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Atom {n} atom
Atom {n} corpuscle
Atom {n} atomy (obs.)
Atom-Abbrand {m} burn-up fraction
Atom-U-Boot {n} atomic submarine
Atom-U-Boot {n} nuclear submarine
Atom-U-Boot {n} nuclear-powered submarine
Atomabbrand (Spaltstoff) {m} fifa value (fissions per initial fissible atom)
Atomabbrand {m} burn-up fraction
Atomabsorptions-Spektrometrie {f} AAS (atom absorption spectrometry)
Atomabsorptionsspektrometrie {f} atomic absorption spectrometry
Atomabsorptionsspektroskopie (AAS) {f} atomic absorption spectroscopy
Atomabstand {m} inter-atomic distance
Atomanordnung {f} atomic arrangement
Atomanordnung {f} atomic configuration
Atomanregung {f} atomic excitation
atomar atomic
atomare Abfälle {pl} atomic waste
atomare Abschirmkonstante {f} atomic screening constant
atomare Bau {m} atomic structure
atomare Explosion {f} atomic explosion
atomare Größenordnung {f} atomic order
atomare Konstante {f} atomic constant
atomare Kriegführung {f} atomic warfare
atomare Kriegsführung {f} atomic warfare
atomare Kriegsführung {f} nuclear warfare
atomare Masseneinheit {f} atomic mass unit (AMU/amu)
atomare Spektroskopie {f} atomic spectroscopy
atomare Struktur {f} atomic structure
atomare Zerkleinerung {f} atomization
atomare Zertrümmerung {f} atomic fragmentation
atomarer Aufbau {m} atomic structure
atomarer Gefechtskopf {m} atomic warhead
atomarer Schatten {m} atomic shadow
atomarer Wirkungsquerschnitt {m} atomic cross-section
atomarer Zerfall {m} (physik.) atomic decay
atomarer Zerfall {m} (physik.) atomic disintegration
atomarer Zustand {m} atomic state
atomares atomically
atomares Bremsvermögen {n} atomic stopping power
atomares Lichtbogenschweißen {n} atomic hydrogen welding (AHW)
atomares magnetisches Moment {n} atomic magnetic moment
Atomartillerie {f} atomic artillery
Atomaufbau {m} atomic structure
Atombahnfunktion {f} atomic orbital
Atombatterie {f} (ugs.: Radionuklidbatterie) atomic battery
Atombau {m} atomic structure
Atombindung {f} atomic bond
Atombindung {f} atomic bonding
Atomblitz {m} atomic flash
Atomblitz-Schutzbrille {f} (anti-nuclear) flash goggles
Atomblitzschutzbrille {f} (anti-nuclear) flash goggles
Atombombe {f} A-bomb
Atombombe {f} atomic bomb
Atombombe {f} atom bomb
Atombomben {pl} atomic bombs
Atombombenabwurf {m} dropping of an atom bomb
Atombombenabwurf {m} atomic bomb release
Atombombenabwurf {m} atomic bomb dropping
Atombombenabwurf {m} atomic bombing
Atombombenexplosion {f} atomic bomb burst
atombombensicherer Bunker {m} atomic (bomb) shelter
Atombombentest {m} nuclear (weapons) test
Atombombentestgebiet {n} area of nuclear (weapons) testing
Atombombenteststopp {m} nuclear (weapons) testing ban
Atombunker {m} atomic shelter
Atombusen {m} (ugs., hum.) atomic boobs (coll.)
Atomdurchmesser {m} atomic diameter
Atome {f} atoms
Atomeisbrecher {m} nuclear-powered icebreaker
Atomenergie {f} atomic energy
Atomenergie {f} atomic power
Atomenergiekommission {f} Atomic Energy Commission (Am.)
Atomenergienutzung {f} use of atomic energy
Atomexplosion {f} atomic explosion
Atomflugzeugträger {m} nuclear aircraft carrier
Atomformfaktor {m} atomic form factor
Atomformfaktor {m} atomic scattering factor
Atomforscher {m} nuclear scientist
Atomforscherin {f} (female) nuclear scientist
Atomforscherin {f} (female) nuclear researcher
Atomforschung {f} atomic research
atomfrei nonnuclear
Atomfrequenznormal {n} atomic frequency standard
Atomgegener {m} anti-nuclear protester
Atomgeschäft {n} nuclear business
Atomgesetz {n} Atomic Energy Act
atomgetrieben (ugs.) nuclear-powered
Atomgewicht {n} (phys:) (veraltet für Atommasse) atomic weight
Atomgitter {n} atomic lattice
Atomgitter {n} atom lattice
Atomgruppe {f} group of atoms
Atomhülle {f} atomic shell
Atomindustrie {f} (ugs.) nuclear industry
Atomiseur {m} (Zerstäuber) atominizer
Atomiseur {m} (Zerstäuber) diffuser
Atomiseur {m} (Zerstäuber) atomizer
Atomiseur {m} (Zerstäuber) atomiser (spv.)
