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Chlor {n} chlorine
Chlorbrille {f} anti-chlorine goggles
Chlordämpfe {pl} chlorine vapours
chloren chlorinate
Chloren {n} chlorination
chlorend chlorinating
Chlorgas {n} chloric gas
Chlorgas {n} chlorine gas
Chlorgasflasche {f} chlorine gas cylinder
Chlorhydrat {n} hydrochloride
Chlorid {n} chloride
Chlorierung {f} chlorination
Chloroform {n} [-special_topic_chem.-] chloroform [-special_topic_chem.-]
Chlorophyll {n} chlorophyll
chlorsaures Salz chlorate
Chlorsäure {f} hydrochlorous acid
chlort chlorinates
chlorte chlorinated
Chlorverbindung {f} chlorine compound
Chlorwasserstoff {m} (chem.) hydrogen chloride (HCl)
Chlorwasserstoffsäure {f} (chem.) (Salzsäure) hydrochloric acid
Chlorwasserstoffsäure {f} (chem.) (Salzsäure) chlorohydric acid
Cholera {f} cholera
Choleriker {m} tartar
Choleriker {m} [-special_topic_psych.-] choleric type [-special_topic_psych.-]
cholerisch choleric
Cholesterin {n} cholesterol
cholesterinreduziert cholesterol-reduced
Chopperstiefel {m} engineer boot
Chopperverstärker {m} chopper amplifier
Chor {m} choir
Chor {m} chorally
Chor {m} chorus
Choral {m} chorale
Choramt {n} choir office
Choreograph {m} choreographer
Choreographie {f} choreography
Choreographien {pl} choreographies
choreographierend choreographing
choreographiert choreographs
choreographierte choreographed
choreographisch choreographic
choreographische choreographically
Chorgesang {m} choral singing
Chorhemd {n} surplice
Chorhemden {pl} surplices
Chorknabe {m} choir boy
Chorknabe {m} choirboy
Choroidea {f} [-special_topic_anat.-] choroid [-special_topic_anat.-]
Chorprobe {f} choir practice
Chr. : Christus Xt : Christus
Christ {m} Christian
Christbaum {m} Christmas tree
Christbaumschmuck {m} Christmas tree decorations {pl}
Christentum {n} Christianity
Christi Himmelfahrt the Ascension
Christi Himmelfahrt (Feiertag) Ascension Day
Christin {f} Christian
Christkind {n} the infant Jesus
Christkind {n} Christ Child
Christkind {n} baby Jesus
Christkindlmarkt {m} Christmas fair
christlich {adj} christian
christlicher Theologe {m} Christian theologian
Christoph Christopher
Christoph Kit
Christoph Kester
Christophskraut {n} (Giftpflanze) baneberry (Actaea spicata L.)
Christus {m} Christ
Chrom {n} chrome
Chrom, Chromium {n} chromium
Chrom-Molybdän {n} chrome-moly
Chrom-Molybdän-Stahl {m} chrome molybdenum steel
Chrom-Molybdän-Stahl {m} chromium-molybdenum steel
Chrom-Molybdän-Stahl {m} cromoly steel
Chrom-Nickel-Stahl {m} chromium-nickel steel
Chrom-Vanadin-Stahl {m} chromium-vanadium steel
Chrom-Vanadium-Stahl {m} chromium-vanadium steel
chromatisch chromatic
chromatische chromatically
Chromatizität {f} chromaticity
Chromatogramm {n} chromatogram
Chromatographie {f} chromatography
Chromleim {m} chrome glue
Chrommolybdän-Stahl {m} chrome molybdenum steel
Chromnickelstahl {m} chromium-nickel steel
Chromosom {n} chromosome
chromsaures Salz chromate
Chromstahl {m} chromium steel
Chromstahl {m} chrome steel
Chronik {f} chronicle
Chroniken {pl} chronicles
chronisch chronic
chronisch chronicly
chronische chronically
chronische Quecksilbervergiftung {f} [-special_topic_med.-] mercurialism [-special_topic_med.-]
chronische Störung {f} chronic disorder
chronischer Schnupfen the sniffles
Chronist {m} annalist
Chronist {m} chronicler
Chronisten {pl} chroniclers
Chronologe {m} chronologer
Chronologie {f} chronology
Chronologien {pl} chronologies
chronologisch chronologic
chronologisch chronological
chronologische chronological
chronologischen chronologically
Chronologist {m} chronologist
chronometrisch chronometric
chronometrische chronometrically
chronometrischer chronometrical
Chukarsteinhuhn {n} chukar (Alectoris chukar)
Chuzpe {f} impudence
Chöre {pl} choirs
ciao hi
ciao bye
ciao good bye
CIM : computergestützte Produktion CIM : Computer Integrated Manufactoring
Cinemathek {f} film library (or archive)
circa (ca.) circa (ca.)
