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aggressivste pushiest
agierend acting
agiert acts
agierte acted
Agio {m} agio
agitatorisch fomenting
agitierend campaigning
agitierte campaigned
Agnostiker {m} agnostic
Agonie {f} throe
Agraindustrie {f} agribusiness
Agrar... agrarian
Agrarerzeugnisse {pl} agricultural products
Agrarexporte {pl} agri exports
Agrarexporte {pl} agricultural exports
Agrargenossenschaft {f} agricultural cooperative
Agrargesellschaft {f} agrarian society
Agrargesetzgebung {f} agrarian legislation
Agrarimporte {pl} agricultural imports
Agrarkredit {m} agricultural credit
Agrarland {n} agrarian country
Agrarpolitik {f} agricultural policy
Agrarpreise {pl} agricultural prices
Agrarproduktion {f} agricultural production
Agrarreform {f} agrarian reform
Agrarstaat {m} agrarian state
Agrarstatistik {f} agricultural statistics
Agrarstruktur {f} agrarian structure
Agrarstruktur {f} agricultural structure
Agrarsubventionen {pl} agricultural aids
Agrarsubventionen {pl} aids to farmers
Agrarverordnung {f} agricultural regulation
Agrarwissenschaft {f} agricultural economics
Agrarwissenschaft {f} agronomy
Agrarüberschüsse {pl} agricultural surplus
Agrarzölle {pl} agricultural duties
Agrarökologie {f} Agricultural Ecology
agrimonetäres System {n} agrimonetary regime
Agrochemikalien {pl} agrochemicals
agrochemisches Institut {n} (z. B. in der früheren DDR) agrochemical institute
Agrohydrologie {f} agrohydrology
Ah : Amperestunde {f} [-special_topic_electr.-] ampere-hour [-special_topic_electr.-]
Aha! I see!
Ahle {f} awl
Ahle {f} pricker
Ahlen {pl} awls
ahmt nach imitates
ahmte nach imitated
ahmte nach mimicked
ahmte nach pantomimed
Ahn {m} forefather
Ahn {m} forebear
ahnden to punish
ahndend avenging
ahndet avenges
ahndete avenged
Ahndung {f} revenge
Ahne {m} ancestor
ahnen to forebode
ahnen to presage
ahnen lassen to foreshadow
ahnen lassen to adumbrate
Ahnen {pl} forefathers
ahnend guessing
ahnend foreboding
ahnend forebodingly
ahnend presaging
Ahnenforschung {f} genealogical research
Ahnenforschung {f} genealogy
Ahnenpass {m} proof of ancestry
Ahnentafel {f} pedigree
Ahnentafel {f} genealogy
Ahnfrau {f} ancestress
Ahnfrau {f} beldam
Ahnfrauen {pl} ancestresses
Ahnfrauen {pl} beldams
ahnt forebodes
ahnt presages
ahnt voraus anticipates
ahnte guessed
ahnte presaged
ahnte voraus anticipated
ahnte voraus divined
Ahnung {f} apprehension
Ahnung {f} intuitiveness
Ahnung {f} savvy
Ahnung {f} intuition
Ahnung {f}, Gefühl {n} hunch
Ahnungen ideas
Ahnungen {pl} intuitions
ahnungslos unsuspecting
ahnungslos naive
ahnungslos innocent
ahnungslose unsuspectingly
ahnungslosere more unsuspecting
ahnungsloseste most unsuspecting
ahnungsvoll ominous
ahnungsvollerer more ominous
ahnungsvollste most ominous
Ahorn {m} maple
Ahornholz {n} maplewood
Ahornsirup {m} maple syrup
Aids {n} AIDS
AIDS-Waise {f} AIDS orphan
Aidswaise {f} Aids orphan
Airbag {m} (tech.) airbag
Airbrushpistole {f} airbrush gun
Airlift {m} air-lift pump
Airliftpumpe {f} air-lift pump
Akademie {f} academy
Akademien {pl} academies
Akademieschrift {f} academic publication
Akademiker {m} academics
Akademiker {m} university graduate
Akademiker {pl} university graduates
akademisch academical
akademisch academically
akademisch collegiate
akademisch scholastic
akademisch academic
akademische scholastical
akademische academics
akademischen scholastically
akademischere more academic
Akademisches Auslandsamt International Office
akademisches Auslandsamt {n} (Universität) [-special_topic_educ.-] international students' (academic) registry [-special_topic_educ.-]
akademischste most academic
Akanthus acanthus
akatalektisch acatalectic
Akazie {f} acacia
akklimatisieren to acclimatize
akklimatisierend acclimatizing
akklimatisiert acclimatizes
akklimatisierte acclimatized
Akklimatisierung {f} acclimatization
Akklimatisierung {f} acclimation
Akkommodation {f} [-special_topic_med.-] accommodation [-special_topic_med.-]
Akkomodationskoeffizient {m} accommodation coefficient
Akkord {m} chord
Akkordarbeit {f} job-work
Akkordarbeit {f} piece work
Akkordarbeit {f} piecework
Akkordarbeit {f} taskwork
Akkordarbeiter pieceworker
Akkordarbeiter {m} piece worker
Akkorde {pl} chords
Akkordeon {n} accordion
akkordeonähnliche Falzung {f} accordeon-folded design
Akkordrichtsatz {m} basic piece work rate
Akkordverdienst {m} piece work earnings
Akkordzeit {f} piecework time
akkreditieren to accredit
akkreditierend accrediting
akkreditiert accredits
akkreditierte accredited
Akkreditierung {f} accreditation
Akkreditierung {f} accrediting
Akkreditierung {f} (eines Botschafters) accreditation (of an ambassador)
Akkreditiv {n} commercial letter of credit
Akku {m} accumulator
Akku {m} [-special_topic_electr.-] (rechargable) battery [-special_topic_electr.-]
Akkulturation {f} acculturation
Akkumulationsrücklage {f} accumulation reserve
Akkumulator {m} accumulator
Akkumulator {m} storage battery
Akkumulatorinhalt {m} accumulator contents
Akkumulatorrechner {m} accumulator computer
akkumulieren to accumulate
Akkumulierungsfeld {n} accumulation field
Akkurasierer {m} rechargeable shaver
akkurat precise
akkurat meticulous
akkurat (Handschrift) neat
Akkusativ {m} (ling.) accusative
Akkusativattribut {n} (ling.) attributive accusative
akkusativisch accusatival
Akkusativobjekt {n} direct object
Akkuschrauber {m} cordless screwdriver
Akne vulgaris {f} [med.] simple acne
Akne {f} acne
Akontozahlung {f} payment on account
akquirieren to solicit
akquirieren (erwerben) to acquire
Akquirierung {f} acquisition
Akquise {f} acquisition
Akquisition {f} acquisition
Akquisition {f} business development
Akquisition {f} canvassing
Akquisitionskosten {pl} acquisition cost
Akratotherme {f} acratotherm
Akribie {f} meticulousness
akribisch meticulous
akribisch {adj} very painstakingly
akribisch {adj} with the utmost care
Akrobat {m} acrobat
Akrobat {m} equilibrist
Akrobaten {pl} acrobats
Akrobatik {pl} acrobatics
akrobatisch acrobatic
akrobatische acrobatically

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