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Chartermaschine {f} (ugs.: Charterflugzeug) charter plane
chartern to charter
chartern to affreight
chartern to hire
charternd chartering
charterte chartered
Chartreuse {f} chartreuse
Chartular {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] cartulary [-special_topic_hist.-]
Chartular {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] chartulary [-special_topic_hist.-]
Chartularien {pl} [-special_topic_hist.-] cartularies [-special_topic_hist.-]
Chathamscharbe {f} Chatham Islands shag
Chauffeur {m} chauffeur
chauffierend driving
chauffierter driven
Chaussee {f} avenue, causeway, country road
chaussieren macadamize
chaussierend macadamizing
chaussiert macadamizes
Chauvinismus {m} [-special_topic_pol.-] chauvinism [-special_topic_pol.-]
Chauvinist {m} jingo
chauvinistisch jingoistic
checken to check
Checksumme {f} checksum
Checksummen {pl} checksums
Cheddar {m} (Hartkäsesorte) [-special_topic_gastr.-] cheddar (cheese) [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Cheerleader cheerleader
Cheerleader-Rock {m} cheerleader skirt
Cheeseburger {m} cheeseburger
Chef {m} chief
Chef {m} head
Chef {m} gaffer
Chef, Chefin {m,f} boss
Chef, Chefin {m,f} employer
Chef, Chefin {m,f} leader
Chef, Chefin {m,f} manager
Chef-Sekretär-Anlage {f} manager-and-secretary station
Chef-Sekretär-Anlage {f} executive-secretary system
Chefarzt {m} head physician
Chefarzt {m} chief physician
Chefarzt {m} senior consultant (Br.)
Chefarzt {m} (medizinischer Leiter) medical superintendent
Chefassistentin {f} executive assistant
Chefassistentin {f} (persönliche Assistentin) personal assistant, PA
Chefdrehsessel {m} executive swivel armchair
Chefdrehstuhl {m} executive swivel chair
Chefdrehstuhl {m} executive revolving chair
Chefetage {f} executive floor
Chefkellner {m} headwaiter
Chefkellner {m} head waiter
Chefkellnerin {f} headwaitress
Chefkellnerin {f} head waitress
Chefkoch {m} chef
Chefkoch {m} head cook
Chefkochmesser {n} chef's knife
Chefköchin {f} (female) chef
Chefköchin {f} (female) head cook
Chefpilot {m} (flight) captain
Chefpilotin {f} (female) (flight) captain
Chefredakteur {m} chief editor
Chefredakteur {m} editor-in-chief
Chefredakteurin {f} (female) editor-in-chief
Chefredakteurin {f} (female) chief editor
Chefredaktion {f} (Aufgabe) (chief) editorship
Chefredaktion {f} (Büro) main editorial office
Chefschreibtisch {m} executive desk
Chefschreibtisch {m} boss's desk (coll.)
Chefsekretär {m} chief secretary
Chefsekretärin {f} executive secretary
Chefsekretärin {f} (des Direktors) director's secretary
Chefsekretärin {f} (persönliche Assistentin) personal assistant, PA
Chefsessel {m} executive chair
Chefsessel {m} executive arm chair
Chefsessel {m} executive armchair
Chefsteward {m} purser
Chefstewardess {f} purserette
Cheftaste {f} (ugs.) (einer Computertastatur) boss key
Cheftrainer {m}, Chefcoach {m} head coach
Chefunterhändler {m} chief negotiator
Chefunterhändlerin {f} (female) chief negotiator
Chefvisite {f} (med.) consultant's round
Chefvisite {f} (med.) specialist's round (Am.)
