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Bodenblech {n} (Waffentechnik) breech plate
Bodeneffektfahrzeug {n} ground-effect craft
Bodeneffektfahrzeug {n} surface-effect craft
Bodenentleerer {m} bottom dump truck
Bodenerosion {f} soil erosion
Bodenfeuchte {f} soil water
Bodenfeuer {n} surface fire
Bodenfliesen {pl} paving tiles
Bodenfläche {f} floor space
Bodenfläche; Landesfläche land coverage
Bodenfreiheit {f} ground clearance
Bodenfruchtbarkeit {f} soil fertility
Bodenfräse {f} (rotary) tiller
Bodenfräse {f} rotary cultivator
bodengestützte Rakete {f} ground-launched missile
Bodenhobel {m} grader
Bodenhobel {m} scraper
Bodenhobelmaschine {f} grader
Bodenhobelmaschine {f} motorgrader
Bodenhobelmaschine {f} earthmover
Bodenhobelmaschine {f} earthmoving-machinery
Bodenhorizont {m} [-special_topic_geol.-] soil horizon [-special_topic_geol.-]
Bodenhöhe {f} ground level
Bodenkammer {f} garret
Bodenkammern {pl} garrets
Bodenkampfflugzeug {n} ground attack aircraft
Bodenkampfflugzeug {n} ground attack airplane
Bodenkriechen {n} soil creep
Bodenkrume {f} topsoil
Bodenkrume {f} surface soil
Bodenkultivierung {f} tillage
Bodenkunde {f} soil science
Bodenkunde {f} pedology
Bodenkunde {f} study of soils
Bodenlawine {f} full-depth avalanche
Bodenleger {m} floor layer
Bodenlegerkelle {f} floor tiler's trowel
bodenlos exceeding
Bodenmarkierung {f} zum Anzeigen von Gefahr hazard warning line (Br.)
Bodenmarkierungen {pl} markings (Br.)
Bodenmerkmal {n} soilmark
Bodennullpunkt {m} ground zero
Bodennutzung {f} land use
Bodenpersonal {n} ground crew/staff (Br.)
Bodenplatte {f} bottom panel
Bodenplatte {f} (eines Bauwerks) base slab
Bodenplatten {pl} paving tiles
Bodenpressung {f} soil pressure
Bodenrakete {f} impact moling tool
Bodenrakete {f} impact mole
Bodenreaktion {f} soil reaction
Bodensatz {m} lees
Bodenschatz {m} resource
Bodenscherbe {f} bottom sherd
Bodenschicht {f} soil layer
Bodenschätze {pl} treasures of the soil
Bodensenke {f} swale
Bodensenkung {f} submergence of ground
Bodenspekulant {m} land shark (coll.)
Bodenstaubsauger {m} canister type vacuum cleaner
Bodenstaubsauger {m} cylinder vacuum cleaner
Bodenstaubsauger {m} canister vacuum cleaner
Bodenstück {n} (Waffentechnik) breech end
bodenständig rooted to one's native soil
bodenständig down-to-earth
bodenständig autochthonous
bodenständig {adj} native
bodenständig {adj} indigenous
bodenständig {adj} rooted to the soil
Bodenturnen {n} floor exercises
Bodentyp {m} soil type
Bodenuntersuchung {f} ground survey
Bodenvegetation {f} ground vegetation
Bodenverdichter {m} compactor
Bodenverdrängungshammer {m} soil displacement hammer
Bodenverfestiger {m} compactor
Bodenwelle {f} bump
Bodenzünder {m} barrel detonation fuze
Bodybag {m} belt bag
Bodysuit {m} bodysuit
Bogen {m} arc
Bogen {m} arch
Bogen {m} vault
Bogen {pl} bow
Bogenaufspannklaue {f} (Druckmaschine) U-clamp
Bogenaufstoßmaschine {f} (Drucktechnik) (sheet) jogging machine
Bogenauslage {f} (Druckmaschine) delivery
Bogenausleger {m} (Druckmaschine) delivery
Bogenbaum {m} (Eibe) English yew
Bogenbaum {m} (Eibe) common yew
Bogenelastizität {f} arc elasticity
Bogenentladungsröhre {f} arc discharge tube
Bogenfenster {n} arched window
Bogengang {m} arcade
Bogengang {m} archway
Bogengeradstoßer {m} (Druckmaschine) (sheet) jogger
Bogengeradstoßmaschine {f} (Drucktechnik) (sheet) jogging machine
Bogenglattstoßmaschine {f} (Drucktechnik) (sheet) jogging machine
