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ankernd anchoring
Ankerplatte {f} (als Fundament) foundation plate
Ankerplatte {f} (Zerrplatte) tie plate
Ankerplatte {f} (zur Befestigung von Rohren etc.) anchor plate
Ankerplatz {m} anchorage
Ankerplatz {m} anchorage ground
Ankerrad {n} (Uhr) escape wheel
Ankerrad {n} (Uhr) escapement wheel
Ankersatz {m} anchor record
Ankersatz {m} owner set
Ankerschraube {f} anchor screw
Ankersegment {n} anchor segment
Ankerspill {n} [-special_topic_naut.-] capstan [-special_topic_naut.-]
Ankerspill {n} [-special_topic_naut.-] anchor capstan [-special_topic_naut.-]
Ankerspill {n} [-special_topic_naut.-] capstan windlass [-special_topic_naut.-]
Ankerstein {m} killick
Ankerstrom {m} armature current
ankert anchors
ankerten anchored
Ankerweg {m} armature travel (Relais)
Ankerwicklung {f} armature winding
Ankerwinde {f} windlass
Ankerwinden {pl} capstans
Ankerwinden {pl} windlasses
anketten to chain
Ankipphöhe {f} cant height
Anklage eines Ministers etc. wegen Amtsmissbrauchs impeachment
Anklage {f} impeachment
Anklage {f} accusal
Anklage {f} accusation
Anklage {f} accusativeness
Anklage {f} denouncement
Anklage {f} indictment
Anklage {f} charge
Anklagebank {f} dock
anklagen to accuse
anklagen to impeach
anklagen to indict
anklagen to implicate
anklagen wegen to accuse of
Anklagen {pl} accusations
Anklagen {pl} denouncements
Anklagen {pl} impeachments
Anklagen {pl} indictments
anklagend accusatory
anklagend accusing of
anklagend impeaching
anklagend indicting
Anklagepunkt {m} count, charge (law)
Anklageschrift {f} bill of indictment
Anklageschrift {f} bill
Anklageschriften {pl} bills of indictment
Anklageverlesung {f} arraignment
Anklagevertreter {m} prosecuting counsel
anklammern to clip (on)
anklammernd clinging
Anklang finden (bei) to appeal
Anklang {m} appeal
ankleben to stick on
Ankleben verboten! post no bills!
anklebend pasting
anklebend sticking on
Ankleidehocker {m} dressing stool
ankleidend habiting
Ankleidepuppe {f} dummy
Ankleidepuppe {f} mannequin
Ankleidepuppe {f} (Spielzeug) dress-up doll
Ankleider {m} dresser
Ankleidestuhl {m} dressing chair
Ankleidezimmer {n} dressing room
anklicken to click on
anklicken to click
anklingeln to phone
anklingeln to call (Am.)
anklingelnd phoning
anklingend assonant
anklingende assonantly
anklopfen to knock at
anklopfend knocking at
Ankläger {m} accuser
Ankläger {m} denouncer
Ankläger {pl} denouncers
anknipsend switching on
anknüpfen contacting
ankochen to parboil
ankommen to get to
ankommen to arrive
ankommen to reach
ankommend arriving
ankommend incoming
ankommend (Telefon) inbound
Ankopplung {f} (an) connection (to), linking up (to, with)
Ankopplung {f} (an) (Raumfahrt) docking (with)
ankreiden to chalk up
ankreidend chalking
ankreidend chalking up
ankreuzen to tick off
ankreuzend ticking off
Ankunft {f} arrival
Ankunftshafen {m} port of destination
Ankunftsrate {f} arrival rate
Ankunftstafel {f} (Eisenbahn) arrival board
Ankunftszeit {f} arrival time
Ankunftszeit {f} time of arrival
ankuppeln to couple
ankurbeln to crank up
ankurbeln to stimulate
ankurbeln to boost
ankurbeln (Wirtsch.) to spur
ankurbelnd stimulating
Ankurbelung {f} (der Wirtschaft) pump priming
Ankurbelung {f} der Wirtschaft (ugs.) pump priming (coll.)
