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B ist ausschlaggebend für A A comes down to B
B-Mannschaft {f}, B-Team {n}, B-Auswahl {f} [-special_topic_sport-] second-string side [-special_topic_sport-]
B-Spline-Kurve {f} (math.) B-spline curve
b. : bei at, with, near
b. : wohnhaft bei (Adresse) c/o : care of
b.w. : bitte wenden PTO, p.t.o. : please turn over
Baby - Party {f} baby shower
Baby {n} babe
Baby {n} baby
Baby-Karotten {pl} baby carrots
Baby-Nutte {f} (vulg.) baby hustler (Am.)
Baby-Nutte {f} (vulg.) baby hooker
Babybett {n} baby cot
Babynutte {f} (vulg.) baby hooker
Babynutte {f} (vulg.) baby hustler (Am.)
Babypresse {f} (Papierindustrie) pony press
Babys {pl} babies
Babyschuh {m} bootie
Babysitter {m} babysitter
Babyspeck {m} puppy fat
Babyspeck {m} baby fat
Babyspeck {m} (ugs., auch fig.) puppy fat
Babyspeck {m} (ugs., auch fig.) baby fat
Babysprache {f} babytalk
Babystrich {m} young teen prostitution
Babystrich {m} (Kinderprostitution) preteen prostitution
Babystrich {m} (Prostitution) baby prostitution
Babywagen {m} pram
Bacchus {m} bacchus
Bach {m} brook
Bach {m} stream
Bach {m} rivulet
Bach {m} runnel
Bach {m} ditch
Bachblütentherapie {f} [-special_topic_med.-] Bach flower therapy [-special_topic_med.-]
Bache {f} wild sow
Bachhaft {m} (Insekt) giant lacewing (Osmylus fulvicephalus)
Bachkrebs {m} crawfish
Bachläufer {m} (Wanzenart) broad-shouldered water strider
Bachrechen {m} (Gitter im Bach) grill
Bachsaibling {m} (Forellenart) brook trout
Bachstelze {f} wagtail
Bachstelze {f} (Vogel) pied wagtail (Motacilla alba)
Bachstelze {f} (Vogel) white wagtail (Motacilla alba)
Bachstelzen {pl} wagtails
Bachufer {n} brookside
Bachuferläufer {m} (Wanzenart) broad-shouldered water strider
Back Office {n} (Personalbereich und interne Infrastruktur eines Unternehmens) back office
Back-Natron {n} [-special_topic_gastr.-] baking soda [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Back-Oblaten {pl} wafer papers for baking
Backblech {n} baking tin
Backblech {n} cookie sheet (Am.)
Backblech {n} baking sheet
Backblech {n} baking tray
Backbleche {pl} baking tins
backbord larboard
Backbord {n} larboard
Backbord {n} port
Backbordbug {m} starboard tack
Backbordseite {f} port side
Backbuch {n} baker's book
Backbuch {n} baking (recipe) book
Backdraft {m} (Rauchgasdurchzündung mit Explosion) backdraft
Backe {f} cheek
Backe {f} (an Werkzeugen, am Schraubstock) jaw
backen to bake
backen (du bäckst, er bäckt), ich/er/sie backte (buk), er/sie hat/hatte gebacken to bake
Backen {pl} cheeks
Backenbart {m} whiskers
Backenbart {m} whisker
Backenbart {m} muttonchops
Backenbrecher {m} jawcrusher
Backenbrecher {m} hammer crusher
Backenbremse {f} (Fahrrad) [-special_topic_tech.-] brake block [-special_topic_tech.-]
Backenbremse {f} [-special_topic_automot.-] shoe brake [-special_topic_automot.-]
Backenbärte {pl} whiskers
backend baking
Backenknochen {m} maxillary bone
Backenknochen {m} cheekbone
Backenzahn {m} molar
Backenzahn {m} back tooth
Backenzahn {m} grinder
Backenzähne {pl} molars
Backfett {n} shortening
Backfett {n} cooking fat
Backfett {n} (für Gebäck) shortening
Backfisch {m} teenager
Backfisch {m} (gebratener Fisch) fried fish
Backform {f} baking dish
Backgammon {n} backgammon
Backhaus {n} bakehouse
Backhefe {f} yeast
Backoblaten {pl} wafer papers for baking
