German Football Association
DFÜ (Datenfernübertragung) dial-up networking
DFÜ : Datenfernübertragung {f} data communication
DFÜ : Datenfernübertragung {f} data transmission
DFÜ : Datenfernübertragung {f} data telecommunication
DGB : Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund Federation of German Trade Unions
dgl. : dergleichen, desgleichen the like
DI-Motor {m} engine with direct injection
Dia {n} diapositive
Dia {n} slide
Dia-Meißel {m} diamond bit
Dia-Meißel {m} diamond drilling bit
Diabetes {m} diabetes
Diabetiker {m} diabetic
Diabetikerschokolade {f} diabetic chocolate
diabetisch diabetic
Diabetologe {m} diabetologist
Diabetologie {f} diabetology
Diabetologin {f} (female) diabetologist
diabolische diabolical
diabolisches diabolically
Diadem {n} diadem
Diadem {n} coronet
Diademe {pl} diadems
Diaeresen {pl} diereses
Diagenese {f} diagenesis
Diagnose {f} diagnose
Diagnose {f} diagnosis
Diagnose-Programm {n} diagnostic routines
Diagnosen {pl} diagnosises
Diagnoseprüfung {f} diagnostic test
Diagnoseschreiber {m} diagnostic recorder
Diagnosestecker {m} diagnostic connector
Diagnosesystem {n} diagnosis system
Diagnostik {f} diagnostics
Diagnostik {f} diagnostic investigation
Diagnostik {f} clinical diagnostics
Diagnostika-Produkt {n} diagnostic product
diagnostisch diagnostic
diagnostisch diagnostics
diagnostische diagnostically
diagnostisches Programm diagnostic program
diagnostiziere make a diagnosis
diagnostizierend diagnosing
diagnostiziert diagnoses
diagnostiziert makes a diagnosis
diagnostiziert diagnosed
diagnostizierte made a diagnosis
diagonal diagonally
diagonal transverse
Diagonale {f} diagonal
Diagonalen {pl} diagonals
Diagonalgürtelreifen {m} bias belted tyre
diagonalisierbar [-special_topic_math.-] diagonalizable [-special_topic_math.-]
Diagonalkarkasse {f} bias ply carcass
Diagonalkarkasse {f} cross-ply casing
Diagonalkarkasse {f} diagonal casing
Diagonalkarkasse {f} diagonal ply carcass
Diagonalkarkasse {f} diagonal ply casing
Diagonalmatrix {f} [-special_topic_math.-] diagonal matrix [-special_topic_math.-]
Diagonalpumpe {f} (DDR) diagonal (flow) pump
Diagonalpumpe {f} (DDR) cone flow pump
Diagonalreifen {m} bias tire (Am.)
Diagonalreifen {m} conventional tire
Diagonalreifen {m} cross-ply tyre
Diagonalreifen {m} diagonal tyre (cross-ply)
Diagramm {n} diagram
diagrammatisch diagrammatic
diagrammatisches diagrammatically
Diagramme {pl} diagrams
Diagrammpapier {n} chart paper
Diakon {m} deacon
Diakonat {n} diaconate (rel.)
Diakone {pl} deacons
Diakonie {f} social welfare work
Diakonie {f} deaconry (rel.)
Diakoniekrankenschwester {f} (Gemeindeschwester) community care nurse
Diakonisse {f} deaconess
diakritisch diacritical
diakritische Zeichen diacritical signs
Dialekt {m} idiom
Dialekt {m} dialect
Dialekt {m} patois
Dialekt {m} accent
Dialekt {m} vernacular (dialect)
Dialekte {pl} dialects
Dialekte {pl} idioms
Dialektik {f} dialectics
Dialektiker {m} dialectician
Dialektiker {pl} dialecticians
dialektisch dialectic
dialektisch dialectical
dialektisches dialectically
Dialektwörterbuch {n} dialect dictionary
Dialog {m} dialogue (Br.), dialog (Am.)
Dialogdatenverarbeitung {f} interactive data processing
Dialoge {pl} dialogues
Dialoge {pl} dialogs (Am.)
Dialogeingriff {m} interaction
Dialogfenster {m} dialogue box
Dialogfenster {m} dialog box
Dialogfenster {m} dialogue window
Dialogfenster {m} pop-up window
Dialogist {m} dialogist
Dialogisten {pl} dialogists
dialogorientiert conversational
Dialogprotokolldatei {f} audit file
Dialogrechner {m} interactive computer
Dialogstation {f} interactive terminal
Dialogsystem {n} query-reply system
Dialogverarbeitung {f} transaction processing
Dialogverkehr {m} dialogue exchange
Dialyse {f} dialysis
diamagnetisch diamagnetic
Diamant {m} diamond
Diamant {m} sparkler
Diamant {m} mit Brillantschliff brilliant-cut diamond
Diamant-Kernbohrer {m} diamond core drill
Diamantabrichteinrichtung {f} diamond dressing device
Diamantabrichteinrichtung {f} diamond truing device
Diamantabrichten {n} diamond dressing
Diamantabrichten {n} diamond truing
Diamantabrichter {m} diamond (wheel) dresser
Diamantabrichtrolle {f} diamond-coated dressing roll
Diamantarmband {n} diamond bracelet
diamantartig adamantine
diamantbestückt diamond-tipped
Diamantbestückung {f} diamond tipping
Diamantbohren {n} diamond drilling
Diamantbohren {n} diamond boring
Diamantbohrer {m} diamond drill
Diamantbohrer {m} (Einsatz für Bohrfutter) diamond bit
Diamantbohrkrone {f} diamond core head
Diamantbohrkrone {f} diamond bit crown
Diamantbohrkrone {f} diamond core bit
Diamantbohrkrone {f} (mit Bort besetzt) bort-set bit
Diamantbohrkrone {f} (mit Bort besetzt) bort bit
Diamantbrosche {f} diamond brooch
Diamantcollier {n} diamond necklace
Diamantdiadem {n} diamond diadem
Diamanteindringkörper {m} diamond indenter
Diamanteinrollvorrichtung {f} diamond wheel crushing device
diamanten ... diamond ...
Diamanten {pl} diamonds
Diamanten {pl} sparklers
Diamanten {pl} rocks (sl.)
Diamanten, Juwelen bling bling (sl.)
diamantenbesetzt diamond-studded
Diamantencollier {n} diamond necklace
Diamantencollier {n} collar of diamonds
Diamantendiadem {n} diamond diadem
diamantene Hochzeit {f} diamond wedding
diamantene Hochzeit {f} diamond anniversary
Diamantenkette {f} diamond necklace
Diamantenkollier {n} diamond necklace
Diamantenkollier {n} collar of diamonds
Diamantenraub {m} diamond robbery
Diamantenräuber {m} diamond robber
Diamantenräuber {pl} diamond robbers
Diamantenschatz {m} diamond treasure

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