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Brennstoffe {pl} combustibles
Brennstoffe {pl} fuels
Brennstoffförderpumpe {f} fuel feed pump
Brennstoffförderpumpe {f} fuel-supply pump
Brennstoffhülle {f} (Kerntechnik) fuel cladding
Brennstoffpumpe {f} fuel pump
Brennstoffpumpe {f} fuel feed pump
Brennstofftablette {f} (Kernreaktor) pellet
Brennstoffzelle {f} fuel cell
Brennstoffzuführung {f} fuel feed
Brennstrahl {m} focal ray
brennt burns
Brenntemperatur {f} (Silikattechnik) firing temperature
Brenntorf {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] fuel peat [-special_topic_tech.-]
Brennverhalten {n} flammability
Brennweite {f} focal length
Brennweitenbereich {m} focal length range
Brennwert {m} calorific value
Brennzone {f} firing zone
Brenzkatechin {n} pyrocatechol
Brenzkatechin {n} catechol
Brenzschleimsäure {f} pyromucic acid
Brenztraubensäure {f} pyruvic acid
Brenzweinsäure {f} pyrotartaric acid
Bresche {f} breach
Bresche {f} gap
Bresche {f} opening
Bresche {f} crack
Brett {n} board
Brett {n} plank
Brett {n} shelf
Brettchenweben {n} tablet weaving
Bretter {pl} boards
Bretter {pl} planks
Bretter {pl} shelves
Bretter {pl} (Ski) slats (coll.)
Bretterbude {f} shack
Bretterzaun {m} wooden fence
Bretterzaun {m} (an Baustelle) hoarding
Bretterzaun {m} (an Baustellen) hoard
Bretterzäune {pl} boardings
Brettfallhammer {m} drop-board hammer
Brettspiel {n} board game
Brevier beten (kath.) to say the divine office (RC)
Brevier {n} breviary
Brevier {n} (kath.) divine office (RC)
Brevier {n} (Textauswahl) extracts
Brevier {n} (veraltend: Leitfaden) guide
Breze {f} (südd.) pretzel
Brezel {f} pretzel
Brezen {f} [südd.] pretzel
Brezn {f} (südd.) pretzel
Brief {m} letter
Brief {m} [-special_topic_bibl.-] epistle [-special_topic_bibl.-]
Briefbeschwerer {m} paper weight
Briefbeschwerer {m} paperweight
Briefbeutel {m} mailbag
Briefbeutel {m} letter bag
Briefbildsender {m} telescriptor
Briefbogen {m} letterhead
Briefbogen {m} (sheet of) note paper
Briefbogen {m} (sheet of) writing paper
Briefbombe {f} letter bomb
Briefbombe {f} mail bomb (Am.)
Briefbomber {m} letter bomber
Briefe austragen to deliver letters
Briefeinwurf {m} letter drop
Brieffreund, Brieffreundin {m,f} penfriend
Brieffreund, Brieffreundin {m,f} pen pal
Brieffreunde {pl} pen pals
Brieffreundschaft {f} correspondence with a pen friend (pen pal)
Briefgeheimnis {n} privacy of letters
Briefgeheimnis {n} secrecy of letter
Briefkasten {m} letter box
Briefkasten {m} letter-box
Briefkasten {m} mail box
Briefkasten {m} mailbox
Briefkasten {m} box
Briefkopf {m} letterhead
Briefkopierpresse {f} letterpress
Briefkurs {m} asked price
Briefkästen {pl} mailboxes
Briefköpfe {pl} letterheads
Briefmappe {f} letter case
Briefmarke {f} stamp
Briefmarken sammeln to collect stamps
Briefmarken {pl} stamps
Briefmarkenheftchen {n} book of stamps
Briefmarkensammler {m} philatelist
Briefmarkensammlung {f} stamp collection
Briefmuster {n} specimen letter
Briefordner {m} file
Briefordner {m} letter file
Briefordner {m} (für Kopien) letter book
Briefpapier {n} notepaper
Briefpapier {n} stationery
Briefpapier {n} letter paper
Briefporto {n} postage for letters
Briefsack {m} letter bag
Briefschluss {m} tail of a letter
Briefschreiben {n} letter writing
Briefschreiber {m} letter writer
Briefschreiberin {f} (female) letter writer
Briefsteller {m} (hist.) letter writer
Brieftasche {f} billfold
Brieftasche {f} wallet
Brieftasche {f} pocket book
Brieftaschen {pl} billfolds
Brieftaschen {pl} wallets
Brieftaube {f} carrier pigeon
Brieftauben {pl} carrier pigeons
Brieftelegramm {n} letter telegram
Brieftelegramm {n} day letter (Am.)
