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German English
Bramme {f} slab
Branche {f} branch
Branche {f} line
Branchenkenner {m} market expert
Branchenspanne {f} average industry margin
branchenspezifisch branch-specific
Branchenverzeichnis {n} classified directory
Branchenverzeichnis {n} yellow pages
branchenweit industry-wide
branchenüblich customary (in this line of business)
Brand Awareness {f} (Markenbekanntheit) brand awareness
Brand {m} blaze
Brand {m} fire
Brand {m} blight
Brand {m} gangrene
Brand {m} (Brennen von Emailbeschichtungen) firing of porcelain enamel
Brand {m} (Brennen von Emailbeschichtungen) firing of vitreous enamel
Brand {m} (Getreidekrankheit) smut
Brand {m} (von Keramik) firing
Brand {m} (von Keramik, Ton) baking
Brand {m} im Antriebssystem engine burn
Brand-Park {m} (Marketing-Jargon) brand park
Brandabschnitt {m} fire compartment
Brandabschnitt {m} fire-cell
Brandabschnitt {m} (Brandbelüftung) ventilation zone
brandaktuelle Nachrichten [-special_topic_sociol.-] red-hot news [-special_topic_sociol.-]
Brandbekämpfer {pl} fire fighters
Brandbekämpfung {f} fire fighting
Brandbekämpfungsabschnitt {m} fire compartment
Brandbekämpfungsabschnitt {m} fire-cell
Brandbelüftung {f} fire ventilation
Brandbelüftung {f} emergency ventilation
Brandbelüftung {f} smoke control ventilation
Brandbeschleuniger {m} (fire) accelerant
Brandbeschleuniger-Spürhund {m} (fire) accelerant detection dog
Brandbeschleunigerspürhund {m} (fire) accelerant detection dog
Brandbetrieb {m} (Lüftungssteuerung) emergency operation
Brandbetrieb {m} (Lüftungssteuerung) fire programme
Brandblase {f} blister
Brandblasen {pl} blisters
Brandbombe {f} incendiary bomb
Brandbombe {f} fire bomb (coll.)
Brandbomben-Container {m} incendiary bomb container
Brandbomben-Schüttkasten {m} incendiary bomb container
Brandbombencontainer {m} incendiary bomb container
Brandbombenschüttkasten {m} incendiary bomb container
Branddamm {m} fire dam
Branddamm {m} fire seal
Branddamm {m} fire wall
Branddamm {m} (Bergwerk) break
Branddetektierung {f} fire detection
Branddirektor {m} fire director
brandeilige Arbeit {f} crash job
Brandeisen {n} branding iron
Brandenburg {n} Brandenburg
Brandermittler {m} fire investigator
Brandermittlung {f} fire investigation
Brandermittlungen {pl} fire investigations
Brandermittlungshund {m} fire investigation dog
Brandfall {m} case of fire
Brandflasche {f} Molotov cocktail
Brandflasche {f} gasoline bomb (Am.)
Brandflasche {f} petrol bomb (Br.)
Brandflasche {f} incendiary bottle
Brandfleck {m} scorch
Brandfleck {m} burn
Brandflecken {pl} gangrenous spot
Brandfluchthaube {f} (emergency escape) smoke hood
Brandfluchthaube {f} fire emergency mask
Brandfrüherkennungssystem {n} fire early warning system
Brandfühler {m} fire detector
Brandgans {f} shelduck (Tadorna tadorna)
Brandgase {pl} fire effluent
Brandgase {pl} fire gases
Brandgefahr {f} fire hazard
Brandgemisch {n} flaming mixture
Brandgeruch {m} burnt smell
Brandgeschoss {n} incendiary projectile
Brandgeschoss {n} incendiary shell
Brandgeschoss {n} flame projectile
Brandgiebel {m} gable end
Brandgiebel {m} end wall
Brandherd {m} source of fire
Brandherd {m} trouble spot
brandig (Speiseeisfehler) burnt
brandig (Weinfehler) burning taste
Branding {n} (Marketing-Jargon) branding
Branding {n} (Marketing-Jargon) brand development
Branding {n} (Marketing-Jargon) development of brands
Brandkatastrophe {f} fire disaster
Brandlast {f} fire load
Brandlüftung {f} fire ventilation
Brandlüftung {f} emergency ventilation
Brandmal {n} stigma
Brandmal {n} brand
Brandmale {pl} stigmas
Brandmalerei {f} poker work
Brandmarke {f} (z. B. durch Schleifen) burning mark
brandmarken to brand
brandmarken to denounce
Brandmarkenbildung {f} burning
Brandmarkenbildung {f} formation of burning marks
Brandmarkung {f} stigmatization
Brandmauer {f} fire wall
Brandmauer {f} firewall
Brandmauer {f} fire-division wall
Brandmauer {f} fire partition
Brandmauer {f} fire-proof wall
Brandmauer {f} party wall
Brandmauern {pl} fire walls
Brandmeister {m} fire chief (Am.)
