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Bombengeschäft {n} roaring trade
Bombengeschäft {n} (ugs.) land-office business (Am.) (coll.)
Bombengestell {n} bomb rack
Bombengewicht {n} bomb weight
Bombengroßangriff {m} clobbering
Bombengürtel {m} (eines Selbstmordattentäters) (suicide) bomb belt
Bombengürtel {m} (eines Selbstmordattentäters) (suicide) bombing belt
Bombenhagel {m} hail of bombs
Bombenhebel {m} bomb release handle
Bombenhitze {f} sweltering heat
Bombenhorror {m} horror bombing
Bombenhülle {f} bomb case
Bombenkalorimeter {n} bomb calorimeter
Bombenkammer {f} (im Flugzeug) bomb bay
Bombenkasten {m} bomb cell
Bombenklappe {f} (am Flugzeugrumpf) bomb door
Bombenkoffer {m} bombing suitcase
Bombenkoffer {m} bomb suitcase
Bombenkonstrukteur {m} bomb designer
Bombenkopf {m} bomb nose
Bombenkörper {m} bomb body
Bombenlast {f} bomb load
Bombenlauf {m} bomb run
Bombenleger, Bombenlegerin {m,f} bomber
Bombenleger, Bombenlegerin {m,f} bomb planter
Bombenluke {f} bomb door
Bombenmagazin {n} bomb container
Bombenmantel {m} bomb shell
Bombenmantel {m} bomb jacket
Bombenmasse {f} bomb mass
Bombennacht {f} night of bombing
Bombennotabwurfplatz {m} emergency bomb jettison field
Bombennotabwurfplatz {m} emergency bomb-jettison field
Bombennächte {pl} nights of bombing
Bombenofen {m} Carius furnace
Bombenofen {m} tube furnace
Bombenopfer {n} bomb victim
Bombenpunktwurf {m} pinpoint bombing
Bombenraum {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] bomb compartment [-special_topic_mil.-]
Bombenraum {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] bomb bay [-special_topic_mil.-]
Bombenregen {m} rain of bombs
Bombenreihenwurf {m} stick bombing
Bombenreihenwurf {m} train release (of bombs)
Bombenrichtgerät {n} bomb aiming mechanism
Bombenrohr nach Carius {n} Carius bomb tube
Bombenrohr nach Carius {n} Carius tube
Bombenrohr {n} bomb tube
Bombenräumkommando {n} explosive ordnance disposal (E.O.D.)
Bombensache {f} wow (coll.)
Bombensache {f} (ugs.) smasher (coll.)
Bombensache {f} (ugs.) knockout (Am.) (coll.)
Bombenschacht {m} bomb bay
Bombenschacht {m} bomb recess
Bombenschacht {m} bomb compartment
Bombenschachtauslöser {m} bomb-bay release gear
Bombenschachtbehälter {m} bomb-bay bin
Bombenschachtklappe {f} bomb-bay door
Bombenschachttank {m} bomb-bay tank
Bombenschachtzelle {f} bomb chute
Bombenschaden {m} bomb damage
Bombenschaden {m} air-raid damage
Bombenschlag {m} bomb strike
Bombenschloss {n} bomb gear
Bombenschloss {n} bomb release slip
Bombenschloss {n} bomb rack
Bombenschläge {pl} bomb strikes
Bombenschuss {m} (Fußball) unstoppable shot
Bombenschüttkasten {m} bomb chute
Bombenschütze {m} bombardier
Bombenschütze {m} bombardeer
Bombenschütze {m} bomb aimer
Bombenschütze {m} bomb dropper
Bombenschützenaufleger {m} bomb aimer's position
Bombenschäden {pl} bomb damage
Bombenschäkel {m} bomb shakle
bombensicher (ugs.: unveränderbar) dead certain
bombensicher (ungefährlich) absolutely safe
bombensicher feststehen to be a dead cert (Br.) (sl.)
