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Batterieuhr {f} (Armbanduhr) battery watch
Batteriezelle {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] battery cell [-special_topic_tech.-]
Batteriezustand {m} battery condition
Batteriezustandanzeige {f} battery capacity display
Batteriezustandanzeige {f} battery level indicator
Batteriezündung {f} battery ignition
Batzen {m} clump
Batzen {m} chunk
Bau {m} fabric
Bau {m} hole
Bau {m} building
Bauamt {n} department of planning and building inspection
Bauamt {n} building authority
Bauamt {n} planning department and building control office
Bauanleitung {f} construction manual
Bauantrag {m} building application
Bauantrag {m} planning application
Bauarbeiten {pl} construction work
Bauarbeiter {m} construction worker
Bauart {f} construction type
Bauart {f} building technique
Bauartkode {m} construction code
Bauaufsicht {f} building inspection
Bauaufsicht {f} building supervision
Bauaufsichtsbehörde {f} building control authority
Bauaufsichtsrecht {n} planning control law
Bauausführung {f} building construction
Baubeginn {m} start of construction
Baubranche {f} building trade
Baubüro {n} site office
Baubüro {n} building-site office
Baubüro {n} construction site office
Baubüro {n} on-site office
Bauch eines Segels aero-dynamic shape / flow (bunt)
Bauch {m} ventral
Bauch {m} belly
Bauch {m} abdomen
Bauch, Wampe, Wanst {m,f,m} paunch
Bauch... ventral
Bauchaorta {f} abdominal part of the aorta
Bauchdecke {f} [-special_topic_anat.-] abdominal wall [-special_topic_anat.-]
Bauchdeckenhaken {m} [-special_topic_med.-] abdominal retractor [-special_topic_med.-]
Bauchdeckenhalter {m} [-special_topic_med.-] abdominal blade [-special_topic_med.-]
Bauchdeckenschere {f} [-special_topic_med.-] abdominal scissors [-special_topic_med.-]
Bauchfell {n} peritoneal
Bauchfelle {pl} peritonea
Bauchfellentzündung {f} peritonitis
Bauchfellentzündungen {pl} peritonitis
Bauchfleck {m} belly-flop
bauchfrei cropped
Bauchfrei-Shirt {n} belly shirt
Bauchfrei-Shirt {n} tummy shirt
Bauchfrei-T-Shirt {n} tummy tee (sl.)
Bauchfrei-T-Shirt {n} belly tee (sl.)
Bauchfrei-T-Shirt {n} belly tee-shirt
Bauchfrei-T-Shirt {n} belly T-shirt
Bauchfrei-T-Shirt {n} tummy tee-shirt (coll.)
Bauchfrei-T-Shirt {n} tummy T-shirt (coll.)
Bauchfrei-Top {n} tummy top (coll.)
Bauchfrei-Top {n} belly top
Bauchfrei-Top {n} crop top (esp. Am.)
bauchfreies Oberteil {n} crop top (esp. Am.)
bauchfreies Oberteil {n} belly top
bauchfreies Oberteil {n} tummy top (coll.)
bauchfreies Shirt {n} tummy shirt
bauchfreies Shirt {n} belly shirt
bauchfreies Shirt {n} cropped shirt
bauchfreies T-Shirt {n} belly tee-shirt
bauchfreies T-Shirt {n} belly tee (sl.)
bauchfreies T-Shirt {n} tummy tee (sl.)
bauchfreies T-Shirt {n} belly T-shirt
bauchfreies T-Shirt {n} tummy tee-shirt (coll.)
bauchfreies T-Shirt {n} tummy T-shirt (coll.)
bauchfreies T-Shirt {n} cropped tee (sl.)
bauchfreies Top {n} crop top (esp. Am.)
bauchfreies Top {n} belly top
bauchfreies Top {n} tummy top (coll.)
bauchfreies Top {n} cropped top
Bauchhaken {m} [-special_topic_med.-] abdominal retractor [-special_topic_med.-]
Bauchhöhle {f} abdominal cavity
Bauchhöhlenschwangerschaft {f} ectopic pregnancy
bauchig bellied
bauchig belliedly
bauchig (Säge) breasted
Bauchkielwanze {f} (zool.) hawthorn shield bug
Bauchkneifen {n} tummy pains (coll.)
Bauchknurren {n} [-special_topic_med.-] borborygmus [-special_topic_med.-]
Bauchladen {m} vendor's tray
Bauchladen {m} hawker's tray
Bauchlandung {f} belly landing
Bauchlandungen {pl} belly landings
Bauchmuckis {pl} (ugs., hum.) (bulging) tummy muscles (coll.)
Bauchmuskel {m} tummy muscle (coll.)
Bauchmuskelmaschine {f} crunch machine
Bauchmuskeln {pl} abdominal muscles
Bauchmuskeln {pl} abdominals
Bauchmuskeln {pl} abs (coll.: abdominal muscles)
Bauchmuskeln {pl} tummy muscles (coll.)