Ankurblung {f} der Wirtschaft (ugs.) pump priming (coll.)
ankünden to pronounce
ankündigen to pronounce
ankündigen to advertise
ankündigen to announce
ankündigen to herald
ankündigen to signalize
ankündigen to prefigure
ankündigen (auch fig.) to usher in
ankündigend advertising
ankündigend announcing
ankündigend pronouncing
ankündigend signalizing
Ankündigung {f} advertisement
Ankündigung {f} announcement
Ankündigungen {pl} advertisements
Ankündigungen {pl} announcements
Ankündigungs... preparatory
Ankündigungszeichen {n} information sign (Br.)
Ankünfte {pl} arrivals
Ankäufe {pl} purchases
Ankömmling {m} arrival
ankörnen to punch-mark
ankörnen to center-punch
Ankörnschablone {f} marking-off template
Anl. : Anlage(n) enc. : enclosure(s)
Anlage {f} arrangement
Anlage {f} plant
Anlage {f} processor
Anlage {f} construction
Anlage {f} attachment
Anlage {f} facility
Anlage {f} conception
Anlage {f} talent
Anlage {f} (Druckmaschine, Drucker, Kopierer) feed guide
Anlage {f} (Druckmaschine, Drucker, Kopierer) infeed
Anlage {f} (im Brief) enclosure
Anlage {f} (zu) (natural) tendency (of)
Anlageanweisung {f} asset advice
Anlagebuchhaltung {f} fixed asset register
Anlagedaten {pl} plant data
Anlageertrag {m} revenue from capital employed
Anlagefläche {f} lay-on surface
Anlagefläche {f} contact surface
Anlagefonds {m} mutual fund
Anlagefonds {m} unit trust
anlagefähig [-special_topic_fin.-] investable [-special_topic_fin.-]
Anlagegegenstand mit eigenem Konto asset accountability unit
Anlagegegenstand {m} fixed asset
Anlagegüter {pl} fixed assets
Anlageinvestition {f} fixed asset investment
Anlagekapital {n} invested capital
Anlagekapital {n} fixed capital
Anlagekosten {pl} initial cost
Anlagekosten {pl} capital cost
Anlagekosten {pl} investment cost
Anlagekosten {pl} investment expenditures (costs)
Anlagekosten {pl} tooling costs
Anlagen {pl} constructions
Anlagen {pl} plant & equipment
Anlagen, elektrische {pl} electric facilities
Anlagenabgang {m} asset disposal
Anlagenabgangsbuchung {f} asset disposal posting
anlagenabhängig configuration-dependent
anlagenabhängig system-dependent
Anlagenauftrag {m} installation order
Anlagenausfall {m} system crash
Anlagenausfall {m} system failure
Anlagenbau {m} plant engineering and construction
Anlagenbau {m} general plant construction
Anlagenbedienung {f} operation of equipment
Anlagenbeleg {m} asset voucher
Anlagenbelegungsplan {m} system layoutplan
Anlagenbelegungsplan {m} (Prod.) equipment utilization plan
Anlagenberechtigung {f} assets authorization
Anlagenbereich {m} assets area
Anlagenbestand {m} asset investment
Anlagenbestandskonto {n} asset investment account
Anlagenbestände {pl} asset investments
Anlagenbetriebstechnik {f} plant operations engineering
Anlagenbewegungssatz {m} asset transaction record
Anlagenbewertung {f} asset valuation
anlagenbezogen equipment-specific
Anlagenbuch {n} asset ledger
Anlagenbuchhalter {m} asset accountant
Anlagenbuchhaltung {f} assets accounting
Anlagenbuchhaltung {f} plant record division
Anlagenbuchhaltungsbeleg {m} assets accounting voucher

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