Bogengrad {n} (Winkelmaß) degree (angular measure)
Bogenhöhe {f} arch rise
Bogenlampe {f} arclamp
Bogenlicht {n} arclight
Bogenlänge {f} [-special_topic_math.-] arc length [-special_topic_math.-]
Bogenmaß {n} radian measure
Bogenminute {f} arc minute
Bogenminute {f} minute of arc
Bogenrundung {f} arching
Bogenschießen {n} archery
Bogenschnittsäge {f} segment saw
Bogenschüttelmaschine {f} (Drucktechnik) (sheet) jogging machine
Bogenschütze {m} archer
Bogensekunde {f} second of arc
Bogensekunde {f} arc second
Bogensprung {m} curvet
Bogensprünge {pl} curvets
Bogenstirn-Hammerhai {m} scalloped hammerhead
Bogenwendung {f} (für Druckbögen) sheet turning device
Bogenwiderlager {n} (bautech.) arch bearing
Bogenzähler {m} (Druckmaschine) sheet counter
Bohle {f} plank
Bohle {f} (aus Beton) slab
Bohle {f} (aus Holz) square plank
Bohlen {pl} planks
Bohne {f} bean
Bohnen {pl} beans
Bohneneintopf {m} [-special_topic_gastr.-] bean stew [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Bohnenkaffee {m} pure coffee
Bohnenkraut {n} savory
Bohnenkrautöl {n} savory oil
Bohnenkrautöl {n} oil of savory
Bohnensprossen {pl} [-special_topic_gastr.-] bean sprouts [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Bohnenstange {f} bean pole
Bohr'sches Magneton {n} (Physik) Bohr magneton
Bohr-Gewinde-Werkzeug {n} combination drill tap
Bohranordnung {f} assembly for drilling
Bohrbereich {m} drilling range
Bohrbereich {m} bore range
Bohrbuchse {f} boring bush
Bohreinsatz {m} drill bit
bohren to drill (out)
bohren to persist
bohren to go on and on
Bohrer {m} drill
Bohrer {m} auger
Bohrer {m} borer
Bohrer {m} wimble
Bohrer {m} driller
Bohrer {pl} augers
Bohrerhalter {m} drill holder
Bohrerlehre {f} drill gauge
Bohrfräse {f} fraise
Bohrfräsen {pl} fraises
Bohrfutter {n} drill chuck
Bohrfutter {n} chuck
Bohrfutterschlüssel {m} drill chuck key
Bohrfutterschlüssel {m} chuck key
Bohrfutterschlüsselhalter {m} chuck key holder
Bohrgerät {n} drill
Bohrhalter {m} bore holder
Bohrhammer {m} hammer-drill
Bohrhammer {m} Hilti (trademark)
Bohrhammer {m} drill hammer
Bohrhammer {m} rock drill
Bohrhubinsel {f} jack-up drilling platform
Bohrhubinsel {f} jack-up oil rig
Bohrinsel {f} oil rig
Bohrinselbeine {pl} jacket legs
Bohrknarre {f} ratchet brace
Bohrkäfer {m} branch-and-twig borer
Bohrlehre {f} boring jig
Bohrlehre {f} drilling jig
Bohrloch {n} drill hole
Bohrloch {n} borehole
Bohrloch {n} (Erdöl) oil-well bore
Bohrloch {n} (Erdöl) oil-well borehole
Bohrlochkreiselpumpe {f} borehole centrifugal pump
Bohrlochpumpe {f} borehole (piston) pump
Bohrlochwellenpumpe {f} borehole pump
Bohrmaschine {f} drilling machine
Bohrmaschine {f} drill
Bohrmeister {m} drillmaster
Bohrmeißel {m} boring tool
Bohrmesser {n} boring bar bit
Bohrprobe {f} drill test
Bohrprozess {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] drilling process [-special_topic_tech.-]
Bohrschablone {f} drilling template
Bohrschablone {f} drilling jig
Bohrspindel {f} drill spindle
Bohrstange {f} boring bar
Bohrstange {f} (geol. Bohrung) drill stem
Bohrstange {f} (geol. Bohrung) drill rod
Bohrstangenhalter {m} boring bar holder
Bohrsäge {f} keyhole saw
Bohrtisch {m} (rotary) table
Bohrturm {m} drilling derrick
Bohrturm {m} rigg
Bohrturm {m} drill derrick
Bohrturm {m} drill tower
Bohrturm {m} (für Erdölerschließung) oil-well derrick
Bohrung {f} bore

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