bombensichere Deckung {f} bomb proof shelter
bombensichere Deckung {f} bomb-proof shelter
Bombensplitter {m} bomb fragment
Bombenstellung {f} (ugs.) job in a million
Bombenstellung {n} (ugs.) fantastic job
Bombenstimmung {f} tremendous atmosphere
Bombenstimmung {f} fantastic atmosphere
Bombenstrom {m} torrent of bombs
Bombenstrom {m} stream of bombs
Bombensuchgerät {n} bomb detection device
Bombentasche {f} bombing bag
Bombentasche {f} bomb bag
Bombenteppich {m} bombing panel
Bombenteppich {m} bomb carpet
Bombenterror {m} terror bombing
Bombentreffer {m} bomb damage
Bombentrichter {m} bomb crater
Bombenträger {m} bomb carrier
Bombenvisier {n} bomb sight
Bombenvisier {n} bombsight
Bombenvolltreffer {m} direct bomb hit
Bombenwahlschalter {m} bomb selector switch
Bombenwarnung {f} bomb warning
Bombenweste {f} bomb vest
Bombenwiege {f} (Aufhängung für Fliegerbombe) bomb cradle
Bombenwurf {m} (aus der Luft) bomb dropping
Bombenwurf {m} (Fliegerbombe) bomb release
Bombenwurf-Parabel {f} bomb trajectory
Bombenwurf-Windwertgeber {m} (Bombenzielgerät) bomb target wind scale
Bombenwurf-Windwertskala {f} (Bombenzielgerät) bomb target wind scale
Bombenwurf-Zielgerät {n} bomb sight
Bombenwurf-Zielvorrichtung {f} bomb sight
Bombenwurfart {f} (Fliegerbombe) type of bomb release
Bombenwurfautomat {m} automatic bomb release
Bombenwurfhebel {m} bomb release lever
Bombenwurfmechanismus {m} bomb release mechanism
Bombenwurfparabel {f} bomb trajectory
Bombenwurfplatz {m} bomb release area
Bombenwurfrechner {m} tangent angle computer
Bombenwurfvorrichtung {f} bomb dropping apparatus
Bombenwurfvorrichtung {f} bomb dropping gear
Bombenwurfvorrichtung {f} bomb release mechanism
Bombenwurfzielgerät {n} bomb sight
Bombenwurfzielvorrichtung {f} bomb sight
Bombenzielanflug {m} bomb run
Bombenzielapparat {m} bomb aiming device
Bombenzieleinrichtung {f} bomb sight
Bombenzielfernrohr {n} optical bombsight
Bombenzielfernrohr {n} optical bomb sight
Bombenzielgerät {n} bomb aiming device
Bombenzielvorrichtung {f} bomb sight
Bombenzünder {m} bomb fuze (Am.)
Bombenzünder {m} bomb fuse
Bombenzünder {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] bomb detonator [-special_topic_mil.-]
Bombenzündkopf {m} bomb nose
Bomber {m} (Fußball) powerful striker
Bomber {pl} bombers
Bomber-Blouson {m} bomber blouson
Bomber-Jacke {f} bomber jacket
Bomberblouson {m} bomber blouson
Bomberformation {f} bomber formation
Bombergeschwader {n} bomber squadron
Bombergeschwader {n} bomber wing
Bombergeschwader {n} bomber group (Am.)
Bomberjacke {f} bomber jacket
Bomberrolle {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] bomber role [-special_topic_mil.-]
Bomberstaffel {f} bomber squadron
Bomberverband {m} (Einheit) bomber wing
Bomberverband {m} (Einheit) bomber group (Am.)
Bomberverband {m} (Formation) bomber formation
bombig (ugs.) super (coll.)
bombig (ugs.) smashing (coll.)
bombig (ugs.) terrific
bombig (ugs.) fantastic
Bombodrom {n} (ugs.: Bombenabwurfplatz) bomb release area
Bommel {m} bobble
Bon {m} voucher
Bon {m} bon
Bon {m} (Kassenzettel) sales slip
Bon {m} (Kassenzettel) receipt
Bonaventura Bonaventure
Bonbon {n} lozenge
Bonbon {n} goody
Bonbon {n} candy
Bonbon {n} sweetmeat
Bonbons {pl} candies
Bonbons {pl} sweetmeats
Bonchen {n} zook
Bondparameter {pl} bonding parameters
Boni {pl} {m} bonuses
Bonifaz Boniface
Bonjour-Tropfen {m} (morgendliche Absonderung bei Gonorrhoe) gleet
Bonjour-Tropfen {m} (ugs.: Präejakulat) drop of precum (coll.)
Bonjour-Tröpfchen {n} (ugs.) (morgendliche Absonderung bei Gonorrhoe) gleet
Bonjour-Tröpfchen {n} (ugs.: Präejakulat) droplet of precum (coll.)
Bonjourtropfen {m} (morgendliche Absonderung bei Gonorrhoe) gleet
Bonjourtropfen {m} (ugs.: Präejakulat) drop of precum (coll.)
Bonjourtröpfchen {n} (ugs.) (morgendliche Absonderung bei Gonorrhoe) gleet
Bonjourtröpfchen {n} (ugs.: Präejakulat) droplet of precum (coll.)
Bonn {n} Bonn
Bonsai {m} bonsai
Bonus {m} premium
Bonus {m} incentive
Boogie-Woogie {m} boogie-woogie
Bookmarklet : kleines, nützliches Javascript-Schnipsel, verwendet als Browser-Lesezeichen Bookmarklet : small, useful javascript snippet used as browser bookmark
Bool'sche Logik {f} Boolean logic
Bool'sche Operatoren Boolean operators
Boolesche Algebra {f} [-special_topic_comp.-] algebra of logic [-special_topic_comp.-]
Boom {m} boom
boomen to boom
Boosterpumpe {f} booster pump
Boot {n} boat
Boote {pl} boats
Bootfahrt {f} boating
Bootsbau-Sperrholz {n} marine ply
Bootsfahrt {f} boat trip
Bootsführer {m} boatman
Bootshaus {n} boat house
Bootshaus {n} boathouse
Bootsmann {m} boatswain
Bootsmänner {pl} boatswains
Bootsstange {f} quant

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