Chefärzte {pl} head physicians
Chemie {f} chemistry
Chemiebombe {f} chemical bomb
Chemiebuch {n} chemistry book
Chemiebuch {n} book about/on chemistry
Chemiefaser {f} chemical fibre
Chemielehrerin {f} (female) chemistry teacher
Chemiemischer {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] chemical mixer [-special_topic_tech.-]
Chemiepumpe {f} chemical (process) pump
Chemieschutzanzug {m} chemical protection suit
Chemieschutzbrille {f} chemical goggles
Chemiestudium {n} study of chemics
Chemieunfall {m} chemical accident
Chemieunglück {n} chemical disaster
Chemiewaffe {f} chemical weapon
Chemiewaffenkonvention (CWK); Chemiewaffen Übereinkommen (CWÜ) Chemical Warfare (Weapons) Convention [Treaty] 1992 (CWC)
Chemikalien {pl} chemicals
Chemiker {m} chemist
Chemiker {pl} chemists
chemisch chemical
chemisch chemically
chemisch reinigen dry clean
chemisch-technische Assistentin {f}, CTA {f} (chemical) laboratory assistant
chemische chemically
chemische Bombe {f} chemical bomb
chemische Kriegsführung {f} chemical warfare
chemische Reinigung dry cleaner
chemische Reinigung {f} (Vorgang) dry cleaning
chemischer Kampfstoff {m} chemical weapon
Chemisches Untersuchungsamt {n} chemical investigations office
Chemotherapie {f} chemotherapy
Cherokee {n} cherokee
Cherrytomate {f} cherry tomato
Chesterkäse {m} Cheshire cheese
Chi-2-Unabhängigkeitstest {m} [-special_topic_math.-] chi-square test [-special_topic_math.-]
chi-quadrat-Verteilung chi-square distribution
Chiasmus {m} chiasmus
Chicoree (Cichorium intybus var. foliosum) chicory
Chicoree {m} chicory
Chicorée {m} chicory
Chiffon {n} chiffon
Chiffonkleid {n} chiffon dress
Chiffonrock {m} chiffon skirt
Chiffre {f} cipher
Chiffre {f} code
Chiffre {f} secret code
Chiffre {f} cypher
Chiffre {f} box-number (in newspaper)
Chiffre {f} key
Chiffren {pl} codes
Chiffrenummer {f} box number
Chiffrenummern {pl} box numbers
Chiffrierdaten {pl} cryptodata
chiffrieren to codify
chiffrieren to cipher
chiffrierend enciphering
Chiffriermaschine {f} cipher machine
Chiffrierstelle {f} code centre
Chiffrierung {f} codification
Chiffrierung {f} ciphony
Chiffrierungsverfahren {n} cipher
Chiffrierverkehr {m} ciphony
Chignon {m} (Frisur) chignon
Chile Chile (cl)
Chilene {m} Chilean
Chilenen {f} Chilean
Chilenin {f} Chilean
Chilenin {f} (betont: Frau) Chilean woman
Chilenin {f} (betont: Mädchen) Chilean girl
chilenisch Chilean
Chili {m} chilli
Chili {m} chili
chimär [-special_topic_biol.-] chimeric [-special_topic_biol.-]
China China (cn)
China {n} china
China-Syndrom {n} melt-down
Chinakohl {m} [-special_topic_gastr.-] Chinese cabbage [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Chinasäure {f} quinic acid
Chinese, Chinesin {m,f} Chinese
Chinesen {pl} Chinese
Chinesenkragen {m} mandarin collar
Chinesin {f} Chinese (woman / girl)
chinesisch Chinese
Chinesisch {n} Chinese
chinesische Fruchtkonfitüre chowchow
chinesische Pfanne {f} wok
chinesische Pfannen woks
chinesische Stachelbeere {f} kiwi fruit
chinesische Stachelbeere {f} Chinese gooseberry
chinesischer Strahlengriffel {m} kiwi fruit
chinesischer Strahlengriffel {m} Chinese gooseberry
Chinesischwörterbuch {n} Chinese dictionary
Chinhydron {n} quinhydrone
Chinin {n} quinine
Chinolin {n} quinoline
Chinon {n} quinone
Chinoxalin {n} quinoxaline
Chip {m} chip
Chip-Scheiben {pl} chip-slices
Chip-Testgerät {n} chip tester
Chipkarte {f} smart card
Chips {pl} chips
Chipsatz {m} chipset
Chiromant {m} (esot.) palm reader
Chiromantie {f} (esot.) palmistry
Chiromantin {f} (esot.) (female) palm reader
Chiromantin {f} (esot.) (female) palmist
Chiropraktik {f} chiropractic
Chiropraktiker {m} chiropractor
Chiropraktikerin {f} (female) chiropractor
Chiropraxis {f} osteopathy
Chirurg, Chirurgin {m,f} surgeon
Chirurgen {pl} surgeons
Chirurgenhandschuh {m} surgical glove
Chirurgenhandschuhe {pl} surgical gloves
Chirurgenkittel {m} [-special_topic_med.-] surgical gown [-special_topic_med.-]
Chirurgie {f} surgery
chirurgisch surgically
chirurgisch surgical

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