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Colorpult {n} (einer Druckmaschine) color desk (Am.)
Colorpult {n} (einer Druckmaschine) colour console (Br.)
Colorsteuerpult {n} (einer Druckmaschine) color desk (Am.)
Colorsteuerpult {n} (einer Druckmaschine) colour console (Br.)
Combos {pl} combos
Comicheft {n} comic book (Am.)
Comicheft, Comicbuch {n} comic book
Commodore {m} commodore
Compiler {m} compiler
Compiler {pl} compilers
Compilerbefehl ungültig invalid compiler directive
compilieren to compile
compiliert compiled
compiliert compiles
Compilierung {f} compilation
Compound-Stahl {m} hardened steel
Compoundtransformator {m} (E-Technik) compound transformer
Computer der Dateien im Netzwerk zur Verfügung stellt fileserver
Computer {m} computer
Computer {pl} computers
Computer-Notdienst {m} computer emergency service
Computer-Teile {pl} hardware
computer-unterstütztes Lernen computer based learning
Computer-Versessener geek
computerabhängig computer dependent
Computeramateur {m} bit-bender
Computeranwendung {f} computer application
Computerausgabe auf Mikrofilm (COM) computer-output microfilm
computerbasiertes Training CBT : Computer Based Training
Computerberechnung {f} computer calculation
Computerbetrug {m} computer fraud
Computerbrief {m} personalized computer letter
Computergeneration {f} computer generation
Computergeschäft {n} computer store
Computergeschäft {n} computer shop
Computergeschäft {n} computer business
computergesteuert computer controlled
computergestützt computer-aided
Computergestützter Leistungsprüfstand computer-controlled performance test station
computergestütztes Fernstudium {n} electronic distance learning
computergestütztes kollaboratives Lernen {n} Computer supported collaborative learning
computergestütztes Lernen {n} CAL : computer-assisted learning
computergestütztes Lernen {n} CAL : computer-aided learning
computergestütztes Publizieren DTP : Desktop Publishing
Computerhersteller {m} computer manufacturer
computerisieren computerize
computerisierend computerizing
computerisiert computerizes
computerisierte computerized
Computerisierung {f} computerization
Computerkenntnisse {pl} computer skills
Computerkriminalität {f} computer crime
Computerkriminalität {f} computer fraud
Computerland {n} computerland
Computernetzwerk {n} computer network
Computerpersonal {n} computer staff
Computerprogramm {n} computer program
Computerprogramme {pl} computer programs
Computersatz {m} (Drucktechnik) computer composition
Computersimulation {f} computer simulation
Computerspiel {n} computer game
Computerspiele {pl} computer games
Computersystem {n} computer system
Computersystemoperateur {m} sysop
Computersystemoperateur {m} system operator
Computersystemoperateure {pl} sysops
Computertechnik {f} computer engineering
Computertisch {m} computer desk
Computertisch {m} computer table
Computertomographie {f} (Schichtaufnahme des Körpers) computer tomography
computerunabhängig computer independent
computerunterstützt computer assisted
computerunterstützte Kooperation CSCW : Computer Supported Cooperative Work
computerunterstützte Unterweisung (CAI) computer-aided instruction
computerunterstütztes Testwerkzeug CATT: computer aided test tool
Computerwesen {n} computing
Computerwörterbuch {n} computer dictionary
Computerübermittlung {f} computer transfer
Conger {m} (Meeraal) conger eel
Container {m} container
Containerschiff {n} container ship
Containerwagen {m} container car
Contergan-Katastrophe {f} Contergan disaster
Contergan-Katastrophe {f} (hist.) Thalidomide disaster
Contergankind {n} thalidomide child
Contergankinder {pl} thalidomide children (Br.)
contra, gegen vs. : versus
Contre-Pente (CP) contre pente (CP)
Controller {m} controller
Controlling {n} (financial) controlling
Cook Inseln Cook Islands (ck)
Copalharz {n} copal
Copilot {m} copilot
Coprozessor {m} coprocessor
Copyright {n} Copyright
Copyright-Zeichen {n} copyright sign (©)
Cor-Ten-Stahl {m} cor-ten steel
Cordanzug {m} corduroy suit
Cordhose {f} cord trousers
Cordhose {f} corduroy trousers
Cordhose {f} corduroy pants (esp. Am.)
Cordhose {f} cord pants
Cordhose {f} (a pair of) cords (coll.)