atomisieren to atomize
atomisieren to nuke
atomisierend atomizing
atomisiert atomized
atomisiert atomizes
atomisierte atomized
Atomismus {m} atomism
Atomismus {m} (Philosophie) atomism
Atomist {m} atomist
Atomistik {f} (Philosophie) atomism
atomistisch atomistic
Atomkatastrophe {f} nuclear disaster
Atomkern {m} core
Atomkern {m} nucleus
Atomkernabstand {m} internuclear distance
Atomkonfiguration {f} atomic configuration
Atomkonfiguration {f} atomic arrangement
Atomkonstante {f} atomic constant
Atomkoordinaten {pl} atomic coordinates
atomkraftbetrieben (ugs.) atomic-powered
Atomkraftwerk {n} nuclear power station
Atomkraftwerk {n} nuclear power plant
Atomkrieg {m} atomic war
Atomkrieg {m} nuclear war(fare)
Atomkriegsführung {f} atomic warfare
Atomlobby {f} nuclear power lobby
Atomlobby {f} atomic power lobby
Atommasse {f} atomic mass
Atommasseneinheit {f} atomic mass unit (AMU/amu)
Atommasseneinheit {f} atomic mass unit
Atommedizin {f} (ugs.) nuclear medicine
Atommeiler {m} nuclear reactor
Atommeiler {m} pile
Atommeiler {m} (falsch für Kernreaktor) atomic pile
Atommodell {n} atomic model
Atommodell {n} atom model
Atommodell {n} model of an/the atom
Atommüll {m} atomic waste
Atommüll {m} nuclear waste
Atommüll {m} radwaste (coll.)
Atommüll {m} hot waste (coll.)
Atommüll {m} active waste (coll.)
Atommülldeponie {f} (ugs.) atomic waste dumping site
Atommülldeponie {f} (ugs.) nuclear waste disposal site
Atommülldeponie {f} (ugs.) radioactive waste disposal site
Atommülldeponie {f} (ugs.) radwaste disposal site (coll.)
Atommüllendlager {n} (final) disposal site for nuclear waste
Atommüllendlager {n} (final) dumping site for atomic waste (coll.)
Atommüllentsorgung {f} radioactive waste disposal
Atommülllagerung {f} nuclear waste disposal
Atommülltransport {m} transport of nuclear waste
Atommülltransport {m} transport of radioactive waste
Atommüllzwischenlager {n} temporary storage site for nuclear waste
Atommüllzwischenlager {n} temporary storage site for radioactive waste
Atomniveau {n} (Energieniveau) atomic energy level
Atomnummer {f} [-special_topic_chem.-] atomic number [-special_topic_chem.-]
Atomorbital {n} atomic orbital
Atomphilosophie {f} (Demokrit) atomic philosophy (Democritus)
Atomphysik {f} nuclear physics
Atomphysiker {m} nuclear physicist
Atomphysikerin {f} (female) atomic physicist
Atomphysikerin {f} (female) nuclear physicist
Atompilz {m} mushroom cloud
Atompilz {m} )(mil.) atomic cloud
Atompolarisation {f} atomic polarization
Atompolitik {f} nuclear policy
Atomprozent {n} atomic percent
Atomprozent {n} atomic percentage
Atomradius {m} atomic radius
Atomrakete {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] nuclear missile [-special_topic_mil.-]
Atomreaktor {m} nuclear reactor
Atomreaktor {m} pile
Atomreaktor {m} atomic reactor
Atomreaktor {m} atomic pile
Atomrechtliche Verfahrensverordnung (AtVfV) nuclear licensing procedure ordinance
Atomrumpf {m} atomic core
Atomrumpf {m} atomic kernel
Atomrumpf {m} atomic torso
Atomrumpf {m} atomic trunk
Atomschiff {n} nuclear ship
Atomschiff {n} nuclear-powered ship
Atomschirm {m} nuclear umbrella
Atomsekunde {f} atomic second
Atomspaltung {f} (ugs.) nuclear fission
Atomspektroskopie {f} atomic spectroscopy
Atomspektrum {n} atomic spectrum
Atomsperrvertrag {m} non-proliferation treaty
Atomsprengkopf {m} nuclear warhead
Atomsprengkopf {m} atomic warhead
Atomsprengkopf {m} nuke
Atomsprengkörper {m} nuclear explosive
Atomstopp {m} nuclear ban
Atomstrahlen {pl} (ugs.) atomic rays (coll.)
Atomstrahlen {pl} (ugs.) radioactive rays
Atomstrahlresonanzmethode {f} atomic-beam resonance technique
Atomstreitmacht {f} nuclear force
Atomstreitmacht {f} atomic force
Atomstreitmacht {f} atomic capability
Atomstrom {m} electricity generated by nuclear power (plants)
Atomstruktur {f} atomic structure
Atomsuszeptibilität {f} atomic susceptibility
Atomteststopp {m} (nuclear) test ban

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