Brandmeister {m} chief fire officer
Brandmeldeanlage {f} fire-alarm system
Brandmeldeanlage {f} fire detection system
Brandmeldeanlage {f} fire alarm system
Brandmeldeeinrichtung {f} fire alarm equipment
Brandmelder {m} fire detector
Brandmelder {m} flame detector
Brandmelder {m} fire detection device
Brandmelder {m} fire warning device
Brandmelder {m} (Sensor) automatic fire alarm detector
Brandmelder {m} (Sensor) fire detector
Brandmelder {m} (Sensor) fire alarm annunciator
Brandmelder {m} (Sensor) automatic fire alarm device
Brandmelder {m} (Sensor) automatic fire incident device
Brandmeldezentrale {f} fire alarm centre
Brandmeldung {f} fire detection
brandneu {adj} brand-new
Brandnotbeleuchtung {f} fire emergency (guidance) lighting
Brandopfer {n} holocaust
Brandprobe {f} fire assay
Brandprogramm {n} (Lüftungssteuerung) emergency operation
Brandprogramm {n} (Lüftungssteuerung) fire programme
Brandriss {m} fire crack
Brandsalbe {f} burn ointment
Brandsalben {pl} burn ointments
Brandsatz {m} incendiary material
Brandsatz {m} incendiary composition
Brandsatz {m} incendiary agent
Brandschaden {m} fire damage
Brandschiefer {m} (black) bat
Brandschiefer {m} carbonaceous shale
Brandschott {n} bulkhead firewall
Brandschott {n} fireproof bulkhead
Brandschott {n} fire bulkhead
Brandschott {n} fire wall
Brandschottfeld {n} firewall panel
Brandschutz {m} fire prevention
Brandschutz {m} (Prävention und Eindämmung) fire control
Brandschutz {m} (Schutz vor Feuer) fire protection
Brandschutzanstrich {m} fire-proof coating
Brandschutzanstrich {m} fire-coat
Brandschutzausrüstung {f} (z. B. bei Kunststoffen) flame retardant
Brandschutzbestimmungen {pl} fire regulations
Brandschutzfarbe {f} fire-retarding paint
Brandschutzmauer {f} fire wall
Brandschutzmauer {f} fire barrier
Brandschutzmaßnahme {f} fire precaution
Brandschutzstreifen {m} fire-break
Brandschutztechnik {f} fire technology
brandschutztechnisches System {n} fire protection system
Brandschutztür {f} (emergency) fire door
Brandschutzverglasung {f} fire-retardant glass
Brandschutzverglasung {f} fire-resistant glass
Brandschutzverglasung {f} fire-resistant glazing
Brandschutzvorkehrung {f} fire control
Brandschutzwand {f} fire wall
Brandschutzwand {f} fire barrier
Brandschutzübung {f} fire drill
Brandschäden {pl} damage by fire
brandsicher fireproof
Brandsohle {f} insole
Brandsohle {f} inner sole
Brandsohle {f} innersole
Brandsohle {f} flat insole
Brandsohlen {pl} insoles
Brandsohlenheftmaschine {f} insole tacking machine
Brandsohlenleder {n} insole leather
Brandsohlenrissmaschine {f} insole channelling machine
Brandsohlleder {n} insole leather
Brandspant {m} firewall
Brandstelle {f} scene of fire
Brandstelle {f} (Spritzfehler) burnt spot
Brandstellen {pl} scenes of fire
Brandstifter {f} torch (Am.)
Brandstifter {m} arsonist
Brandstifter {m} firebug
Brandstifter {m} incendiary
Brandstifter {pl} arsonists
Brandstifter {pl} incendiaries
Brandstiftung {f} arson
Brandstiftung {f} incendiary
Brandstiftung {f} fire-raising (Br.)
Brandstiftungen {pl} arsons
Brandstreifen {m} wad burn streaks
Brandtür {f} fire door
Brandtür {f} emergency door
Brandung {f} surf
Brandung {f} breakers
Brandungsströmung {f} longshore current

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