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abblasend cancelling
abblasend canceling
Abblaseregelung {f} relief control system
Abblaseregelventil {n} blow-off control valve
Abblaserohr {n} blow-off pipe
Abblaserohr {n} exhaust pipe
Abblaserohr {n} (Wassersystem) blow-down pipe (water system)
Abblaseschnellschlußventil {n} by-pass stop valve
Abblasestation {f} atmospheric steam dump station
Abblasesteuerung {f} blow-off control
Abblasetank {m} pressure relief tank
Abblasetauchspulregler {m} by-pass solenoid-type controller
Abblaseventil {n} atmospheric steam dump valve
Abblaseventil {n} blow-off valve
Abblaseventil {n} by-pass valve
Abblaseventil {n} (ins Freie) atmospheric exhaust valve
Abblaseventil {n} (Wassersystem) blow-down valve (water system)
Abblaseverhältnisdruckregler {m} differential by-pass pressure regulator
Abblasevorrichtung {f} blow-off device
abblenden dim out
abblenden dimmed
abblenden screen off
abblenden (Kamerablende) to stop down
abblenden (Scheinwerfer) to dip
Abblenden {n} (Kamera) stopping down
abblendend screening off
Abblendlicht {n} dim light
Abblendlicht {n} dimmed headlight
Abblendlicht {n} low beam light
Abblendschalter {m} dip switch
abblitzen to meet with a rebuff
abblitzen to rebuff
abblitzend meeting with a rebuff
abblitzend rebuffing
abblocken to block
abblättern to peel off
abblättern to flake (off)
abblättern to exfoliate
Abblättern {n} (des Metalls, Alterung) exfoliation (flaking due to aging)
Abblättern {n} (des Metalls, Alterung) solid fine particle erosion (flaking due to aging)
Abblättern {n} (Profil) flaking
abblätternd flaking
abblätternd peeling off
Abblätterung {f} chipping
Abbrand {m} burn-up
Abbrand {m} burn-off
Abbrand {m} burnup
Abbrand {m} fire loss
Abbrand {m} (Schweißelektrode) burn-off (weld electrode)
Abbrandgeschwindigkeit {f} (Treibmittel) burning rate
Abbrandziel {n} target burnup
abbrausen to buzz off
abbrausend buzzing off
abbrechen to abort
abbrechen to break away
abbrechen to cancel
abbrechen to discontinue
abbrechen to dismantle
abbrechen to cut short
abbrechen to tear down
abbrechen to truncate
abbrechen to abandon
abbrechen to sever
abbrechen to break
abbrechen to break off
Abbrechen {n} ohne Änderungen abort without change
abbrechen; abgebrochen werden (talks, negotiations, ...) to break off
abbrechend dismantling
abbrechend aborting
abbrechend breaking off
Abbrechklingenmesser {n} cutter
Abbrechung {f} abruption
abbremsen to slow down
abbremsen to apply the brake
Abbremsen {n} braking
abbremsend slowing
abbremsend slowing down
Abbremsung {f} retardation
Abbremsvorgang {m} slowing-down process
Abbremszeit {f} slowing-down time
abbrennbares Gift {n} burnable poison
abbrennbares Gift {n} (Neutronenabsorber im Kernreaktor) burnable poison
abbrennbares Reaktorgift {n} burnable poison
abbrennen to burn down
abbrennen to burn off
abbrennen (durch Elektrode) to flash off
abbrennen (durch Elektrode) to melt off
abbrennen (mit Elektrode) to air-arc
abbrennen von Stahl to braze off steel
abbrennend burning down
Abbrennstumpfschweißen {n} flash butt welding
Abbrennstumpfschweißen {n} flash welding
abbringen to dissuade
abbringen to wring
abbringen von to warp from
abbringend wringing
abbringend dissuading
Abbruch {m} demolition
Abbruch {m} dropout
Abbruch {m} severance
Abbruch {m} truncation
Abbruch {m} break
Abbruch {m} termination
Abbruch {m} [-special_topic_sport-] break-off [-special_topic_sport-]