Cordjacke {f} corduroy jacket
Cordoba {n} cordoba
Cordrock {m} cord skirt
Cordrock {m} corduroy skirt
Corioliskonstanten {f} Coriolis constants
Cornwall {n} (Grafschaft in Südwestengland) Cornwall
Corporate Identity corporate identity
Coscoroba-Schwan {m} Coscoroba swan (Coscoroba coscoroba)
Cosinus hyperbolicus {m} [-special_topic_math.-] hyperbolic cosine [-special_topic_math.-]
Cosinus {m} [-special_topic_math.-] cosine [-special_topic_math.-]
Cosinussatz {m} (math.) law of cosines
Cosinussatz {m} (math.) cosine law
Cosinussatz {m} (math.) cosine rule
Cosinussatz {m} (math.) rule of cosines
Cosinussatz {m} [-special_topic_math.-] law of cosines [-special_topic_math.-]
Costa Rica Costa Rica (cr)
Costa-Ricaner {m} Costa Rican
Costa-Ricanerin {f} Costa Rican
costa-ricanisch Costa Rican
Cotton-Mouton-Effekt {m} (physik.: magnetische Doppelbrechung) Cotton-Mouton birefringence
Cotton-Mouton-Effekt {m} (physik.: magnetische Doppelbrechung) Cotton-Mouton effect
cottonisieren (Flachs, Hanf) to cottonize
Cottonmaschine {f} (nach William Cotton) Cotton machine
Cottonmaschine {f} (nach William Cotton) Cotton's patent flat knitting machine
Cottonmaschine {f} (nach William Cotton) Cotton's patent full-fashioned knitting machine
Cottonöl {n} cottonseed oil
Couchgarnitur {f} suite
Couchgarnitur {f} three-piece suite
Coupé {n} coupé
Coupé {n} sport sedan (Am.)
Coupon {m} coupon
Coupon {m} voucher
Coupons, Kupons, Abschnitte, Gutscheine {pl} coupons
Coups {pl} coups
Couscoustopf {m} couscous kettle
Cousin {m} cousin
Cousine {f} cousin
Cousinen {pl} cousins
Cousins {pl} cousins
Covergirl {n} cover girl
Cowboy {m} wrangler
Cowgirls {pl} cowgirls
CPU-Architektur {f} CPU architecture
CPU-Kühler {m} CPU cooler
CPU-Kühlkörper {m} CPU heat sink
CPU-Lüfter {m} CPU fan
CPU-Lüfter-Anschluss {m} CPU fan connector
CPU-Lüfteranschluss {m} CPU fan connector
Crack Cocain {n} Devil's dandruff (Am.)
Crash {m} crash
CRC-Prüfung {f} crc check
Credo {n} credo
Creme double {f} [-special_topic_gastr.-] heavy cream (Am.) [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Creme {f} cream
Cremeschnitte (od.) Kremschnitte {f} (vulg.) (spermabedecktes weibl. Genital) creampie (Am.) (vulg.) (sperm-covered female genital region)
Cremeschnitte {f} cream slice
Cremeschnitte {f} slice of cream cake
cremig creamy
Crêpe-Pfanne {f} pancake pan
Crêpepfanne {f} pancake pan
Crew {f} crew
Cricket {n} (Rsv.) [-special_topic_sport-] cricket [-special_topic_sport-]
Cricketball {m} (Rsv.) [-special_topic_sport-] cricket ball [-special_topic_sport-]
Cricketschläger {m} (Rsv.) [-special_topic_sport-] cricket bat [-special_topic_sport-]
Cricketspiel {n} (Rsv.) [-special_topic_sport-] cricket match [-special_topic_sport-]
Cricketspieler {m} (Rsv.) [-special_topic_sport-] cricketer [-special_topic_sport-]
Crimpeinsatz {m} crimping pliers insert
Crimpwerkzeug {n} crimping tool
Crimpzange {f} crimping pliers
Crimpzange {f} crimping tool
Crimpzange {f} crimp tool
CroMoly-Stahl {m} cromoly steel
Crookes'sches Radiometer {n} Crooke's radiometer
Croskill-Walze {f} (landwirtschaftliches Gerät) Croskill roller
Croskillwalze {f} (landwirtschaftliches Gerät) Croskill roller
Cross-Assembler {m} cross-assembler
Cross-Rennrad {n} cross bike
Cross-Rennrad {n} cross bicycle
Cross-Rennrad {n} cross cycle
Crossbrille {f} sport goggles
Crossrad {n} cross bike
Crossrad {n} cross bicycle
Crossrad {n} cross cycle
Crossrennrad {n} cross cycle
Crossrennrad {n} cross bicycle
Crossrennrad {n} cross bike
Crotonöl {n} croton oil
Croupier {m} croupier
Croutons {pl} croutons
Crozetscharbe {f} Crozet shag
Crue {f} (Seide) crude silk
Crue {f} (Seide) écru silk
Crue {f} (Seide) unscoured silk
Cruseide {f} crude silk
Cruseide {f} écru silk
Cruseide {f} hard silk
Cruseide {f} unscoured silk

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