Bauchnabel {m} bellybutton
Bauchpressen {pl} (Fitness) crunches
Bauchreden {n} ventriloquism
Bauchredner {m} ventriloquist
Bauchredner {pl} ventriloquists
Bauchrednerei {f} ventriloquy
Bauchschlagader {f} visceral artery
Bauchschlagader {f} abdominal artery
Bauchschmerz {m} belly ache
Bauchschmerzen {pl} belly aches
Bauchschmerzen {pl} abdominal pain
Bauchschnitt {m} [-special_topic_med.-] abdominal incision [-special_topic_med.-]
Bauchschnitt {m} [-special_topic_med.-] abdominal laparotomy [-special_topic_med.-]
Bauchschnitt {m} [-special_topic_med.-] abdominal section [-special_topic_med.-]
Bauchschuss {m} shot in the stomach
Bauchspatel {m} [-special_topic_med.-] abdominal spatula [-special_topic_med.-]
Bauchspeicheldrüse {f} pancreases
Bauchspeicheldrüse {f} pancreas
Bauchspeicheldrüsen {pl} pancreatic
Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs {m} pancreas cancer
Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs {m} pancreatic cancer
Bauchspeicheldrüsensaft {m} pancreatic juice
Bauchspiegelung {f} [-special_topic_med.-] laparoscopy [-special_topic_med.-]
Bauchtanz {m} (einzelner Tanz) belly dance
Bauchtanz-BH {m} belly dance bra
Bauchtanzhose {f} belly dance pants
Bauchtanzhöschen {n} belly dance panties
Bauchtanzkostüm {n} belly dance costume
Bauchtanzkostüm {n} belly dancing costume
Bauchtanzkurs {m} belly dancing course
Bauchtanzkurs {m} belly dancing lessons
Bauchtanzkurs {m} belly dance lessons
Bauchtanzkurs {m} belly dance course
Bauchtanzkurs {m} (Teilnehmer) belly dancing class
Bauchtanzkurs {m} (Teilnehmer) belly dance class
Bauchtanzrock {m} belly dance skirt
Bauchtanzschleier {m} belly dance veil
Bauchtanzschleier {m} belly dancing veil
Bauchtanzschule {f} belly dance academy
Bauchtanzschule {f} belly dancing school
Bauchtasche {f} bum bag (Br.)
Bauchtasche {f} fanny pack (Am.)
Bauchtasche {f} body bag
Bauchtasche {f} belt bag
Bauchtänzer {m} male belly dancer
Bauchtänzerin {f} (female) belly dancer
Bauchweh {n} tummy ache
Bauchweh {n} tummy-ache
Bauchzirkel {m} callipers
Baud {n} baud
Baud-Rate {f} baud rate
Baudenkmal {n} building of historic importance
Baudienststelle {f} building agency
Baudrate {f} baud rate
Bauelement {n} module
bauen to build
bauen to put up
bauen auf to bank on
Bauen {n} building
bauend constructing
Bauer {m} farmer
Bauer {m} grower
Bauer {m} hans
Bauer {m} peasant
Bauer {m} boor
Bauer {m} (Schach) pawn
Bauerbe {n} heritage site
Bauern legen [-special_topic_hist.-] to clear peasants [-special_topic_hist.-]
Bauern {pl} peasants
Bauern {pl} countrymen
Bauernbursche {m} swain
Bauernburschen {pl} swains
Bauernfrauen {pl} peasant women
Bauernfrühstück {n} farmers breakfast
Bauernfrühstück {n} a hearty breakfast
Bauernfänger {m} con man
Bauernfänger {m} rook
Bauernfänger {m} con artist
Bauernfänger {m} confidence trickster
Bauernfängerei {f} (ugs.) swindling
Bauernhaus {n} farmhouse
Bauernhof {m} farm
Bauernhof {m} farmstead
Bauernhäuser {pl} farmhouses
Bauernhöfe {pl} farms
Bauernlegen {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] peasant clearance [-special_topic_hist.-]
Bauernlümmel {m} bumpkin
Bauernlümmel {pl} bumpkins
Bauernmagd {f} farm girl
Bauernmädchen {n} country girl
Bauernmädchen {n} country lass
Bauernmöbel {n} piece of rustic(-style) furniture
Bauernschaft {f} peasantry
Bauerntrampel {m} (ugs.) hick girl (esp. Am.) (coll.)
Bauerntrampel {m} (ugs.) jay girl (coll.)
Bauerntrampel {m} (ugs.) rube (sl.)
Bauerntrampel {m} (ugs.) redneck (Am.) (sl.)
Bauerntrampel {m} (ugs.) yokel
Bauerntölpel {m} clodhopper (coll.)
bauerntölpelhaft hick (adj.)
Bauersfrau {f} countrywoman
Baufach {n} architecture

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