Backofen {m} oven
Backofen {m} furnace
Backpflaume {f} prune
Backpulver {n} baking soda
Backpulver {n} baking powder
Backrezeptbuch {n} baking recipe book
Backschokolade {f} baking chocolate
Backslash {m} backslash
Backspace {m} backspace
Backstein {m} brick
Backstein {m} clinker
Backsteinbau {m} brick building
Backsteingebäude {n} brick building
Backsteinhaus {n} brick house
Backsteinmauer {f} brick wall
backt bakes
backte baked
Backtriebmittel {n} baking agent
Backtriebmittel {pl} baking agents
Backware {f} pastries
Backwaren {pl} pastries
Bad Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt {m} Bad Duerkheim Sausage and Wine Festival
Bad Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt {m} Wurst Market at Bad Duerkheim
Bad Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt {m} Bad Duerkheim Wurst-Market
Bad in der Menge walkabout
Bad {n} bath
Bad {n} spa
Badeanstalt {f} baths
Badeanstalt {f} public baths
Badeanzug {m} bathing costume
Badeanzug {m} bathing suit
Badeanzug {m} swimsuit
Badeanzug {m} one piece swimsuit
Badeanzüge {pl} swimsuits
Badearzt {m} spa doctor
Badearzt {m} balneologist
Badebekleidung {f} swimming wear
Badebekleidung {f} bathing wear
Badegast {m} bather
Badegast {m} (Kurgast) spa visitor
Badegast {m} (Schwimmer) swimmer
Badegäste {pl} bathers
Badehandtuch {n} bath towel
Badehaube {f} bathing cap
Badehaube {f} swimming cap
Badehaube {f} swimming hat
Badehaus {n} bathhouse
Badehose {f} swimming trunks
Badekabine {f} bathing hut
Badekabine {f} bathing cubicle
Badekabine {f} (Umkleidekabine) changing cubicle
Badekappe {f} bathing cap
Badekappe {f} swimming cap
Badekappe {f} swimming hat
Badekappen {pl} bathing caps
Badeklamotten {pl} bathing gear
Badeklamotten {pl} bathing duds (coll.)
Badekleid {n} cossie (Aus.)
Badekleidung {f} bathing wear
Badekleidung {f} swimming wear
Badekostüm {n} bathing costume
Badekostüm {n} swimming costume
Badelaken {n} bath sheet
Badelatsche {f} beach slide
Badelatschen {pl} beach slides
Bademantel {m} bath robe
Bademantel {m} bathrobe
Bademantel {m} beach robe
Bademantel {m} (Morgenmantel) bathrobe
Bademantel {m} (Morgenmantel) dressing gown (Br.)
Bademeister {m} bath attendant
Bademeister {m} (pool) attendant
Bademütze {f} swimming hat
Bademäntel {pl} bath robes
baden to bath
baden to imbrue
baden to take a bath
Baden-Württemberg {n} Baden-Wuerttemberg
badend bathing
badend imbruing
Badenixe {f} bathing beauty
Badenixe {f} bathing belle
Badenixen {pl} bathing belles
Badenixen {pl} bathing beauties
Badeofen {m} bathing furnace
Badeofen {m} (bath) boiler
Badeort {m} bathing resort
Badeort {m} spa
Badeort {m} (Seebad) (seaside) resort
Badepantoffel {m} bathing slipper
Badepantoffeln {pl} bathing slippers
Badepantolette {f} beach slide
Badepantolette {f} bathing slipper
Badepantoletten {pl} beach slides
Badepantoletten {pl} bathing slippers
Badeplatz {m} bathing place
Badeplatz {m} place for bathing
Bader {m} barber
Bader {m} village quack (coll.)
Badereise {f} (veraltet: Reise zu Kurort) trip to a spa
Badesachen {pl} bathing things
Badesachen {pl} swimming things
Badesaison {f} swimming season
Badesaison {f} (Kurort) spa season
Badesalz {n} bath salts
Badesee {m} bathing lake
Badesee {m} (kleiner See, Weiher) bathing pond

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