Briefträger {m} postman
Briefträger {m} mailman
Briefträger {m} letter carrier (Am.)
Briefträger {pl} mailmen
Briefträger {pl} postmen
Briefumschlag {m} envelope
Briefumschlag {m} mailer
Briefumschläge {pl} envelopes
Briefwaage {f} letter scale
Briefwahl {f} absentee voting
Briefwahl {f} absentee ballot (Am.)
Briefwechsel {m} correspondence
Briefwähler {m} absentee voter
Brieföffner {m} letter opener
Brieföffner {m} paper knife
Briemesser {n} brie knife
Bries {n} sweetbread
Bries {n} (Thymusdrüse) thymus (gland)
Brieschen {n} sweetbread
Brigaden {pl} brigades
Brigant {m} brigand
Brigant {m} (Straßenräuber) brigand
Briganten {pl} brigands
Brigitte Bridget
Brigitte Brigid
Brikett {n} briquette
Briketts {pl} briquettes
brillant splendid
brillant brilliant
Brillant {m} brilliant
Brillantring {m} brilliant ring
Brillantring {m} diamond ring
Brillanz {f} splendour
Brille {f} eyeglasses
Brille {f} spectacles
Brille {f} glasses (Br.) (U)
Brille {f} specs (Br.) (non-U)
Brille {f} (Schutz-, Sport-, Taucherbrille) goggles
Brillenente {f} surf scoter (duck) (Melanitta perspicillata)
Brillenetui {n} spectacle case
Brillenetui {n} spectacles case
Brillenetui {n} eyeglasses case
Brillenetui {n} (eye) glasses case
Brillenetui {n} specs case
Brillenfassung {f} spectacle frame
Brillengestell {n} spectacles frame
Brillengestell {n} (eye) glasses frame
Brillenglas {n} spectacles glass
Brillenglas {n} ophthalmic lens
Brillengrasmücke {f} (Vogel) spectacled warbler (Sylvia conspicillata)
Brillenoptik {f} spectacle optics
Brillenpelikan {m} Australian pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus)
Brillenschlange {f} cobra
Brillenschlange {f} spectacled cobra
Brillenträger {m} spectacle wearer
Brillenträger {m} wearer of glasses
Brillenträger {m} (ironisch) four-eyes
bring dein eigenes Bier BYOB : bring your own beer
bringen to bring {brought, brought}
bringen bring
bringen to get
bringen abwerfen to yield
Bringen Sie ihn doch nicht in Verlegenheit! Spare his blushes!
Bringen Sie mir doch bitte mal die Geräte. Bring me the tools, will you?
bringen, ins Spiel nehmen to bring on (football)
bringend bringing
Bringer {m} bringer
Bringschuld {f} debt to be discharged at creditor's domicile
bringt brings
brisant highly charged
brisant explosive issue
brisant controversial
brisant highly explosive
brisant (Situation) volatile
Brisanz {f} explosive power
Brise {f} breeze
Brisen {pl} breezes
brit. : britisch British
Brite {m} Briton, British (man, woman)
Britin {f} Brit (coll.)
Britin {f} Briton
Britin {f} British lady
Britin {f} (betont: Frau) British woman
Britin {f} (betont: Mädchen) British girl
Britisch-Kolumbien British Columbia
Britische Fremdenverkehrsbehörde BTA : British Tourist Authority
britische Handelsflagge {f} [-special_topic_naut.-] red ensign (Br.) [-special_topic_naut.-]

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