Cisleithanien {n} (= Großösterreich 1867-1918) Cisleithania (= Greater Austria 1867-1918)
cisleithanisch [-special_topic_hist.-] Cisleithanian [-special_topic_hist.-]
Cistensänger {m} (Vogel) zitting cisticola (Cisticola juncidis)
Claytonie (Claytonia perfoliata) miner´s lettuce
Cleve Cleves
clever (ugs.) slick (coll.)
Clipper-Schaltung {f} (Elektronik) clipper
Clipper-Schaltung {f} (Elektronik) clipper circuit
Clipschelle {f} clip
Clique {f} junto
Clique {f} clique (small exclusive group)
Clique {f} gang
Clique {f} crowd (coll.)
Cliquen {pl} cliques
cliquenhaft cliquish
cliquenhafte cliquishly
Cliquenhaftigkeit {f} cliquishness
Clog {m} (Schuh) clog
Clone {n} clone
Clones {pl} clones
close-packed dichtgepackt
Clown {m} clown
Clownerei {f} clownery
Clowns {pl} clowns
Club {m} club
Clunyspitze {f} Cluny lace
Cluster {n} cluster
Cluster {pl} clusters
Clusteranalyse {f} cluster analysis
cm : Zentimeter cm : centimeter
CMOS : komplementäre Metalloxid-Halbleiter CMOS : Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductors
CMYK-Farbmodell CMYK : cyan, magenta, yellow, black
cm³ : Kubikzentimeter cc : cubic centimetre
CNC : Computergestützte numerische Steuerung {f} CNC : computer(ized) numerical control
CNC-Drehmaschine {f} CNC lathe
Co-Kantengraph {m} (Graphentheorie) [-special_topic_math.-] co-derived graph [-special_topic_math.-]
Co-Prozessor {m} arithmetic processing unit
Co. : Compagnie (Handelsgesellschaft) Co. : company
Co. : Compagnon (Mitinhaber) partner
CO2-Flasche {f} CO2 cylinder
Cobalt (Kobalt) {n} cobalt
Cocainpulver {n} Devil's dandruff
Cockpituhr {f} cockpit clock
Cocktail {n} cocktail
Cocktailglas {n} cocktail glass
Cocktailkleid {n} cocktail dress
Cocktailsieb {n} cocktail sieve
Cocktailspieße {pl} cocktail sticks
Cocktailtomate {f} cocktail tomato
Cocosinseln Cocos (Keeling) Islands (cc)
Code {f} code
Code-Schlüssel {m} code key
Code-Umsetzer {m} code converter
codeabhängig code-oriented
Codeausdruck {m} code value
Codeliste {f} code set
Codes {pl} codes
Codesegment-Grenzen überschritten code segment too large
Codeseitentabelle {f} code page
Codeumsetzer {m} transcoder
Codewörter {pl} codewords
codierbar codeable
Codierblatt {n} coding sheet
Codiereinrichtung {f} encoder
codieren to encode
codierend coding
Codierer {m} coder
codiert coded
codiert encoded
Codierung {f} coding
Codierung {f} encoding
Coeur-Dekolleté {n} sweetheart neckline
Cognacschwenker {m} brandy glass
Cola light ® [-special_topic_tm.-] Diet Coke® [-special_topic_tm.-]
Collagen {pl} collages
Colorado-Kartoffelkäfer {m} Colorado potato beetle
Coloradokäfer {m} Colorado (potato) beetle
Colordiapositivfilm {m} film for color transparencies
Colornegativfilm {m} film for color prints

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