Abbruch {m} [-special_topic_sport-] stop [-special_topic_sport-]
Abbruch {m} [-special_topic_sport-] stopping [-special_topic_sport-]
Abbruchanforderungssignal {n} break request signal (BRS)
Abbruchcode {m} abort code
Abbruchgebot {n} demolition order
Abbruchmakro {n} abort macro
abbrühen [-special_topic_gastr.-] to blanch [-special_topic_gastr.-]
abbröckelnd crumbling
abbuchen to write off
abbuchen to charge off
abbuchen to deduct
abbuchen (Bankkonto) to debit (bank account)
abbuchend writing off
abbuchende writing off
Abbuchungsauftrag {m} debit order
Abbuchungsverfahren {n} direct debiting
abbürsten to brush off
abbürstend brushing off
Abc-Buch {n} primer
ABC-Hubschrauber {m} ABC helicopter
ABC-Hubschrauber {m} advanced blade concept helicopter
ABC-Kriegsführung {f} ABC warfare
ABC-Regeln {pl} rules for alphabetical arrangement
ABC-Schutzanzug {m} ABC (protection) suit
Abc-Schütze {m} abecedarian
Abdampf {m} exhaust steam
Abdampfdruck {m} exhaust steam pressure
Abdampfdurchsatz {m} exhaust steam velocity
Abdampfdurchsatz {m} (Strömung) exhaust steam flow (rate)
abdampfen to evaporate
abdampfen (Person) to clear off
abdampfen (Zug) to steam off
Abdampfende {n} exhaust (steam) end
Abdampfenergie {f} exhaust steam energy
Abdampffeuchte {f} exhaust steam moisture
Abdampfflansch {m} exhaust steam flange
Abdampfflut {f} exhaust steam flow
Abdampfgehäuse {n} exhaust casing
Abdampfhaube {f} exhaust hood
Abdampfkrümmer {m} exhaust bend
Abdampfkrümmer {m} exhaust steam elbow
Abdampfleitung {f} exhaust steam pipe
Abdampfmenge {f} exhaust steam flow
Abdampfmenge {f} exhaust steam volume
Abdampfnässe {f} exhaust steam moisture
Abdampfnässe {f} exhaust steam wetness
Abdampfqualität {f} (Trockenheitsgrad) exhaust steam quality (degree of dryness)
Abdampfquerschnitt {m} exhaust area
Abdampfquerschnitt {m} exhaust cross-section
Abdampfquerschnitt {m} steam exhaust cross-sectional area
Abdampfquerschnitt {m} exhaust steam annulus area
Abdampfringraum {m} exhaust steam annulus area
Abdampfspeicher {m} exhaust steam accumulator
Abdampfstrom (Volumen) {m} exhaust steam mass flow (rate)
Abdampfstutzen {m} exhaust flange
Abdampfstutzen {m} exhaust nozzle
Abdampfteil {n} steam exhaust end
Abdampfteil {n} steam exhaust section
Abdampfteil {n} exhaust (end) section
Abdampftemperatur {f} exhaust steam temperature
Abdampfturbine {f} exhaust steam turbine
Abdampfventil {n} exhaust valve
Abdampfverbindung {f} steam exhaust connection
Abdampfverbindung {f} (Hochdruck) main steam exhaust connection
Abdampfvolumen {n} exhaust volume
Abdampfvolumenstrom {m} exhaust volume flow
Abdampfvorwärmer {m} exhaust preheater
abdanken to abdicate
abdanken to resign
abdanken (König) to abdicate
abdankend resigning
Abdanker {m} abdicator
Abdankung {f} abdication
Abdankungen {pl} resignations
Abdeckblech {n} cover plate
Abdeckblech {n} cover sheet
abdecken to uncover
abdecken to mask
abdecken (Dach) to untile
abdecken (Haus) to unroof
abdeckend uncovering
abdeckend enveloping
Abdeckfolie {f} cover sheeting
Abdeckhaube {f} shrouding cover
Abdeckhaube {f} exciter housing
Abdeckhaube {f} covering hood
Abdeckklebeband {n} adhesive masking tape
Abdeckleiste {f} cover strip
Abdeckplane {f} covering sheet
Abdeckplatte {f} protection plate
Abdeckring {m} cover ring
Abdeckstift {m} (zum Kaschieren von Hautmakeln) concealer (stick)
Abdeckung {f} access cover
Abdeckung {f} cover
Abdeckung {f} shrouding
Abdeckung {f} capping

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